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How to Export Emails from EML to PST file for Outlook?

  • EML is a file format that saves a single email in plain text format and is accessible in several email clients. Many businesspersons prefer the EML file format due to its privacy in data sharing. However, many people want to convert EML to PST format to save EML files systematically and in a single place.  

    Unfortunately, there is no reliable way available to export multiple EML files into PST format. Luckily, a few third-party tools are available in the market that can convert EML to PST format. One that I suggest and use is the EML converter by Shoviv.

    Shoviv EML converter is a professionally coded tool for EML files export and conversion. The tool’s user-oriented GUI and features work like a charm and hold the software in high regard. Some of its features are as follows:

    Characteristics of Shoviv EML Converter

    1. First thing first, the Shoviv EML converter allows adding and converting multiple EML files in a single process. Also, you can convert EML files of any size.
    2. You can preview all the EML files in the software interface and get assured about your data. The preview also comes in handy to decide whether you need to convert the specific email or not. 
    3. There is a filter option available in the tool that you can utilize to exclude unwanted EML files on the Subject, From, and To criteria. 
    4. The software allows you to convert EML to PST, Live Exchange, and Office 365 mailboxes. The software also offers password protection and PST split features for the EML to PST conversion. 
    5. Shoviv EML converter supports all Exchange and Outlook versions. Also, you can utilize the software in any Windows Operating System. For evaluation, install and use its free version.

    Below I've explained its process, so you can evaluate the software before purchasing. 

    How does the Shoviv EML converter work?

    • Install and launch the Shoviv EML converter in your system. 
    • Then click on the Add button from the ribbon bar. 
    • Now choose between, Add and search EML folder or EML Files Folder Name and add EML files for conversion. 
    • Following, all your EML files will list up in the folder list section. You need to click on the Outlook PST option from the ribbon bar to proceed further. 
    • Next, check/uncheck the subfolders and browse the location to save PST files. 
    • Filter option and split PST option are also available in the same wizard, use them as per need. 
    • At last, click on the export button, and the software will start to convert EML to PST format.

    That’s it! You can see how simple and unrestricted the process is. You must install and use the free software version to get assured about the software before purchasing.  


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