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Movie FX Magazine Issue#5

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    23 de setembro de 2013 09:59:08 ART

    Movie FX Magazine Issue#5

    Submitted by: DJ Simo
    Pop in the issue 5 of Movie FX magazine (it's a DVD movie
    Magazine) , once at the main menu, scroll down to "Saturday
    Night Live" and press "left" – that'll highlight Minority
    Report on the top right corner. Press "enter" for a small
    making of segment with Spielberg and Cruise and some behind
    the scenes of the movie.

    Behind-the-scenes of Spider-Man:
    While in the main menu, scroll down to "Hunter/Gratzner
    Industries" and press "left" – that'll highlight Spider-man
    on the bottom left corner. Press "enter" for a small behind
    the scenes with Sam Raimi and some of the cast.

    Behind-the-scenes of Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones:
    Finally, while in the main menu, scroll down to "THX" and press
    "left" – that'll highlight Attack of the Clones. Press "enter"
    for another making-of clip of that movie.

    This isn't really an Easter Egg, but in the trailers
    section, highlight "Attack of the Clones" and press "enter"
    you will see the trailer for Attack of the Clones, but if
    you keep watching it'll show you two more trailers of
    Episode II.