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James Bond 007 - Agent Under Fire

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    James Bond 007 - Agent Under Fire

    Golden gun
    Successfully complete the Trouble In Paradise level with a "Gold"
    rank. This cheat unlocks the Golden P2K. With this gun, you
    receive a silencer which the normal P2K does not have.

    To do this easily, get as much accuracy as you can, take as less
    hits as you can, and do all the Bond moves (shooting barrels to
    explode, shooting vital enemy characters and find secret areas).

    Golden gun in multi-player mode
    Successfully complete the Precious Cargo level with a "Platinum"
    rank and all 007 icons.

    Golden CH-6
    Successfully complete the Precious Cargo level with a "Gold" rank.
    When used, this cheat gives you unlimited rockets.

    To do this easily, aim carefully and shoot the men out of the
    helicopters to get the gold medal. Also shoot the gasoline tanks
    at the roadblocks and shoot the gas station's pumps.

    Golden accuracy power-up
    Successfully complete the Bad Diplomacy level with a "Gold" rank.
    This cheat enables you to have greater auto-aim.

    Golden clip power-up
    Successfully complete the Cold Reception level with a "Gold" rank.

    Golden grenade power-up
    Successfully complete the Night Of The Jackal level with a "Gold"

    Golden bullet power-up
    Successfully complete the Poseidon level with a "Gold" rank.

    Golden armor power-up
    Successfully complete the Forbidden Depths level with a "Gold"

    Unlimited Golden gun ammunition
    Successfully complete the Evil Summit level with a "Gold" rank.

    Unlimited car missiles
    Successfully complete the Dangerous Pursuit level with a "Gold"

    Rocket Manor multi-player level
    Successfully complete the Trouble In Paradise level with a
    "Platinum" rank and all 007 icons. This cheat unlocks a new multi-
    player level. It is a large open area. The map settings allow only

    Stealth Bond skin in multi-player mode
    Successfully complete the Dangerous Pursuit level with a
    "Platinum" rank and all 007 icons.

    Guard skin in multi-player mode
    Successfully complete the Cold Reception level with a "Platinum"
    rank and all 007 icons.

    Alpine guard skin in multi-player mode
    Successfully complete the Streets Of Bucharest level with a
    "Platinum" rank and all 007 icons.

    Cyclops Oil guard skin in multi-player mode
    Successfully complete the Poseidon level with a "Platinum" rank
    and all 007 icons.

    Poseidon guard skin in multi-player mode
    Successfully complete the Mediterranean Crisis level with a
    "Platinum" rank and all 007 icons.

    Carrier guard multi-player skin
    Successfully complete the Evil Summit level with a "Platinum" rank
    and all 007 icons.

    Rapid fire power-up
    Successfully complete the Fire And Water level with a "Gold" rank.

    Regenerative armor power-up
    Successfully complete the Mediterranean Crisis level with a "Gold"

    Calypso gun in multi-player mode
    Successfully complete the Fire And Water level with a "Platinum"
    rank and all 007 icons.

    Full arsenal in multi-player mode
    Successfully complete the Forbidden Depths level with a "Platinum"
    rank and all 007 icons.

    Gravity boots in multi-player mode
    Successfully complete the Bad Diplomacy level with a "Platinum"
    rank and all 007 icons.

    Viper gun in multi-player mode
    Successfully complete the Night Of The Jackal level with a
    "Platinum" rank and all 007 icons.

    Lotus Esprit car
    Successfully complete the Streets Of Bucharest level with a "Gold"

    Hint: Bad Diplomacy: Using the Q-Specs
    At a laser alarm, use your Q-Specs when you see a little box on
    the wall. Press the square button against it. On the left when you
    are facing the door that reads "No Entry", use your Q-specs. You
    will see a door. Open it to find darts.

    Hint: Bad Diplomacy: Turning off the lasers
    Wear the Q-Specs and look around the laser. There will be a secret
    box that you walk approach and press Action. Then, take out your
    laser and zap it. The laser will now be off.

    Hint: Bad Diplomacy: Avoid alarms
    At the Embassy level where you find a clone of Griffin, it helps
    to stay near the alarm in each room since the soldiers will
    activate it to get reinforcements, and eventually your ammunition
    will run out. The same should be done in the Cold Reception level.

    Hint: Bad Diplomacy: Easy platinum medal
    Note: This trick requires already having a gold medal on this
    level. Practice the level to learn where all the enemies and 007
    icons are, as well as the location of the secret room. Then, just
    run in very quickly, kill every enemy with one shot (excluding
    Griffin, who needs two shots), and just escape.

    Hint: Bad Diplomacy: Extra points
    You will get almost double points for subduing the guards and
    Griffin with your hands. If done under the "00 Agent" difficulty
    setting, you will get even more.

    Hint: Bad Diplomacy: Bond Moves
    Turn off all three alarm lasers.
    Open the secret door at the end of the hallway.
    Use your Q-Claw outside, on the porch.
    Retrieve the Key Card.
    Receive the Passcode Generator.

    Hint: Bad Diplomacy: 007 icons
    The first 007 icon is in the room after you kill the first two
    men. The second 007 icon is in the big circle room, on the second
    The third 007 icon is in the secret room at the end of the
    The last 007 icon is by the glass cases after the room were you
    see the dead man.

    Hint: Cold Reception: Play piano
    Stand next to the piano in Malprave's office and press A to play
    some of the 007 Theme.

    Hint: Cold Reception: Rocket launcher and body armor
    Go into the left door and take the picture. Then, go into the next
    room and immediately when you enter, stop. Manually aim at the
    man's head and shoot him. Then, break the glass and take it out.
    Go behind the wall thing to find some body armor. Note: When you
    do this, the alarm will go off. Jump out, turn the alarm off, and
    shoot everyone.

    Note: You do not have to break the glass to get the rocket
    launcher. Go to the room with the second set of plans, then go to
    the Malprave picture on the wall and press A. The picture will
    move to the side, and you can get the rocket launcher without the
    alarm going off.

    Hint: Cold Reception: Grenade kills
    When you get to the end of the ventilation shaft with a man with a
    Frinesi shotgun, shoot him in the head. When he dies, throw a
    grenade into the doorway. It should ricochet and blow up all the
    explosive barrels, killing most of the enemies. Then, two men
    should run in. Back up and throw a grenade at the wall. It should
    bounce under you and kill the last two men.

    Hint: Cold Reception: Display case
    To get to the rocket launcher and body armor in the display case
    without tripping the alarm, go to the room that contains the
    blueprints. There should be a picture of one of the twins on the
    wall. Approach it and press A. The picture should slide back,
    allowing you to walk into the display case to get those items.

    Hint: Cold Reception: 007 icons
    The first 007 icon is in the right door when you start. Click the
    buzzer to open the door. Note: There are guards in there.
    The second 007 icon is in the vents, in the rooms on the left of
    where you start. When you get into the room, use your Q-Laser to
    unlock the vent. Then, follow it until you find a 007 icon.
    The third 007 icon is after the elevator. Kill the guard standing
    there, then go down the stairs and immediately turn right. There
    should be a 007 icon there.
    After using the second elevator, go to the door, but do open it.
    Use your Q-Claw and go through the vent on top of it. Craw through
    until you get to the end. Look to the left and try to use your Q-
    Claw. If you get it, claw through until you get a 007 icon.
    The next 007 icon is immediately after the previous one. Jump down
    from the vent where you got the last one, and it will be there.
    The last two 007 icons are in the big room with the gas tanks and
    guards. Kill all the guards in the room, then look around to find

    Hint: Cold Reception: Bond Moves
    Use the Q-Laser on the first Duct lock and crawl into the duct.
    Get the access card (Key Card) from middle hallway bookshelf.
    Take a picture of model Oil Rig in computer room.
    Use Q-Claw to enter the first two vents (the first vent is
    straight away from the door and the second is straight in running
    distance from drop in first vent center).
    Use Q-Remote to acquire the Security card from the guard. To get
    there, turn left upon entering the second vent. It is difficult to
    see -- make sure you are looking forward and not up.
    Disable a guard by shooting the Steam Tank handle off.
    Open the security door with the Q-Remote and stolen Security Card.
    Hint: Dangerous Pursuit: Hidden area:
    Drive until you are out of the shipping. Take a right turn and you
    will see another street at your left, turn immediately. Keep
    driving until you see a lot of flashing lights. Turn into that
    building and drive at full speed up the stairs. This will take you
    to an area. Keep driving and you will go flying through a
    billboard featured in an intermission sequence.

    Hint: Dangerous Pursuit: Hidden items
    You can go through a hotel and get a Q- Booster, a Q-Pulse, and
    Armor. First, after going through the tunnel, go right, then right
    again. Next, go left, then go straight for three intersections.
    Then, take an immediate left and the hotel should be on the
    corner. Go through the glass with the red carpet on the bottom.

    Hint: Dangerous Pursuit: Hidden jump
    As soon a you exit the first tunnel with the two guards on the
    walkway, take a right, turn followed by a left turn, then a right
    turn, then another right turn. This should lead to an area between
    two buildings with lights and banners hung between them. There
    will be a Q-Boost next to a tree in the middle. Next, take a left
    turn, and then a right turn at the corner down the road (not the
    turn directly in front of you at the road). At the next corner to
    the left, you should see a canopy with lights and another Q-Boost
    in front of it. Back up facing the corner and go through the doors
    at full speed. These are the only doors which you can go through.
    Drive up the stairs at full speed. You will jump to another
    building's roof. This building has armor and a Q-Pulse. Continue
    driving at full speed, and boost at the top of the building before
    the Q-Pulse. An intermission sequence will show you crashing
    through the billboard in front of the Q-Pulse. Do this again and
    you will jump far out on the road, without the intermission
    sequence. This a good thing to do if you want armor, a Q-Pulse, or
    a little fun.

    Hint: Dangerous Pursuit: Blow up cars
    Keep ramming on a car until it is basically destroyed. After it
    has heavy damage, turn around and drive farther, then turn around
    and hit the car at full speed. Then the car should make an
    explosion sound and start spewing smoke. Keep ramming the car
    until you hear the explosion.

    Hint: Dangerous Pursuit: 007 icons
    At the start of the level, turn the car around and go to the end
    (start) of the shipyard. A 007 icon is there.
    A gas station is at the northwest corner of the map. When you
    approach it, men will start shooting at you. Shoot back to destroy
    the gas station. A 007 icon is located between the burning gas
    At the northwest end of the map, there is a warehouse near a pier.
    Drive around it until you see a hallway. Drive through the hallway
    to pick up a 007 icon.
    There are two more 007 Icons on this level, one is inside the
    crate in the beginning of the level. Shoot the crate to reveal the
    icon, or just drive right through it.
    The last one is at the northwest end of the map. After you blow up
    the gas station, drive along the left side of the street until you
    see the icon. You may have to make a U-turn to get to it.

    Hint: Dangerous Pursuit: Bond Moves
    Blow up barrels at first road block.
    Shoot barrels to eliminate the enemy in the tunnel.
    Use Q-Smoke to get rid of the car that follows you during your
    pursuit with the armored van.
    Stop the van with Q-Pulse on the first try.
    Hint: Evil Summit: Unlimited Bond Moves:
    At the location where you have to use your Q-Remote on one of the
    towers, you can continuously get a Bond Move from it. Therefore,
    you will keep getting points for it.

    Go to the beginning of the bridge on the right, near the green
    boxes. Shoot out the glass on the first window of the bridge room.
    You can slide down the slope and jump in. It is difficult to
    execute, and you will miss some Bond moves.

    When you first come up from the elevator when you have to fight
    Bloch, if you have saved some SSR 4000 ammunition, fire one shot
    into his head. He will run away. Go up to the second floor then
    follow the normal steps for the rest of the fight. You have now
    skipped the first part of the fight.

    Hint: Evil Summit: Towers
    At the start of the level, go through the door at your right.
    Punch out the guard or take him out with a head shot. Use the
    laser on the box and take the sniper rifle. Wait for the snipers
    to shoot the window out, then take out the two guards at the right
    tower. Take out the other two guards with your P2K. Get out, and
    make sure not to grab the armor. Go in back of the right tower for
    armor. Go back and go to the left tower. There will be a guard
    under the walkway to the towers. Kill him with the P2K. Take the
    elevator up, grab the ammunition, and use the remote on the
    computer. Then, take the zip line to the right tower. Take the
    grenades and ammunition. Go down the other zip line to the house
    that you were at before. Make sure not to fall in the hole or fall
    off to your death. Take out your grenades and wait for the men to
    group up in the shack. Throw in a grenade and repeat until you run
    out of them. Take the rest out with the sniper rifle and get the
    armor. Then, use the remote on the door as much as you want for a
    Bond move and continue the rest of the level.

    Hint: Evil Summit: Extra ammunition
    Walk through the only door you can open. Kill the guard and use
    your Q-Laser to open the box with the sniper rifle. Use it to pick
    off the snipers. Use the P2K if you do not have enough ammunition.
    Then, go up the towers and get the ammunition. Use the elevator to
    go back down. Do not use the tram cable. Kill the few guards
    around the heli-pad and make sure to pick up the D17 that they
    carry. Then, walk back to the towers that the snipers were at.
    Walk back to the heli-pad. More men will now be there for the
    killing. Get their ammunition. This can be repeated as many times
    as needed to get large amounts of ammunition for one of the best
    guns in the game.

    Hint: Evil Summit: Survive towers
    Go across from the tower where you can ride to the other tower.
    When you land, do not ride the other one or you will probably get
    killed. Instead, snipe the guards or ride the elevator down and
    use the boxes for cover. After about fifty are dead, they will
    stop appearing. Get the ammunition and go back up the elevator (or
    if you sniped, ride it down). Make sure the door does not open.
    You must be good at head shots or you will be killed. Either way,
    you will get a Bond Move.

    Hint: Evil Summit: Defeating Bloch
    After you shoot Bloch enough with your D17 to make him use his jet
    pack and get onto the highest level, fill up your own and follow
    him. There are four platforms, all connected by stairs. Get on one
    of the higher two and wait for Bloch to get on one of the adjacent
    lower platforms. If you are standing in the correct position, you
    will be able to see Bloch's head but not his MRL22. This means you
    can shoot him in the face with your sniper rifle (SSR4000), but
    his rocket launcher will hit the bottom of the platform, not doing
    any damage to you. A few quick shots to the face and he will go to
    the pipe on the top floor. Use your Q-Jet to get on the catwalk in
    the middle that Bloch blew up, then use your Q-Claw to get to the
    pipe. Go through the pipe, pick up his MRL22, and kill him.

    Bloch will be equipped with a rocket launcher, which you will need
    to dodge if you want to stay alive. Run around shooting Bloch with
    a gun such as the PS100 until he flies up to the second floor.
    Then, there are four platforms on each side of the main room,
    which Bloch will jet to clockwise. When he first jets up to the
    second floor, run under the platform he is standing on and pull
    out a gun such as the UGW or D17 (or if you are very accurate, the
    SSR 4000). Wait for him to jet to the next platform. If you run
    out of ammunition for either of these guns, just fire at him with
    your PS100. When he does jet, snipe him until about when he lands
    on the other platform then run under the next one, directly under
    him. Do this until he flies up to the third floor, blows up the
    connector to all the platforms, and escapes through the blue
    tunnel. Fill up your Q-jet and carefully boost onto the hanging
    end of the connector. Then, run up as far up as you can to find a
    Q-Claw mesh above the tunnel entrance. Claw up and take the tunnel
    into the main room that you were in as the reporter "Mr.
    Somerset". Bloch will be hovering in front of the stained glass
    window of Malprave. Pick up the rocket launcher (which you will
    get automatically) and blow out Bloch once before the time runs
    out. He will fly out the window. You will fly out the window onto
    Zoe's jet.

    Hint: Evil Summit: 007 icons
    Once you get all of these and defeat Bloch, you should get a
    Platinum medal (if you got enough points), and unlock the Carrier
    Guard model in multi-player mode.

    There are two 007 icons on the first towers where you start. Kill
    the snipers and go up the elevators to get them.
    The third 007 icon is on the balcony where they show you if you
    are on the Operative difficulty setting. Go up on the balcony by
    using the ladder and get it. There is also body Armor, and if you
    use your Q-laser on the wires the floor in the middle will drop
    and kill the guard.
    The fourth 007 icon is in Silo 1, at the bottom.
    The fifth 007 icon at the very right side of the hallway in Silo
    The last 007 icon is at the bottom of Silo 4 by the door.

    Hint: Fire And Water: Hidden weapons
    At the starting position, turn to the right and jump on top of the
    boxes (by the armor). Scale along the boxes until you are on top
    of the orange barrel, then turn toward the other two orange
    barrels located in front of the white tanks. Next, jump to these
    barrels from the boxes. While on top of the barrels, take out your
    gun and look down. Jump and shoot the barrel. You should be
    propelled upwards. Use the Analog-stick to land on top of the two
    white tanks. Once you are on top of the tanks, select "Use". This
    cheat will give you two frag grenades and an SSR 4000. You can now
    snipe patrolling guards on the rig platforms.

    Hint: Fire And Water: Shortcut
    In the second part of this level (where the giant pumps are
    located), instead of having to turn on the pumps, dealing with
    killing everyone else, then getting the timing correctly when
    jumping onto the pumps, just refuel your jet pack. Stand on the
    platform as close as you can to one of the them and use your Q-Jet
    to get through the opening in the ceiling.

    Hint: Fire And Water: Quick objective
    Once you use your Q-Laser to open the door lock and the lock that
    leads to the ladder, go up the ladder and kill the men that are in
    your path. If you do not want to kill the men below, quickly run
    over to the door and press Action. You will now have completed
    your objective quickly.

    Hint: Fire And Water: Killing snipers
    When you are in the oil pumps room, take out your sniper gun and
    fire at the sniper's feet. They will die instantly. When you get
    out of the pump room, use the Q-Remote on the green signals.

    When you get to the part where there are two snipers on two
    platforms with green signals (or red, depending on if you got the
    green signal at the start of the level), take out your Q-Remote
    and put it on manual aim. Click on the green signals. The two
    snipers will stay on the platforms, still trying to eliminate you,
    and fall to their watery grave.

    Hint: Fire And Water: 007 icons
    The first 007 icon is found after chasing away Bloch for the first
    time. After killing the helicopter and the four guards while in
    the room, go out the door. Directly ahead is a gas tank. Shoot it
    to find the 007 icon.
    After chasing away Bloch, use your Q-Laser and open the door.
    Then, turn left and use it on the vent. Follow the path until you
    reach the room. Kill the guards and get the 007 icon in the back-
    left corner.
    After getting the second 007 icon, follow the vent back out. Then,
    go left where the two cranes are located. The third 007 icon
    should be there, but watch out for more guards and the helicopter.
    After getting the third 007 icon, go under the platform where
    b#loch stands. The fourth 007 icon should be there.
    In the pump room, the fifth 007 icon can be found in the back
    right corner. Kill all of the men first, then get it. You can see
    it from the first staircase.
    After escaping the pump room, the next two 007 icons are located
    outside where you enter the tower. Do not enter the tower. Kill
    the two men first, then look around for them.
    The last 007 icon is located where the helicopter tries to shoot
    you at the top of the tower. Kill the helicopter, then look around
    for the 007 icon.

    Hint: Forbidden Depths: Hidden messages
    At the first station you stop at, there is a scrolling message
    which says "World Domination Seminar".

    When you first stop, look at the green scrolling message bar at
    the top. It says "Fishing is prohibited while on duty".

    Hint: Forbidden Depths: Destroying automatic machine guns
    To destroy the automatic machine guns, aim at the turret, or if
    you have the shotgun, blast them and the platform holding the gun.

    Hint: Forbidden Depths: CH-6 Rocket Launcher
    Shoot out all four of the blue rectangular lights at the first
    tram station where they ambush you. You will get the rocket
    launcher as you exit the room.

    Hint: Forbidden Depths: 007 Bond Moves
    Destroy the red button to open door at the first station.
    Destroy the gas barrels in station 2.
    Destroy the three fans.
    Destroying the two little red buttons after the three fans

    Hint: Forbidden Depths: 007 icons
    The first icon is found after killing the two enemies on the
    balcony that say, "Intruder!"
    The second icon is located after you kill the other two enemies on
    the second balcony that say "Bond located at maintenance station".
    The third icon is located after destroying the mines Bloch
    launches before they touch you. Use auto-aim and it should appear
    just before the auto-gun. If this does not work, shoot the clocks
    at section C-4 and the warehouse with the civilians.
    The last icon is located in the ventilation duct before the fans
    and the steam with the red panel.

    Hint: Mediterranean Crisis: Bond Moves
    Go into the vent by the Brig.
    Use your Q-Claw three times.
    Turn on the Harrier Program.
    Open the cage door with your Q-laser.
    Use your Q-Remote to blow everyone away by the jet.
    Kill the man in the helicopter with a sniper rifle.
    Help the hostage.
    Turn on the missile program.
    Go down the cable wire. then jump off by quickly pressing Action.
    Press the button to save Zoe.
    Use your Q-Remote to launch the missile.

    Hint: Mediterranean Crisis: 007 icons
    The first two 007 icons are where you start; one on the deck and
    one in the Brig.
    The third 007 icon is in the vent that starts in the Brig.
    The fourth 007 icon is in the vent that starts in the room where
    you see your first white suit guard.
    The fifth 007 icon is after the sniper. After killing the guards
    and the sniper, go to the room where you see the white suited
    guard and kill him. Then, go outside and it will be there on the
    The sixth 007 icon is also by the sniper. Look around the room
    where you saw the sniper.
    The seventh 007 icon is near the tall staircase. Go under the
    staircase and it is hidden behind some crates.
    The eighth 007 icon is after the hostage is saved by using your Q-
    laser. Go outside and go down the little hole. You will land on
    top of it.
    The last 007 icon is down by the gas barrels where Zoe and the two
    thugs are located.
    Hint: Mediterranean Crisis: See Zoe's underwear:
    When you quickly save Zoe, she will crouch behind some boxes. Zoom
    the SSR 4000 in under her legs to see her underwear.

    Hint: Night Of The Jackal: Killing Carla
    Use the following trick to kill the lady at the end of the level
    with a Bond Move. Start shooting at the lady until she is standing
    in front of the machine. When she is there, move to the right wall
    behind the boxes. Next to you is a green action button. Press A on
    this to knock her in a ventilation shaft with a fan blades on the
    top, which will chop her to bits. You will then be credited for a
    Bond Move.

    Use the following for an easier way to kill her. When you open the
    doors that leads to the room where she is located, do not enter
    the room yet. Instead, shoot the gas barrels behind her to give
    her some damage. Then, enter the room and position yourself under
    her, so that you can shoot her through the grid floor. Just keep
    shooting at her, and when she is in front of the lift, go behind
    the crates near the right wall of the room and activate the
    button. The lift will then push her into the fan. By doing this,
    you can easily kill her without getting hurt, and you will also be
    credited with a Bond Move.

    Hint: Night Of The Jackal: Women in the shower
    Before you enter the shower room, kill the sniper and jump over to
    steal his gun. Enter the shower room slightly, then aim and look
    through the sniper rifle at the shower.

    When you enter the house through the balcony, there is a shower
    scene. To get a better view of the "hologram", go out to the
    balcony. Over to the right (when exiting the house) is a balcony
    with a sniper that you shot earlier. Carefully make your way to
    the balcony he was in and jump in. You will pick up a SSR4000 or
    another sniper gun. Go back to the shower, without getting close
    enough to get the cut-scene. Press L to zoom in and the C-stick to
    zoom closer.

    Hint: Night Of The Jackal: Avoiding guards in kitchen
    When you have to run through a kitchen and you will always hit
    something onto the floor. A guard or two will rush in to
    investigate. You can avoid knocking those things over by pressing
    Triangle to jump over them.

    When you go into the kitchen, go through using the left or right
    path. If you go through the middle, a guard will see you and start

    Hint: Night Of The Jackal: Destroying helicopter
    At the end of the level, after you have killed the lady in the
    green suit you will have to face a helicopter. At the bottom of
    the left hand corner on the rooftop is a a MRL-22 rocket launcher.
    Shoot it four or five times at the helicopter and you will have an
    easy kill. You may have to shoot a few machine gun rounds at the
    helicopter if you were not successful.

    Note: This trick will work on any chopper in the game if you have
    the time and the gun. To destroy the helicopter on the roof, wait
    for the round one to leave. After that, an armored chopper will
    appear. Take out your sniper rifle (SSR4000) and use L to go to
    manual lock mode. Zoom in with the C-stick, still on the chopper.
    Focus on the pilot (mainly the head) and shoot him. This will give
    you a Bond Move. The chopper will not be destroyed completely. It
    will go out of control and crash into a building.

    Hint: Night Of The Jackal: Armor and weapons
    In the first part, after killing all the enemies, break the shop
    windows to find armor and weapons inside.

    You can get ten bullets for the SSR 4000 in the corners of the
    kitchen. By looking around, you can have enough sniper ammunition
    to kill the Jackal.

    Hint: Night Of The Jackal: Items
    Walk around on the streets to find items such as a Frinshi shotgun
    and some body armor. If you are trying for a platinum medal, there
    will be one or two 007 icons in the windows.

    Hint: Night Of The Jackal: Bond Moves
    Jump over and get the sniper on the balcony.
    Walk through the door into the building.
    Use the Q-Claw.
    Save hostages.
    Open the secret door.
    Open the elevator.
    Press the secret button to push the girl.
    Destroy the helicopter with your sniper rifle.

    Hint: Night Of The Jackal: SSR 4000 sniper rifle
    Get to your first Q-Claw location on that stage and jump to your
    left onto a platform where there was a sniper.

    Hint: Night Of The Jackal: Double FSU-4
    When Carla runs in front of the mechanical arm, do not push the
    button and knock her into the fan. Instead, shoot her until she
    dies. When you go up the ladder to get to the roof, you can find
    two FSU-4s there.

    Hint: Night Of The Jackal: Fluffing pillows
    When you enter the bedroom, go to the head of the bed. Aim and
    shoot at the pillows. Some dust will fly out of them and you will
    fluff the pillows.

    Hint: Night Of The Jackal: The World Is Not Enough theme
    Go inside the building and enter in the bathroom. Stay there just
    listen to the music, which is the song from the main menu of The
    World Is Not Enough on the PlayStation. The song ends when you
    exit the embassy.

    Hint: Night Of The Jackal: 007 icons
    The first 007 icon is in a shop on the streets. Jump on the car,
    and when you see the icon, jump over to it to get it.
    The next 007 icon is on the balcony where you can get a sniper by
    killing the guard.
    The third 007 icon is in the room where the lady is crying. It
    should be behind the table.
    The last 007 icon is on the top of the building where you kill the
    helicopter. You have to get it last, or you will die from the
    helicopter. It is located behind the crates.

    Hint: Poseidon: Computer screens
    All the computer screens show the oil rig from The World Is Not

    Hint: Poseidon: Hidden weapons
    Go through the small vent (use the Q-Laser to open the door) when
    you enter the level. Shoot the man pacing the room, then use the
    laser to open the vent again. Next, use the Q-Decrypter to open
    the door to the right. Shoot the man standing there and pick up
    his gun. Then, move to the sides of he room. There will be a PS-
    100 on one side and two grenades on the other side.

    Hint: Poseidon: 007 icons
    The first 007 icon can be found where you start. Turn to the big
    vent and use your Q-laser to find a 007 icon and body armor.
    The next 007 icon is in part two. After killing the men in the
    white suits and completing your objective, turn right and shoot
    the gas barrels. Get the 007 icon behind it.
    The third 007 icon is in the big room where the automatic machine
    guns are. Look around to find it.
    The fourth 007 icon is found after completing your second
    objective. It is in the small room on the right.
    The last 007 icon is in the room with the submarine. After coming
    down the stairs, turn right so you are under the staircase. Use
    your Q-laser by the vent and crawl through. On the right will be a
    007 icon.

    Hint: Poseidon: Double Bond moves
    Reach the room where the auto guns are located, and at each booth
    where you download information into Poseidon to make it crash.
    Quickly tap B(2) (Default "Setup 1" for gadget) to get two Bond
    Moves for each booth.

    Hint: Precious Cargo: Bond Moves
    Shoot the thug in the very first helicopter.
    Disable the car after the helicopter. You can disable cars by
    blowing out a tire.
    Disable the van without harming anyone in it. You can harm them
    after it is disabled.
    Disable the next two cars that come at you.
    Destroy the gas cans when you are surrounded. If you shoot a
    person, this Bond Move will not count.
    Disable the following car after being surrounded.
    Shoot the second van with the CH-6 without hitting anything else.
    Shoot the helicopter with the CH-6 without hitting anything else.
    Destroy the gas station.
    Destroying the gas cans when you first enter the factory on the
    left side.
    Destroy the rocket launcher thugs.
    Shoot the gas cans near the forklift at the end.

    Hint: Precious Cargo: Quick helicopter kill
    After the part in which Zoe says "James, we're surrounded!" and
    you drive to the right after eliminating the enemies, you will
    pass through an alley. At the end of the alley you will reach a
    park setting. Fire a missile straight ahead and slightly upwards
    as you exit the alley. The missile should explode on the face of a
    building, yet destroy an incoming helicopter without taking the
    time to aim at it. You can now concentrate on shooting out the
    tires of the car that is after you.

    Hint: Precious cargo: Move the forklift
    Do not use the KA-57 at all. When you get to the last part, where
    you have to open the security door, kill all the people, but do
    not open the door just yet. Take out your KA-57 and aim at the
    back end of the forklift. Pump all your bullets into it, and you
    will cause it to move out from behind the boxes. You can also do
    the same thing with the Golden CH-6.

    Hint: Streets Of Bucharest level: Destroying tanks
    You will encounter two tanks at the end of the level. Fire your
    missiles at the train that passes over head. Aim for the red
    tanker car, and it will explode and also destroy the tanks.

    When you see the train on the bridge with the two tanks beneath,
    the train cars will follow a pattern as follows:

    ( )[||][ ][ ][||]( )

    The "( )" is an explosive car, a "[||]" is a box car with the
    doors open, and a "[ ]" is a box car. When you can see through
    both openings in an open box car (the one preceding the explosive
    car), shoot your cannon. The shell will hit the explosive car,
    giving you a quick victory. A slight lag is acceptable, since you
    can even shoot just when the explosive car is in your pointer.
    However, you may not want to do this, as it is very inaccurate.

    Hint: Streets Of Bucharest: Shoot tires off cars
    Go directly behind a civilian car and run into it, firing your
    machine guns. If done correctly, you will hear a noise. Hit the
    brakes, and you will see that you have shot the car's tire off.

    Hint: Streets Of Bucharest: Broken fire hydrants
    When you see small red box-looking objects on the side of the
    road, shoot or run them over. They will spurt water all over the

    Hint: Streets Of Bucharest: 007 icons
    The first 007 icon is located in the first part of the level. When
    the second car starts firing at you, turn around. There should be
    two arches. Go under the one on the left and turn right (or vice
    versa) and it should be there.
    The second 007 icon is in the train station. When you enter, go
    all the way to the right where some trains are parked. It should
    be located there.
    The third 007 icon is in an alley. On the way to the train station
    there is a road block. To the left should be an alley. Go in.
    There should be missiles and armor. Go back through the alley on
    the way back from the train station and it should be there.
    The fourth 007 icon is located after the second jump. If the
    intermission sequence appears, line up the car on the drop.
    The fifth 007 icon is found on the second part of the level with
    the tank. When the two armored cars and the truck with the gas
    tank drives by, destroy the gas tank as soon as possible. You
    should fire through it.
    The last 007 icon can be found when the two helicopters appear.
    Destroy the helicopter to the right as soon as possible.

    Hint: Streets Of Bucharest: Bond Moves
    Using Q-Slicks.
    Destroying the two helicopters by the train tracks.
    Making two big jumps.
    Driving on two wheels after getting the second item.
    Destroy the gas barrels by the enemies.
    Destroy the helicopter.
    Destroying the helicopter and everything below it.
    Destroying the gas barrels when you have Q-Specs on.

    Hint: Poseidon level: Alternate intermission sequence
    In the room that has the switch for the Auto-Guns, punch out the
    guard to get a card key. It will be on the end of the table on the
    right, facing the main room. Then, complete the level. The
    intermission sequence will show Bond having some fun with Zoe
    instead of getting knocked out with the gas . You will also start
    at a different point in the Mediterranean Crisis Level.

    Hint: Trouble In Paradise: Avoid security cameras
    When you have to get into the Identicon complex, use the Q-Claw on
    the pipeline, as R explained, to avoid security cameras and get a
    clean shot at the guard's head in the first room.

    Hint: Trouble in Paradise: Save health
    Once you have killed the men with your fireworks and are moving
    along, instead of killing the other men, hide behind the box where
    the body armor is located. They cannot see you from there.

    Hint: Trouble in Paradise: Hiding behind crates
    When you shoot the chain holding the crate, and keep going
    straight. An intermission with four men approaching will begin.
    They will look at the crates with the body armor behind them. You
    go over to the crates, then crouch and hide behind them. The four
    men will just run right by you without knowing you were there.

    Hint: Trouble In Paradise: Enter the Armory
    Use the Q Claw to get up on to roof at the start of the level,
    Move right along the roof to the entry hole. Drop down the
    entrance, turn and face into the inside of the building, then hold
    L to crouch, and move forward with L still held until you drop
    down and are facing the guard with his back to you. Move slowly
    towards the guard, and once behind him, punch him. He will drop
    the keycard for the Armory. Inside the Armory are four grenades,
    armor and a rocket launcher.

    Hint: Trouble In Paradise: Easy gold medal
    To achieve the Golden Gun bonus, get the gold medal on the first
    level. To do this, get as much accuracy as you can, take as less
    hits as you can, and do all the Bond Moves (shooting barrels to
    explode, shooting vital enemy characters and find secret areas).

    Hint: Trouble In Paradise: Key card
    There is a locked armory to the left if you entered through the
    front door. It contains grenades and a bazooka. To get the key
    card, enter by using the Q-claw on the vent outside. At the end of
    the catwalk you will drop down and see a guard facing away. Drop
    in, get directly on top of him, and hit him with your fist. He
    should go down with one or two hits and you will get the key card
    if you are close enough.

    Hint: Trouble in Paradise: 007 icons
    The first 007 icon is on top of the building. Use your Q-Claw to
    get on top of the building, then follow the path to find it.
    The second 007 icon is found after you go down the elevator. You
    will see it sitting on the boxes in the back right corner.
    The third 007 icon is in the room with plants sitting on the
    tables. It is on the left side of the room.
    The fourth 007 is located after you find the vials that Nightshade
    was looking for. Go up the stairs and look to the left.

    Hint: Trouble In Paradise: Bond Moves
    Open the front door with the Q-Decryptor.
    Use the Q-Claw to get on the roof.
    Open the other large door.
    Open the armory door.
    Open the locked gate with your laser.
    Shoot the canister on the back of the forklift.
    Shoot the cable that drops a box on one of the guards.

    Hint: Multi-player mode: Using the Q-Claw
    If you turn the Q-Claw on, you can claw on to almost any surface.
    You can also use it to escape if you are being shot at.

    You can use your Q-Claw as a weapon. Shoot it at an opponent as if
    you were using it correctly. If you hit him or her, it will do a
    small amount of damage. Hit them about twenty times to kill them.
    Remember to hold Gadget.

    Hint: Multi-player mode: Castle level easy kills
    Get a Grenade Launcher (G-Launcher) or an SSR400. If you have
    either of these guns, take out your Q-Claw. Use it on the walls of
    the castle until you get to the very top of the level. If you have
    the SSR400, use the zoom feature to snipe your opponent every time
    he walks into the bottom of the level. If you have the Grenade
    Launcher, use its secondary fire and shoot down cluster grenades
    that spread on impact. Both tactics work very well.

    Hint: Multi-player mode: Dungeon level secrets
    Face the three jail cells, then turn to the left and shoot the
    brick that stands out from the wall with the wood frame around it.
    After doing that, the middle cell should open, allowing you to
    enter. If your character gets locked inside, shoot the block to
    get out. To make a wall explode, go to the middle of the arena by
    going up the first set of stairs. Then, look at the large wooden
    door. Look to the left and walk over to the wall. You should see
    two brown barrels and some body armor. Stand back a bit and shoot
    the barrels. The wall will explode, allowing the your character to
    get the body armor. Note: The wall will stay open for the
    remainder of the match.

    Hint: Multi-player mode: Dungeon level flying
    Select the Dungeon in multi-player mode and leave the weapons to
    the default setting. Go to the door at the top of the stairs. Use
    your FSU4 and switch functions to get the bombs in the gun. Then,
    go over to the door, step back so that you are at the top step of
    the stairs, and fire one of the bombs at the door. If done
    correctly, you should go flying backwards to the bottom step on
    the bottom stairs. You can also try this with another method.

    Hint: Multi-player mode: Get run over by a train
    Select multi-player mode and choose combat training. Select a
    character and options as normal, then go to the Escort level. Go
    to the train station and move on the rail. Wait and you will hear
    a train sound before getting struck.

    Hint: Mult-player mode: Easy win
    Select the Town level, set your first weapon as an SSR4000 (the
    sniper rifle), and put on the Q-Claw. Use the Q-Claw to go up to
    the tallest cone on the tower. When up there, hold B to stay up,
    then shoot at people (or bots). Zoom up with L. To zoom extra,
    press C-stick Forward. To zoom out, press C-stick Back. You will
    have a guaranteed one hit kill if you shoot them in the head.

    Hint: Multi-player mode: Jump high as possible
    Make sure you have jet packs and rocket launchers on. Look at the
    floor with the camera. Jump while looking down. While in the air,
    shoot the rocket launcher to the floor under you. You will get
    even higher. Then, use your jet pack to get higher still.

    Hint: Killing white snowsuit armored men
    In the level where you are supposedly a journalist, use a shotgun
    blast to kill the people with white snowsuit armor. If it misses
    their face, it penetrates their armor anyway.

    Hint: Destroying helicopters
    If there is a helicopter shooting you, a regular gun takes a long
    time to destroy it. However, if you have a Sniper Rifle (SSR
    4000), use it to snipe the man's head in a helicopter. For
    example, Mediterranean Crisis has two helicopters to be destroyed.
    Use an SSR 4000 on one, and the machine gun on the second.

    Hint: Turn off alarm
    If a guard trips an alarm, you can turn it off by pressing any of
    the alarm buttons.

    Hint: Using Regenerative Armor
    After getting the Regenerative Armor, the only way for it to be
    used is if your armor is blinking. It will then regenerate up to
    where it will no longer be blinking.

    Hint: Goldengun/P2K rapid fire
    While using the gun, press Z to go to its secondary function.
    While the gun is changing, hold R to fire. It will fire rapidly
    and will unload the clip.

    On a level where you the Golden Gun (for example, Trouble In
    Paradise), turn on the silencer (alternate fire). While he is
    putting the silencer on, hold L and aim at a target. While he is
    still putting it on, hold R to fire. It will not fire yet. When he
    is done putting on the silencer, you will start to fire quickly.
    If you want to do it without the silencer, turn it on, then turn
    it off. When he is taking it off, hold R and it will have the same

    Hint: FSU-4 grenade launcher
    Press Z (secondary function) to turn the FSU-4 into a grenade

    Hint: FSU-4 rapid fire
    Turn on the secondary function, then press Z and hold R until the
    ammunition is spent. It wastes lots of ammunition but has very
    fast fire rate.

    Hint: MRL-22 homing capability
    In multi-player mode, take out the MRL-22 and press Z to use its
    homing capability. When you fire, your missile will go to wherever
    your cross hairs are pointed.

    Hint: Bond Moves
    When you see a helicopter, destroy all surrounding enemies. If you
    have a sniper rifle, take it out and hide until it stops firing
    its missiles and machine gun. Then, snipe him out to get a Bond

    If you are having trouble finding all the Bond Moves, complete the
    game and keep watching. The game will go through all Bond moves.

    To see all of the Bond Moves in the game, get a bronze metal or
    higher in all the levels to see a FMV sequence featuring all of

    An easy way to get more points is to take few shots, get more head
    shots, do not use too much ammunition, shoot barrels with enemies
    next to them, and do special moves.

    Hint: Easy Gold and Platinum ranks
    On all levels with Gold and Platinum points higher than 90,000,
    just set the difficulty to "Agent" or "00 Agent" instead of
    "Operative". The higher the difficulty, the more Bond points. For
    example, the Poseidon level is basically the same on any
    difficulty and you get more Bond points. This trick is worthwhile
    on levels from Night Of The Jackal and higher.

    Glitch: Bad Diplomacy: Floating Bond
    After finishing the level, immediately before going out the door
    to complete the level, jump up into the air. James Bond should
    start to float.

    Glitch: Cold Reception: Unlimited Bond Moves
    At the end of the level just before the room with the repel cable,
    you have to unlock a security door with your Q-Remote. When you
    get the program in the room, go up to the security locked door.
    Use the Q-Remote to unlock it and take care of the Super Thugs.
    Then, go back to the room where you got the security door program.
    Use the Q-Remote. The Bond music will play and you will see the
    007 symbol at the top of your screen. Go back up to the security
    door and use the Q-Remote again. You will hear the Bond music and
    see the 007 symbol again. Keep repeating this to accumulate Bond

    Glitch: Cold Reception: Spinning guard
    After using your Q-Decryptor on the mainframes, escape to the
    elevator. After riding it down, walk off it and look above the
    door, but do not go in. Use your Q-Claw on the on the pad to get
    into the vent. Once you reach the end, look to your left, and claw
    to the other vent. If you fall off, you will be detected and will
    not be able to do this trick. Move along this vent to the
    intersection with two grills, but do not unlock them. If you have
    a Golden Gun, press Z to put a silencer on it. Wait until two
    guards are in good sight of each other, and then shoot one until
    he dies, or shoot his head. Because you are using stealth, the
    other guard will not know you are there, will go on alert, and
    will begin to spin around in circles.

    Glitch: Dangerous Pursuit: Crash game
    As soon as you enter the main town after the first tunnel start to
    have a little fun with the civilian cars. You can actually make
    the cars blow up or flip just by ramming into them a few times
    until you see and hear an explosion. Also try shooting their tires
    out. Start off with a busy intersection and shoot out a couple
    tires of some civilian car until they cannot move anymore. Wait
    until another car reaches the intersection and do the same to it.
    Eventually there will be a huge pile up of cars in the
    intersection. If make the cars explode, as you progress through
    the level you will find destroyed cars all over the level because
    the game recycles the car objects through the level to save
    memory. Eventually your game will freeze. Make sure not to shoot
    the cars too much or they will blow up and the mission will end.

    Glitch: Evil Summit: Elevator rail floats in mid-air
    After killing all the guards and snipers, go to the second tower
    on the left to ride the elevator. About halfway up, jump off the
    front of it and try to land on the platform below. Be careful not
    to jump over the fence surrounding the level, as you will die.
    When the elevator comes back down, the railing will be floating in
    mid-air. Repeat this to move the rail higher.

    Glitch: Forbidden Depths: Flip over Nigel's hovercraft
    When you first see Nigel, take out the shotgun. Shoot the right
    side of his hovercraft two or three times. After doing this, it
    should flip over. All you should see is the bottom of his
    hovercraft. Nigel will still lay bombs and talk to you.

    Glitch: Mediterranean Crisis: See through ground
    After you get to the part where Zoe says, "James I saw, wait, what
    the?". Go up the stairs and kill the two men shooting at you.
    Before going up the second set of stairs, take out your sniper and
    shoot the man above that is throwing grenades at you. If you shoot
    him, he should fall and you can see him through the ground.

    Glitch: Streets Of Bucharest: Undamaged tanks
    When you are in the tank at the end of the level, you will
    encounter two other tanks that are firing at you. If you aim
    quickly enough, you can destroy the train, tanks, and bridge
    before the intermission sequence featuring the tanks. After that,
    you will see the bridge falling on the tanks, but not harming
    them. Then, there is a short intermission with Bond's tank, with
    half of it chopped off.

    Glitch: Trouble in Paradise: Go to very bottom of level
    As you start out the level, use the Q-Decrypter to open the door
    and enter. An intermission sequence will indicate that there is an
    intruder. Just when it ends, press A. You should transport to the
    very bottom of the level. You can explore it and see that it is
    very messed up.

    Glitch: Multi-player mode: Float in mid-air
    To float in mid-air on the multi-player "protect the VIP"
    missions, wait until the train arrives at the station to let off
    the VIP. Then, use your Q-Claw to attach to the top of the train.
    As the train leaves you will not remain attached to it, but will
    continue to float in mid-air if continued to hold B for the Q-

    Glitch: Height
    When you get a gadget, look for a "techy" thing. The height of the
    tech is your arm level. Then, compare the height of the thing with
    how far it is from the ground. You will see that James Bond is
    very short in the game.

    Submitted by: Mary

    This is a wierd and funny glitch. Go to the "Dangerous Pursuit" level.
    After you go through the first tunnel, start shooting a car with your
    machine gun. Only pop one tire. Then the car will stop. Back up until
    the car starts moving. The car will either:

    1-Turn and crash into the wall.
    2-Turn around and start driving on the wrong side of the road.
    3-Turn and drive on the sidewalk.
    It is really funny to watch the stupid drivers do crazy stuff.

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