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Creating Your Own Network

  • 20 de setembro de 2016

    The best and guaranteed way to survive in the college environment is creating an established network of the people, who could become of great support at times. With the college life bringing unprecedented circumstances such as financial woes, you need a student who can connect you to a reputable company for a part-time job. Although many eateries and pubs may have opportunities for amateur learners, you have the skills to access established platforms in the nearest. Therefore, your choice for the college setting must be in line with your desires for money or potential sources of jobs. 

    Extend your network to ; because it has proven over time to be an efficient source of academic assistance. You may think that the professors are the only reliable sources of knowledge but having other equally professional people in the course of learning prevents misfortunes. You have the authority needed to decide the individuals who should influence your performance in college. Do not forget to include counselors in the network because you need guidance to survive the predisposition to social pressure, drug abuse and the persistent calls to abandon your cultural identity. Remember, you have to establish yourself by maintaining a particular profile all the time.