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The school newspaper and your article

  • Writing is always an art and a craft and as mentioned in my previous articles all the way through, I have always focused on the writing aspect as you need the road sense and the ambition to drive the car of your writing career.

    Writing for an educational institution is always exciting and rewarding as your name will be on the print. If, you have the passion and want to take the ride on the educational plane, then check out for some samples and read the understanding of how to write, the guidelines and the checklist of the format for a newspaper article.

    Do not try to take the window seat as the editor might not be happy with the changed passenger, but you need to set the pace according to the topic and make sure you follow the important tips that I will be sharing at the next airport.

    The Pyramid Style of writing

    As a writer, you must be happy to get attracted towards the educational institution, but make sure to address the very important details in the very beginning and let the auto-pilot take most of the journey.

    If you are fond of my writing style, then you must have checked my previous articles that the beginning paragraph is very important for any type of writing and that needs some general information and the background for the article aspect, but you need to send the compelling information with the air-hostess and inform about the ‘who, what, when, where, how and why’ of the story.

    • It is the passengers who will decide whether they will continue the journey or will board the next flight.

    The catchy headline to hook the audience

    The head of the headline needs to be catchy when you are asking the readers to get the essence of your article. Keep the heading short and make sure that it is directly communicating with the audience. The tome of the heading must be linked with the tome of the article.

    • Sometimes the flight is delayed and you have to wait for the right moment, same goes with article writing. The heading might be great, but the presentation does not match with the tone. Make sure you do not make the same mistake twice.

    The first two paragraphs

    The paragraphs are very important in the articles as you have to make sure that everything in the basket is kept for sale. Present the sentences with information and details side by side and save the quotes for the following paragraphs.

    • People tend to lead towards the title within the two paragraphs as they do not want to watch the whole film till the end.

    Important Tips

    • The topic must be interesting
    • Choose interesting angles
    • Research
    • Create an outline
    • Write in a different style
    • Checklist the guidelines


    The engaging tone

    It is very important for the pilot to speak in a clear tone and must avoid any flowery or redundant sentences. Be specific and ride along the topic and communicate why the subject matters the most.

    • Instead of saying “Miller had been teaching for 15 years”, say something like “Miller has over 15 years of experience in the educational system”.

    Include Quotations to support

    For a long journey, accompanying passenger is always a blessing. Same goes with the case of article writing, the quotes play an important communication role and give your article the authority to back up the facts you are about to present.

    • If you are quoting from an interview, ask for permission before using them in your article.

    Proofread before submitting

    Check the sources and the citation are according to the weather is clear for you to ask for landing. Check the tower for any grammar or spelling flights and read your article aloud to listen to the unusual sentences.

    • Proofread your own work is an essential part, but if you need any assistance, ask for Write my assignment online for me UK from the London writer as the more you work together the better it is.

    Final thoughts

    Writing articles for school newspaper is always a dream for many writers and if you have the chance, get the exposure to promote yourself and lead the team for many writing projects of different styles.