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What can we do with recycled plastic?

  • In India, a total of 571,900 tons of household plastic packaging were recycled in 2018, which is 9.6% more than in the previous year,  an organization of the plastic sector to promote the recycling of this material . What is recycled plastic used for? ¿Why is it so important?


     Main applications of recycled plastic


     Recycled plastic is used in many industries to make new products. One of the main applications is  plastic wood . Its main use is the creation of urban furniture (benches, elements for playgrounds, traffic signs, bollards, fences,), due to the advantages it presents over other materials. For example, it is much more resistant to the action of external agents (water, solar radiation, temperature,), than normal wood.


     Another material made from recycled plastics is textile fiber. PET (the most used plastic in the world) is one of the materials that are most recycled to obtain these fibers, which are then transformed into clothing, bags and accessories, rugs, ropes, etc.


     Agriculture, civil engineering and the automotive sector are also large consumers of recycled plastic . In the case of agriculture, different 'films' are obtained for crops, nets to provide shade in greenhouses, twine, flowerpots or seedbeds, among other products. In the civil engineering sector, recycled plastic is used mainly in insulation and waterproofing products, such as thermal and acoustic insulation sheets and panels, waterproofing sheets for roofs, roofs, floors, foundations or profiles for windows and enclosures. It is also very frequently used in sewage pipes and cable conduits.


     For its part, the automotive industry has found many virtues in recycled plastic. Mainly its lightness and durability, in addition to improving the aerodynamics, efficiency and sound insulation of the car. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is increasingly present in these products. For example, Ford claims that each of its cars incorporates an average of 250 recycled bottles. Where? Recycled plastic is often used in bumpers, under-hood sound insulation sheets, interior door panels, floor and trunk liners.


     Recycled plastic, health benefits


     Are there more things we can do with recycled plastic? Yes, we have already said that it has multiple applications . For example, bottles of water. They can be recycled to obtain more bottles, although this time they are no longer used to house products for human consumption. But yes as a container for cleaning products for example. And speaking of packaging, CD / DVD cases (the back which is usually dark in color), grocery and garbage bags, bottles, cans and street containers are increasingly being made with recycled plastic.


     Therefore it is important to separate well. Recycling Plastic Waste carries a number of very significant environmental, health and economic benefits. Plastic is a material that takes a long time to degrade. That, together with an exponential increase in its use and consumption, has made it a serious problem for the environment. And it is a waste with great value. The possibilities offered by recycling plastic to convert it into new products means saving natural resources and also energy costs in the production of products.