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How to choose the right facial products!

  • Facial equipment has become an indispensable item for women's beauty. There are a variety of shapes and ways to use them, from those that train facial muscles and care for elasticity to those that moisturize and have a small face effect, new items are appearing every day.

    What is a facial device?

    facial device is an item that allows you to perform face care like an esthetician at home, such as moisturizing, lifting, and cleansing.

    There are various types available for different purposes, from daily care to special care.

    Since these products are mainly aimed at women, many of them are characterized by their design as well as their functions.
    There are also many products that can be used not only on the face but also on the whole body, although they are called "facial equipment.

    How to choose a facial beauty device

    There are many different types of facial equipment, each with different functions.
    First of all, it is effective to think about what kind of effect you want to get from each function before making a choice.

    You can choose one based on how long you want to use it, how easy it is to use, how much it costs, and how effective it is.
    The best facial device will also depend on your skin type, so be sure to examine it carefully.

    How to find the right facial device for you by function

    There are many types of facial equipment available, but the most effective way to get the best results is to use the one that best suits your needs.

    Let's take a look at some of the different types of facial equipment available, and find the one that best suits your needs.

    Massager type

    The facial massager type is a facial care device that rolls a roller over your face, and is the most popular and easiest facial care device.

    The roller type is the most popular and easiest type of facial care device. Roller facial care devices with Germanium became a big boom at one time, and appeared in many women's magazine supplements.

    By rolling the roller made of ore and magnets over the face, it promotes blood circulation, flushes out wastes, and improves lymph flow. It also relaxes the facial muscles and reduces wrinkles and sagging.

    The main feature of this product is that it has no restrictions on use, is easy to use, and can be used on the body.


    A facial steamer is a device that emits a mist to replenish moisture in the skin.

    It is a familiar item in esthetic salons, and is expected to promote blood circulation and help with fine lines and sagging skin.

    Beauty steamers are characterized by the fact that they produce finer steam than ordinary steam made by boiling water, which allows the mist to penetrate deep into the skin.
    The warm steam feature also helps to open up the pores and remove dirt.

    This facial device is especially recommended for the dry season.


    An ion-introduction facial device uses the power of electricity to make it easier for the active ingredients in skin toners and serums to penetrate the skin.
    They are compact in size and can be used daily.

    Some of them promote the penetration of beauty ingredients more effectively by applying a weak electric current to your skin.

    Ion conductive

    The "ion-conducted" type of facial device cleanses the skin.
    This type of facial device is also known as an ion cleanser, and it uses positive ions to cleanly remove wastes that have been converted into negative ions.

    It also removes dirt that cannot be removed by normal facial cleansing.


    Ultrasonic facial massagers use invisible sound vibrations to massage the skin. The sound vibration of 1 million times per second massages the skin cells and helps to improve the skin's metabolism.

    Depending on the frequency of the ultrasonic waves, some have cleansing and lifting effects in addition to the massage function.

    Radio waves (high frequency)

    Radiofrequency facial equipment generates high-frequency electromagnetic waves and applies heat to improve blood circulation.

    This type of device is often introduced in esthetic salons as a slimming or facial esthetic treatment.