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Manufacturers Supply The Best Price Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

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    14 de dezembro de 2017 00:16:43 ART

    1, A variety of models for the liquid-ring series available for your choice: 2FV2, 2FV5, 2FV6, 2FE1, 2FE3, suction capacity ranging from 30m3 / h to 38000m3 / h to meet various process requirements.
    2, Impeller designed with sharper blades to avoid inner side scaling of the centrifugal pumps casing.
    3, Impeller optimized in structure and number of blades to improve its discharge rate.
    4, Thinner water ring achieved by narrowing the internal diameter of centrifugal pumps manufacturer casing, to enhance pumping efficiency and thus to reduce the energy consumption.
    5, Volume of the air chamber is increased by the adjustment of impeller eccentricity, thereby the discharge/displacement performance is improved.
    6, Curvature of the impeller blades has been modified according to the hydraulic model to improve the operational efficiency of the centrifugal pumps supplier.
    Compared with the same pumps from other manufactures, FUTEN liquid-ring vacuum pumps obtain an increased suction capacity by 3% to 5% and reduce the power consumption by 2% to 3%, that is, FUTEN liquid-ring centrifugal pump provide you with an energy saving of 5% to 8%.
    2FV6 series liquid ring vacuum pump are widely used in machinery, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and sugar industries. Because in the process of work, the compression process is isothermal gas, so the compression and pumping explosive gases, less dangerous to more widely.