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How much you know about the food ingredients

  • We like colourful things, the colourful food are included. According to the source of food dye, it can be divided into synthetic food coloring agents and natural coloring agents. How you enrich the colour of your food and beverages with the natural dye can not only allows you to make better food, but also greatly increases the joy of living. You can see red, pink, purple, yellow, white cakes in the store, and they attract our eyes and strengthen our appetite. What is food yes? In fact, food dyes is food additives. It is a kind of dye used in food coloring.

    Different food colouring has different functions, also they have different e numbers. For example, we need beta-carotene, and E160a is beta-carotene. So, people can through the e number to find the food additives they need. Such as e260 food additive is acetic acid; e330 food additive is acidity regulator citric acid, one of the most widely used acids in the flavoring industry; food additive 621 is sodium glutamate, etc. Some people may say they have food additive allergy, and the gluten free additives such as gluten free thickeners is a choice for them.

    We like to read the food ingredients on the labels, such as the food ingredients, the manufacturers, the companies, the date and so on. The food additives ingredients like types of enzymes, citric acid, acetic acid, acetic acid food additive, carrageenan, lactic acid, sweeteners, antioxidant vitamins are the common food additives. Here are various food additives examples in the food additives manufacturing, food colouring powder gives us beautiful colours in food; salt and sugar are the oldest, most widely used humectants in food, etc.

    Whether dyes in food is health and no toxic? Where can the food companies buy the best artificial sweetener? How to find the silicon dioxide food additive online? Maybe the buyers need to be cautious. Because we need health food and ensure the food safety is important. The allowed to use food additives and not industry use food additives is one aspect, the use amount is another aspect.


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