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The first part of the roof over the grandstands has been...

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    3 de setembro de 2013 10:53:05 ART

    The first part of the roof over the grandstands has been put up at the Pantanal Arena in Cuiabá

    02/09/2013 12:43
    Over 80% of construction works had been finished at the end of June 2013. Delivery date has been set for December this year

    The first part of the metal structure that makes up the roof of the grandstands in the north sector of the Pantanal Arena was assembled this Wednesday (28.08). After being pre-assembled on the ground, the approximately 83 ton structure was lifted by a crane, located in the outside of the stadium.

    The structure weighs 250 tons. The 98 metre long and 54 metre wide piece will be lifted in five stages. In all, it will cover an area of 5,300 m².

    The roof chosen for the stadium is durable and resistant to tears, drilling, UV rays and exposure to different weather conditions, in addition to having an unlimited useful life. The system adapts itself to several architecture geometrical shapes and meets sustainability related requirements, as the ones necessary for meeting the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certificate.

    According to figures published in June, over 80% of the construction works at the Pantanal Arena has been finished. The stadium will have capacity for approximately 44 thousand people.  The stadium will be the stage of four 2014 World Cup group stage matches. Delivery date has been set for December 2013.



    Photo: Edson Rodrigues/Secopa-MT
    Photo: Edson Rodrigues/Secopa-MT#



    Source: Secopa-MT