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This Candle Packaging Guide Will Change Your Mind

  • Did you know? 

    About 20 million tons of fine papers are used for printing and writing annually. Five and a half million tons are used for packaging. Now that’s a really big number. 

    You might have never even realized that this amount of packaging was being produced every year. But these are the facts and figures we are talking about, and they surely cannot lie.


    Each product that you see requires packaging. Some manufacturers do not use it as some products are good enough without the packaging, but most of the products in the market require the packaging.

    The packaging protects the goods from harm and damage. It saves the product from environmental factors. 

    The candles are a very delicate thing, and they need protection. They are made out of wax, and so they are fragile. Just a little bit of pressure or considering the environment than just a little extra heat and become useless.

    The packaging not only just protects them but also helps in many other ways that we will be talking about.

    Custom candle packaging boxes

    Candle packaging boxes are the main object today that helps to boost your candle making business. These boxes ensure that your candles, where ever they go, will reach in the original shape that they were manufactured in.

    If you are a manufacturer, then it’s to be noted that you are making candles of various shapes and sizes. This is where the custom candle boxes come to help you. We at Dodo packaging UK produce candle packaging wholesale boxes of all shapes and sizes. Our boxes will help you save the extra money you spend on boxes that are not made to your product.

    How can you be different?

    At Dodo packaging UK, they duly understand your concerns and worries. Sometimes it becomes really hard to survive in the market. But don’t worry because you will get out of your tensions.

    The market out there is filled with a number of candle making brands, and they are always in the race of getting at the top. Now, there are several ones who do not have packaging for their product, so they don’t stand a chance to compete with you. The others who have the packaging; half of them do not care about what their boxes look like. They just take the ordinary ready-made boxes and get themselves going.

    They just do not understand that the customers don’t like these packaging anymore. Everybody wants a piece of cake for their eyes to see. Therefore, then comes the leading brands, and the only reason for their success is well-crafted candle boxes, and with the custom size and shape, the printing is a major part of it.

    Printed candle boxes

    The printed candle boxes are what truly sets you apart from the others. See, the packaging might be the same as other others. The types are similar, and you cannot stop someone from choosing a style that you have for your boxes, but your logo, brand name, and the printing of colours is something that is personal.

    Your customers get to identify you by these things. If someone tries to copy it by chance, you can file a copy write case against them. So, printing is of immense importance.

    They are providing various sorts of candle packaging boxes wholesale to cater to your needs. You just have to get in touch with us, and we will take care of the rest. We have the world’s best box manufacturing and printing technology. 

    The whole process of making your boxes involve three stages:

    • Die-cutting

    The process of die-cutting involves creating shapes using cutting, and stamping dies.

    • Printing

    Several printing methods are available; they include letterpress, offset lithography, gravure, flexography, and silkscreen. Each method is suitable for particular types of jobs.

    • Finishing

    Finishing operations include glueing (using adhesives), windowing (die-cutting), coating, and laminating.

    Types of boxes that you can choose for candle packaging

    • Folding Cartons
    • Rigid Boxes
    • Shoulder Boxes
    • Collapsible Boxes
    • Corrugated Cardboard Boxes
    • Regular Slotted Containers
    • Corrugated Trays
    • Half Slotted Containers
    • Roll End Tuck Top
    • Full Over Lap
    • Telescope Type Boxes
    • Slide Type Boxes
    • Mailer Boxes