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How much time do you spend in online games?

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    21 de julho de 2021 09:02:48 ART

    Bingoal Well, lets just go ahead and figure out what's your favorite online games for Juniors today. Let's say my favorite online game right now is called Campcamp. This is an online games junkyard where people place their camping gear on the ground and start firepits with other campers. You have to rescue your friends and there are many levels in this game.

    Lets go ahead and talk about this game for a second shall we? Campcamp was originally developed for the PC and has been ported to almost every major computer operating system. This means if you have a Mac or a PC, chances are you can play Campcamp. The basic game play is similar to any other puzzle game. However, the main difference is that the puzzles are not always easy to solve and this is what makes the game so fun and relaxing. 

    Lets talk about another one of the top games on the internet for juniors, Mafia Wars. There are several versions of this online game however the most popular and well loved is the "Mafia Wars: Ultimate Edition" game. There are many different versions of the game however the most popular and well loved is the "M Mafia Wars Ultimate Collector's Edition". I'm going to tell you why Mafia Wars is so much fun. 

    The basic concept of Mafia Wars is that you're trying to build an empire by growing it and adding members to it. As you gain more money you can buy new buildings and upgrade them. When you get members, you send them out to do jobs and fight off other gangs for your profits. You have to keep sending out workers because they're the key to growing your empire and making it grow.

    Lets look at the new feature added just before I got to talk about my favorite online game; Mafia Wars Ultimate Collector's Edition. When you first start the game you get a special gift that has nothing to do with the Mafia. But as you play more you'll notice that you need gifts from more places and they won't appear on your gift tree like they used to. 

    These special gifts are called achievers. You earn points instead of earning cash as in the traditional method. The points you earn are used to purchase Mafia Uniforms, weapons, vehicles and other things that improve your performance in the game. You get special achievers for being on top of your friends in a certain location or for being the top prize winner in a competition. Some people really play world wide Mafia games for these achievers and spend real life money on them. Is it bad to spend money on these things when you really could just buy them for free with the credit card in your Miva account?

    I think not. I enjoy the occasional shopping spree too. Maybe I'm just not good at managing my credit card spending. It would seem to me that Mafia games are a lot more fun when you play world wide web games. Like a lot of people, I also like to see what's going on in the world, especially if there is a new game or update on the way. And the Mafia Mofo game has a lot to offer, from new stories to the tried and true formula for playing the game.