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Grants for research from National Geographic

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    6 de janeiro de 2017

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    National Geographic is a guide to the world of geography, nature, history, culture and science. National Geographic has announced the opening of the grant program "Young Researchers". The main aims of this program are to support professionals who want to implement their own project or conduct a field study in one of the 18 Asian countries. Winners of the grant may be part of a team of existing programs of National Geographic: the Committee for Research and Exploration; the Expeditions Council, the Conservation Trust.

    The program is open to archaeologists, anthropologists, astronomers, ecologists, geologists, biologists, photographers and all concerned conservation of the environment, wildlife and architecture. The grant amount is from 2 000 to 5 000 $. Participation in the grant is entitled to researchers aged from 18 to 25 years with experience and research. They don’t need any help of professional resume writer. This program is a good chance to improve knowledge in researching field and get more new knowledge, skills and experience. Besides, participants have such great opportunities to realize their own researches, projects and present the results of their work to the all scientific community. Every young researcher should try to win this grant.