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FIFA 19 News: What You Should Know About FIFA 19

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    19 de novembro de 2018 00:52:39 ART

    FIFA 19 is the 26th title in the EA Sports FIFA series. It is released on September 28th. The game is available for PC and consoles including last generation Play Station 3 and Xbox 360. It seems that the previous game, FIFA 18, was successful on Nintendo Switch as this year's installment is coming out on this platform as well. The game features Cristiano Ronaldo on the cover of the basic game version. The two special editions, Champions and Ultimate, feature both Ronaldo and Neymar as cover athletes.

    Those who were asking for UEFA Champions League will be glad to know that the new game will feature this league. Players will discover that all game modes, including the new one, now feature the UEFA tournament. UEFA Europe Leagues and UEFA Super Cup are also part of the new game. There are some changes regarding how players control the footballers. The whole player control system was under revision. It's now called active touch system and it is better than the old one. Features like timed finishing and dynamic tactics give users the chance to have a better control and more decisions. Timed finishing allows players to hit the kick button one more time for a more time accurate ball kick recording. Dynamic tactics enable players to come up with more tactics and change them in real time during a game.

    The story mode The Journey receives a continuation and more. This time, we get to follow and get involved in the career of three aspiring football stars: Alex Hunter, Kim Hunter, and Danny Williams. As one can expect, Ultimate Team is another mode which is making a comeback. A new online mode called division rivals is added. Unfortunately, some of the new features are available only on current generation consoles. Nintendo Switch players will notice that the game will run better than FIFA 18 as the engine for this platform was updated. FIFA 19 is included in the EA Origin Access Premier program. Players could login the game before the release date, get Fifa 19 Coins and players to enjoy the game one week than others. 

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    9 de janeiro de 2019 07:46:46 ART

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    23 de fevereiro de 2019 01:31:39 ART

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