ButtonHunt 2
30 more creative levels await you in the much improved sequel to ButtonHunt. The highscores display ...
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Strategy & Defense
Play the new and improved version: Sensou 1.5 – http://www.kongregate.com/games/Akirasan/senso...
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MAD: Mutually Assured Destruction
Enemy missiles are attacking your base! Shoot them down and see how long you can last against the on...
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Piu Piu
A collecting/avoiding game where sections of the screen have been flipped, rotated and rearranged to...
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Music & More
Movement Mayhem
UPDATED (Jan 15, 2008){ -Added new boss levels -Changed the movement speed to increase simplicity...
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Against the deaD
The world is no longer like we used to know … In this action shooter, Detective Wilson will ba...
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Bobs Revenge
Join Bob in his epic quest to end the Black Knight’s life! Is there something bigger going on...
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Shen Long - The Spirit Dragon
Play as the mystical Chinese dragon of legend and cleanse the dark spirits before they can enter the...
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Easter Extinction
Happy Easter everyone! This is what happens when Easter try’s to steal Christmas’s thund...
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Headless Havoc
You are the Headless Horseman! Ride through the fields decapitating villagers!
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Oldschool style arcade game, set inside a computer. Dodge through viruses that are tearing themselv...
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Ancient Origins{flying fish}
Follow fred on a journey across the sea!
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Biff and Baff - Rolling
Take Biff and Baff on a tour through 6 worlds with 5 levels each. Roll through all the levels. Colle...
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Project Green
Weave through mines and avoid projectiles while making it to the end of each level.
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ZOIDS is the new, updated version of Planetary Orbital Defense (P.O.D.). It includes difficulty sett...
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Army of Destruction
[NOW WITH MORE LEVELS] This is an action shooter where you have to defend your city from the alien i...
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Use your circular paddle to send the ball flying into the opposing bricks! Smashing the bricks lets ...
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Viviparous Dumpling
Maneuver the fetal dumpling with your mouse by grabbing, moving, and throwing him into the nutrient-...
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