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How to Write a Poetry?

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    25 de fevereiro de 2021 08:58:24 ART

     The best poetry says the things people are afraid to say, and explores emotions most of us want to pretend aren’t there. Your best Love poetry will come when you tackle topics, experiences, styles, and themes that scare you. That’s true of every kind of writing, but especially true of poetry.

    Unfortunately, just the thought of sitting down and writing a poem can be extremely intimidating, which is why so few of us actually try it.

    We let those little everyday moments of inspiration float away, never giving them a chance to become words that live forever.

    But once you learn a few poetry basics, you’ll find that with practice anyone can be a poet.

    It probably won’t be easy at first, and you might not even like much of what you write—but even at the very worst, you’ll have an excellent base from which to build your skills.

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    2 de março de 2021 14:23:56 ART

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    2 de março de 2021 14:31:36 ART

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    16 de março de 2021 05:37:56 ART

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    26 de abril de 2021 05:06:26 ART

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    27 de abril de 2021 04:27:37 ART

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    11 de maio de 2021 04:40:56 ART

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    12 de março de 2022 08:47:34 ART

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