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Description of an essay

  • An essay is short composition that discusses a certain subject analytically or speculatively. There are many types of essays e.g. the comparison, definition, and expository essays.

    How to write essays
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    The first step in essay writing is to choose a topic that you are comfortable with. Remember your attitude determines the outcome of your essays.


    Carry out a research on the topic of your .Remember to use relevant information and credible sources for your research.


    It composes of all the points but emphasizes on the major points. It explains to the reader what to expect in your essay.


    An outline is a rough draft of the whole essay.


    The introduction describes the background of your topic. Make it as interesting as possible to catch the attention of the reader.

    The body is a discussion of your main findings in your research. Remember to support your arguments with facts and state the sources of your findings. Convince the reader about your arguments.


    It carries the summary if call your main points. Conclude your essay with a food for thought or call to action if there is any.

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    Challenges faced by students in essay writing
    Plagiarism and time management are the major challenges that students face in essay writing, Research in many circumstances is very expensive to carry out .don't act the hero and fail in your essay at the end, contact the most professional custom essay writing service.



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