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ZMD Fluoropolymer Lined Self-priming Magnetic Driven Pump

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    9 de janeiro de 2018 00:12:14 ART

    Overview :
    ZMD Fluoropolymer lined Self-priming Sealless Pump, Generally speaking as "nitric acid  centrifugal pumps suppliers" "no leak acid unloading pump" "acid pump". The pump is the perfect combination of self-priming pump and the magnetic drive pump. it is adopted magnetic coupling drive, without dynamic seal point. It can not only completely stop running, take, drop, leakage phenomenon, but also has the function of self suction well. The overflow components are made of corrosion resistance. Widely used for conveying medicine, food,  Alkali, printing and dyeing, coatingother industries and flammable and explosive, volatile, toxic and expensive liquid, organic solvent.
    Applicable temperature: -20 ℃-150 ℃
    Design features:
    1. ZMD Fluoropolymer lined Self-priming Sealless  centrifugal pump manufacturer,  is a new type of fluorine plastic according to the requirements of customers special design corrosion  centrifugal pump supplier. Its outstanding advantage is a self-priming function. It take external circulating type self suction structure, strong self-priming capacity, short time. In addition to the first start will be required before the liquid  centrifugal pump manufacturers filled with frequent starting, later can be self absorption to work through.
    2.  The pump has the advantages of simple structure, reliable performance, the Sealless type, self adjustable machinery seal , installation and operation is more convenient than the self priming  centrifugal pump suppliers. Height of self-suction can be based on user needs in the 1 to 4 meters selection.