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Is Canaan Avalon 841 Worth buying in 2019?

  • With a new miner getting launched every week, the competition among manufacturers is rapidly increasing. There’s no denying the fact that Bitmain dominated the ASIC market for more than a year.


    However, mining hardware other than Bitmain is also simple, cost-effective and provides similar functionality. However, the question arises are these miners as profitable as Britaim's flagship models like Antminer S9 series or not?


    Let’s have an in-depth review of Canaan Avalon 841. The following points will help you understand whether the Avalon 841 is worth buying or not. The Avalon 841 is an 8th generation SHA-256 miner. It has a unique Airforming heatsink which reduces the need for multiple fans and cooling is provided by only one 1 fan operating at a maximum 6000 RPM.


    Hash Rate:

    The Avalon 841 produces a maximum hash rate of 13.6TH/s, having a power consumption of 1290W which is higher than other mining hardware. The miner has managed to produce hardware having hashrate almost the same than the 13.5TH/s, having power consumption 1380 W, a benchmark of Bitmain’s flagship, the Antminer S9 that too in less cost.



    The Avalon 841 has failed to return significant ROI but manages to make $870 in one year, the electricity charges to run the miner is quite similar to s9. However, since the cryptocurrency rates are highly unpredictable, there’s a huge probability for the miner to generate a decent amount of profit in the future.        



    The Canaan miners cost $393.00 and are available at It is good for beginners who want to start with bitcoin mining. The miner comes without PSU you have to pay a little more to get PSU. So we can say, the Canaan Avalon 841 is completely worth its price.         



    Mining cryptocurrency by using mining hardware has now become easy as you to fast in implementing the mathematical calculation to get the block and other things are managed by this mining hardware. All you need is to be an enthusiastic miner


    If you are also interested in buying Canaan Avalon 841 or other mining hardware, visit Coinminer, an online platform where you can find a wide range of mining hardware.