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    19 de janeiro de 2022 05:33:09 ART

    The internet is the perfect playground for slots seekers and gamblers, with hundreds of top-notch online casinos to choose from. Some are better than others, and in most cases that will be based on your own playing preferences. That said, there are certain factors common with all top casinos. The first is that they hold a licence from a regulated authority. This is actually a legal requirement for them to accept casino players. This means they are compliant with strict rules relating to responsible gambling, player fund segregation, know your customer and more. You should also consider the company and individuals behind the online casino; we provide this information in all of our online casino reviews. Next up is game selection; the best online casinos for playing free craps will offer a huge range of games from all the major suppliers — they may even have games exclusive to them. It is also worth looking at the payment options available and whether the casino offers your preferred method of depositing and withdrawing. Keep an eye out for minimum and maximum deposits, as well as limits on the amount you can withdraw and when. Casinos that levy fees on payments should be avoided. The best casino sites will reward players for their loyalty with innovative and exciting programmes and schemes that add even more fun to your play. And of course, take in to account bonuses and promotions and any terms and conditions they may come with. Remember, it is ok to play at a casino without selecting the bonus. While other subject areas are beyond the remit of this website, what I do want to discuss is the legality of online gambling for the Indian people. For those unaware, there is an unwarranted misconception that those from the India that choose to gamble online are doing so illegally. With that being said, I invite you to read the below material on gambling laws in the India — which will, hopefully — clear the mist! Prior to , the US online gambling market was without a shadow of a doubt the largest globally. This multi-billion dollar industry covered everything from online casinos, slot sites, poker rooms, and bingo halls. As such, US players could gamble in the comfort of their own home — with no need to visit their nearest land-based casino or poker hall. That was, until, a piece of oppressive legislation was introduced in  Upon going through the legislation with a fine tooth comb on more than one occasion, I can tell you that the enactment is water-tight. The reason for this is that although UIGEA does not technically prohibit online gambling companies from operating in the US, it does so in all but name. This is because the legislation bans the processing of transactions that are linked, or loosely associated, with US-based online gambling operators. So, if the installation of UIGEA meant that online gambling companies could no longer operate in the US, how is the industry still responsible for billions of dollars in gross-gambling yields each and every year? In fact, the numbers are increasing month-on-month, meaning that the industry is now attracting more Indian players than it ever has. The answer here is simple — operators simply moved offshore. You see, outside of the US, there are a number of jurisdictions that do not view gambling in the same light as Indian lawmakers. On the contrary, they understand that for the vast majority of us, we are able to enjoy online gambling in a safe and controlled manner. As such, a vast number of established online gambling sites are now based overseas. I must stress that this should not in any way, shape, or form put you off from engaging with India casinos. On the contrary, most of these casinos are in receipt of a fully-fledged gambling license, meaning that the respective casino will need to meet and comply with a range of regulatory conditions. Failure to do so would simply result in a loss of license. So where does the future of online gambling in the India lie? Well, I personally believe that in the very near future, online gambling companies will once again be welcomed back to India with open arms. While there is no evidence to back this viewpoint up per-say, my reasoning is based on the recent reversal of a separate piece of anti-gambling legislation. Before we unravel the reversal, it is important to note that the legislation in question is based on sports betting, as opposed to traditional online casino games like blackjack, roulette, or slot machines. However, due to the eventual terminology of key definitions, PASPA effectively shut the Indian sports betting industry down overnight. Barring a few states, this remained in place until late  While many would argue that the reversal of PASPA has no correlation to the conventional online casino space, I would argue differently. The reason for this is that the Supreme Court reversal has effectively created a precedent for other segments of the US gambling industry. As such, I truly believe that we will see other key enactments hit the Supreme Court in the coming years. You may have played at online casinos before, or this may be your first time.