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The more time you invest in FIFA 23’s career mode the more frus

  • For the past few iterations, FIFA has played like a different game pre and post-release due to patches/tuners FUT 23 Coins . FIFA 23 started out heavily favored towards the attack, while FIFA 23 released as a defensive struggle with too many low score lines. FIFA 23 seemed to be a balance of the two, opting for incremental gameplay changes in light of the addition of a new graphics engine, Frostbite. What kind of game will we have on our hands when the dust settles and the developers come to grips with FIFA 23? Only time will tell.

    What needs to change: A clear direction needs to be established early and fine tuned. With a division among offline and online players as prominent as ever, the developers over at EA Canada should be coming to grips with a balanced game enjoyable for both sides of the spectrum.

    The more time you invest in FIFA 23’s career mode the more frustrating it becomes. At its core, it’s largely unchanged from years past despite numerous wish lists from around the internet. Gameplay aside (we’ll get into this later), the CPU roster management AI is terribly poor. From stockpiling players at the same position to the perplexing new objectives, some of which are entirely out of your control, FIFA 23’s career mode is nowhere near what’s acceptable in 2016.

    What needs to change: Managerial AI needs a massive overhaul in conjunction with an improved upon transfer system AI buying FIFA 23 Coins . Simply put, CPU managers stockpile players and do not adjust their formations/tactics to take advantage of their best players. Call it the “Mourinho effect” but seeing Manchester United with 4-5 top flight strikers on their roster is beyond frustrating, even more so when they play their lowest-rated one. Without even diving into how they afford all those players, the lack of proper CPU AI roster management is a problem that cascades down through the mode.