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    Nowadays rising desks have become a hot trend. Stand up desk is a desk which can adjust the height for home and office use. As people take more care of their health and comfort, this desk is born for the release of prolonged sitting (aka “Sitting Disease”).

    Research has linked prolonged sitting (also known as "sedentary disease") to a higher risk of a range of problems, including hemorrhoids, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and premature death. But that doesn't mean you should stand all day. Standing for extended periods of time within a day can lead to degenerative joint damage, muscle damage, and circulatory disorders such as venous disease, increased risk of stroke, and carotid atherosclerosis. So the key is to track down a decent harmony among sitting and standing. In this context, standing desk are standing out. If you want to learn more about this trend, we have prepared the following answers to help you understand more. 

    1. Are adjustable desks worth it?

    A height-adjustable desk is really great for psychological well-being..
    In a seven-week study, clients who utilized level flexible desks were said to encounter less pressure and weakness than individuals who worked while sitting consistently. Also, 87% of those requested to utilize a standing desks said they felt more energetic.


    2. Any advantages using standing desks?

    While standing instead of sitting might not lead to weight loss, it's still shown to help moderate blood sugar faster following a meal and reduce the potential for back or shoulder pain (although you might be trading that for leg or foot pain).


    3. Any scientific data can prove An adjustable desk is nice choice?

    Researchers publishing in a journal tried to answer. They fitted 74 healthy people with masks that measured oxygen consumption as a reflection of how many calories they burned while doing computer work, watching TV, standing, or walking on a treadmill. Here’s what they found:

    While sitting, study subjects burned 80 calories/hour — about the same as typing or watching TV
    While standing, the number of calories burned was only slightly higher than while sitting — about 88 calories/hour
    Walking burned 210 calories/hour.

    In other words, use of a standing desk for three hours consumes additional 24 calories, about similar number of calories in a carrot. In this case, taking walks for only a half hour during your mid-day break could consume an additional a 100 calories every day.

    adjustable desk

    4. Electric or manual?

    Electric standing desks cost more than manual ones, so your spending plan will totally become an integral factor here, however there's something else to consider. Manual desks, which have pneumatic pedals, hand wrenches or other manual controls, are lighter and calmer (on the grounds that there's no weighty, commotion making engine mounted under your desk). Manual desks additionally don't expect closeness to an outlet to work. Electric ones consider simple raising and bringing down with the press of a button; some even have computerized level readouts so you can constantly return your desk to precisely the same sitting or standing level settings.


    5. How much space do you have?

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    6. Any cool advice for being energetic in a day?

    1. Take breaks

    Take small breaks to stand, stretch and walk around to get your blood pumping and circulating. Set your computer alarm to remind yourself to stop working and stretch. Or do some standing, stretch poses If your workspace allows, get your blood flowing with squats, lunges, wall push-ups, or planks.

    2. Try a electric standing desk

    If you can, invest in a standing desk or find tasks where you can stand, such as making phone calls or reading hard copy reports. Put your filing cabinet on the other side of the room and give yourself the opportunity to walk more. If you do have a standing desk, alternate between sitting and standing every hour. Move more to get enough power.


    3. Use a therapy ball chair

    As opposed to an office seat, have a go at sitting in a treatment ball seat all things considered. The ball drives you to utilize your postural muscles to remain upstanding and adjusted and you can move your weight without any problem. As a little something extra, you will generally remain more ready while sitting on a treatment ball.


    7. How about the height choice of the desk?

    All adjustable-height desks have a low and a high range for sitting and standing, but the height adjustment ranges aren't universal across different styles and brands. If you're on the shorter or taller end, certain models might not be comfortable for you, so check the specs beforehand to determine if you'll be comfortable using the desk, both sitting and standing.


    8. How to choose a good standing computer desk?

    1. Very Stable

    The standing up desk should be with strong frames and can hold your files and notebooks firmly. The idea of your desk wiggling every time you type on your keyboard is unpleasant, and the feeling of your standing desk wobbling is sure to stress you out. This is the base for judgments.

    2. Wide Adjustable Height Range

    The best standing desks accommodate a wide range of minimum and maximum heights, so they’re a better fit for a wider variety of people. This is especially important if multiple people will be using the desk. Your whole family can use it! Good standing desks also give you precise control over the height, rather than locking into one or two preset positions.

    3. Surface and Weight Capacity

    If your setup is lightweight and you don’t have much gear, small standing desk is a good choice for you. However, if you have a multi-monitor setup and store lots of equipment on your desk—like a phone, notes, toys, mugs, lamps, and so on—ensure the standing desk you choose is strong enough and big enough to support everything properly, including your favorite desktop supplies.

    4. A Good Warranty

    Like anything you use consistently, a decent standing desk merits putting resources into. What's more, when you put resources into something, you need to make sure you're getting a fair shake and have response in the occasion the item is flawed or gets harmed. Standing desks, particularly the electric ones, ought to accompany a strong guarantee — something like 5 years, in the event that not 7 to 10 years. You can likewise check the conveyance time or client assistance area to get more data.

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