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Key differences between C and C++

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    10 de agosto de 2023 18:31:44 ART

    Hi everyone,

    I'm currently learning C++ and I'm curious to know what the key differences are between C and C++. I've done some research online, but I'm still not sure I understand the differences completely.

    Can anyone give me a brief overview of the key differences between C and C++ or any resource?


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    10 de agosto de 2023 18:58:50 ART

    Both the general-purpose programming languages C and C++ are employed in the development of a wide range of software applications. The two languages do have some significant distinctions, though.

    Here is a quick summary of how C and C++ vary from one another:

    Object-oriented programming: C++ is an object-oriented language, whereas C is not. This indicates that C++ enables the creation of classes and objects, which can increase the modularity and reusability of your code. Since C lacks this capabilities, it must rely on functions and macros to provide equivalent effects.

    Memory management:: C++ employs automatic memory administration, whereas C employs manual memory administration. This means that whereas C requires you to manually allocate and deallocate memory, C++ does so for you automatically. This provides programmers more control over memory utilisation, but it can also be a source of mistakes in C programmes.

    Standard library: Compared to C, C++ has a bigger standard library. This indicates that you can use more built-in functions and data structures in C++ programmes. Although the standard library for C is more constrained, it is also more portable.

    Complexity: C++ is more difficult than C. C++ has more features and capabilities, but it can also be more challenging to learn and use. Even though C is a simpler language, when used properly, it has equal strength. 

    Here is a resource that you may find helpful: Major difference between C and C++
    I hope this is useful.