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Star Wars - The Clone Wars

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    Star Wars - The Clone Wars

    Code Result
    CHOSEN1 Unlimited Ammo
    FRAGFIESTA Unlock Multiplayer Levels
    ROGERROGER Use Battle Droid in Geonosis Academy
    FUZZBALL Use Wookie in Jedi Academy
    YUB YUB Unlock Bonus Objectives
    SAYCHEESE Development Team Photos
    GASMASK Campaign level select
    THRISNOTRY Unlock next level
    1WITHFORCE Invincibility
    FAKE FETT Clone trooper unlocked in Academy Geonosis level
    CORDE Padme Amidala unlocked in Academy Geonosis level
    WAT TAMBOR Super Battle Droid unlocked in Academy Geonosis level
    CINEMA All FMV sequences

    Unlock list
    Get the indicated amount of bonus points to unlock
    more items.

    5 bonus points Raxus Duel MP Map
    10 bonus points Thule Moon Control MP Map
    15 bonus points Rhen Var MP Map
    20 bonus points Jedi Academy MP Map
    25 bonus points Unit Viewer
    30 bonus points Making Of FMV
    35 bonus points CD Player
    40 bonus points Sketchbook
    45 bonus points Yoda for Multiplayer

    Ewok song
    Press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start at the
    options screen or during game play.

    Invincibility in AT-XT
    Enable the "Unlimited secondary and special weapon" code and play
    in an AT-XT. Hold Y though the mission and you will be invincible.

    Raxus Duel multi-player level
    Collect a total of 5 bonus points.

    Thule Moon Control multi-player level
    Collect a total of 10 bonus points.

    Rhen Var multi-player level
    Collect a total of 15 bonus points.

    Jedi Academy multi-player level
    Collect a total of 20 bonus points.

    Unit viewer option
    Collect a total of 25 bonus points.

    Making Of FMV sequence
    Collect a total of 30 bonus points.

    CD player option
    Collect a total of 35 bonus points.

    Sketchbook option
    Collect a total of 40 bonus points.

    Yoda unlocked in Academy: Geonosis level
    Collect a total of 45 bonus points.

    Geonosis: The Rescue Begins: Locating the three R5 droids:
    First Droid: After destroying the first of the Hailfire Droids and
    before driving under the platforms, look for a ramp up the right
    wall of the canyon. At the top are ammunition and the first R5
    Second Droid: After destroying the second Anti-Orbital Cannon, the
    R5 Droid can be found on a plateau along the far west wall, just
    where the rock ridge begins.
    Third Droid: The third R5 Droid is found along the left wall of
    the large room containing the last cannon's power supply.

    Geonosis: Duel: Get on top of the rock
    To get on top of the rock with the Disintegration Field and
    Cloaking Device, go to the place where there are pointy spikes
    everywhere. Turn left onto the upper levels (turn left if facing
    the rock, right if not) then search around that little area
    (without leaving the pillars' area). You will see a ramp. Go up it
    then keep going until you see a hole. Boost over the hole and hold
    L slightly. You should be on the other side. Keep going to get to
    an invincibility item. You will see a ramp in front of the
    invincibility item, Boost long enough over it and you should end
    up on the rock.

    New Alliances: Locating the three R5 droids
    The three R5 droids for the "New Alliances" mission on the
    Kashyyyk moon are located as follows.

    First Droid: The first droid is located at the Separatist outpost
    you attack in order to get the AAT. The Droid is located behind
    the building where the AAT is stored. Note: If you are killed you
    must still find this Droid; otherwise you will not get the bonus
    Second Droid: Once you first enter the Separatist compound with
    the AAT, go through the entrance and keep going to the other
    fence. You should be behind a building. On the left side of your
    current location is the second R5.
    Third Droid: The third R5 is found when you are on foot. After you
    have defeated the group of three small Spider Droids, run past the
    corner of the fence, then turn left. Follow that short fence line.
    Once past the fence, go to the green canister on your left side.
    Once you get to the green canister, go around to the back of it.
    You will find the last R5 there.

    Raxus Prime Duel: Get through forcefield
    You will see a blue forcefield. Keep shooting it until it blows up
    to reach a hidden area.

    Raxus Prime Duel: SuperBlasters and health
    You may have noticed SuperBlasters and Health behind a wall in the
    level. To get there, go through the buildings. At the end (on the
    other side of the forcefield) turn right. You will see a wall.
    Shoot it until it explodes.

    Multi-player mode: Super Blasters in Thule Moon Academy
    If you use your boost, you can climb the rock off to the right and
    get Super Blasters for twenty seconds.

    Multi-player mode: Play as same character
    Have both player select any two characters. Reset during game
    play. Both players can now highlight the same character at the
    selection screen. Wait for the countdown to end to play as the
    same character.