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Cheap Oakley Sunglasses in the media for her crime

  • in the media for her crime or her sexuality By Cindy Nguyen High school is the nesting place for pubescent teenagers. It is where you grow up, make or lose friends and possess cringeworthy stupidity. When I think about being in high school, I remember the thrill of skipping class, thinking that Jesse McCartney was the love of my life and throwing tantrums ALL THE TIME. In general, thinking about my high school years does nothing but sends me in fits of laughter. I'm sure that Kaitlin Hunt won't feel the joy and happiness I feel when she's reminiscing about her high school years. Kaitlin is an 18yearold high school student who's living in the United States. She has recently been in the headlines for being in a romantic relationship with a 15yearold basketball team member. Kaitlin has been charged with serious child sex offences and has denied a plea bargain made by the attorney. But it isn't the crime that has made headlines, but instead, the relationship itself. The media coverage of this story has been widespread because the minors involved are in a samesex relationship. A blog on Hot Air high lights the legality behind this story and shows how many heterosexual relationships like the one between Kaitlin and her peer, have been dealt with less seriously because of how young both parties are. Kaitlin has just recently turned 18,Oakley Radar Pitch, so is her case being treated differently because she's a lesbian? A Facebook page has been set up in support of Kaitlin,Cheap Oakley Camo Sunglasses, because many believe that she is treated too harshly. Although Kaitlin is 18yearsold,Cheap Oakley Safety Glasses, she's still in high school, and still has the mentality of a high school student. She's simply fallen in love with a fellow student, who happens to be a minor. Should she face such indictable offences,Oakley Sunglasses On Sale, and reap in the consequences for her entire life? This leads me to the next question. What if the 15yearold involved was a boy instead? Would this story generate as much media frenzy? I don't think that it would have. So should samesex couples and heterosexual couples be treated the same when it comes to the law and media coverage? And does sexuality and gender dictate how a specific court case is going to pan out,Oakley Coupons, in terms of media coverage? We'll soon find out.. 相关的主题文章: