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    Tax Accountant and CPA contact- How accessible should my CPA be? Business Articles | June 16, 2015

    We need to be extremely accessible.?Accounting relationships are no different than any of the other re...

    We need to be extremely accessible.
    Accounting relationships are no different than any of the other relationship that you have either professionally or personally. Open lines of honest and clear communication are absolutely necessary. The old joke says that you can lie to your Doctor, your Lawyer, your Wife, but not your Accountant. You can tell your Doctor that you feel great and drop dead the next day. You can tell your Lawyer that you didn’t kill your ex partner, but of course you did. You can tell your wife that you didn’t commit adultery. Of course you did.
    But if you walk into your Accountant and lie to him or her saying that you have $1 Air Max 97 Sale Online ,000,000, what are they going to say? How about, “No you don’t. I would have seen it.”
    Communication can certainly be a challenge during tax season. When I’m doing accounting and tax work for eight or nine hours, it is difficult to mentally be able to talk to anyone other than my staff that already speaks fluent “Accounting Speak.” But it is important Air Max 97 Shoes Sale , and we all must find the time.
    The biggest problem that most CPA’s and Enrolled Agents have is that they are not terribly communicative individuals in the first place. But its all part of the job. Doing good and auditable accounting and tax work is only part of the job. Being able to explain what you have done in layman’s terms is also important.
    Having a good relationship with your accountant is incredibly important. As a business owner you need someone to talk to. When things aren’t going well, who can you talk to? If you talk to your lawyer, an hour later he will send you a bill and ask if you would like him to sue someone. If you talk to your Insurance Agent, later he will probably ask if you would like to buy some cash value life insurance. Talking to your spouse can be worse than anything. Think about it. You have a bad day at work. You go home and unload to your spouse. Now your going to have a bad night to. You certainly can’ t talk to your employees. The second they think there is a problem, they’re going to start interviewing.
    I’m close to my clients. And that is exactly how it should be. If you have difficulties in this regard Air Max 97 Sale , don’t suffer further. We’d love to speak to you.
    Further information can be found at


    Marketing a Business Before You Even Own It Marketing Articles | October 10, 2009

    Can you sell something even before you have the product? Can you market a restaurant, a liquor store, a convenience store or any kind of a traditional business even before it is up and running? The answer is yes. Moreover, it has become a necessity if you are working with a tight budget. An unconventional approach to marketing a small business is discussed.

    Owning a website is an unattractive proposition for many small businesses Air VaporMax 97 Japan Black Neon Green Sale , and for good reasons. How is it going to help them if they are not doing e-commerce? Isn't it likely that this new website would also be lost in the zillions of sites out there? Well, these are valid concerns. Despite these issues, what if there is a way to generate customers from a bare bones simple and cheap website, even before you have made the big investment of buying the business? In a Web 2.0 world, things work slightly differently. Here when a passenger makes a complaint video and posts it on YouTube Air VaporMax 97 Silver Bullet Sale , the airline industry is forced to make a public apology. Before they talk to the family, the information is broadcast to the world. If you have a popular website, that would be the best avenues for advertising. But that is part of the problem. How can you have a popular website out of a simple cheap website? The popular misconception is that for a website to be popular, it should be unique and splendid.

    A couple of steps are detailed for those who are in the stage of contemplating to start or own a business.

    Step 1: Regardless of your business type, get a domain name for your business.

    Step 2: Even if you do not intend to make a full fledged site Men's Air VaporMax Plus Triple Black Sale , make a basic website with a home page, "about us" page, "contact information" page, etc. Nowadays, you can make a basic website for less than $100. Hosting costs start from as low as $10 a month.

    Step 3: Try to get maximum publicity for the website. You can promote the site using free directory listings Men's Air Max 97 CR7 University Red Sale , free article sites, social networking sites, press releases,? or other venues. Additionally, you may consider hiring an SEO firm. Try to get some form of guarantee that the SEO firm would improve your page rank ratings. Insist on getting results quantified. Alexa and Google's free toolbar with site rank are places that let you gauge the progress of the site.

    Once the site has earned a decent Google rank like 2 or above Balenciaga x Air Max 97 Triple Black Sale , or an Alexa rank of less than 100,000, unknowingly you have made huge strides in marketing a business that you don't own yet.

    You could buy the business after this point when the site has gained a decent rank as discussed in Step 3. Say for example, you are going to own a restaurant. Now you have a website which you can use to advertise promotions, and very likely your promotions will be seen and read. You can use the free Google Analytic tools to get a wide range of information on the nature and type of people coming to the site. And the good news is that you don't have to be a computer wiz to do all this.
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