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    17 de março de 2022 02:52:49 ART

    You can find thousands of different products in our Macrame Thread category, and you can order by making the color combination you want among these products. Do you know that you can make Wall Decorations, Keychains, Rainbow ornaments, Swing Hammock, Bag, tablecloth and decorative accessories? In order to make all this product range, you need to reach the product in different patterns and colors from 1 mm to 20 mm. Here you can find all these products in the wide range of Over 50 Color Options, yarn alternatives such as cotton and metallic, you can immediately take a look at the varieties of different thicknesses and lengths. In addition to the product models, you can learn how to make Macrame Bags on our product page, list all the rope types, and get brief information about which products can be made according to product thicknesses. If you are new to this business, whether you are doing it for hobby or commercial purposes, you can take a look at��what to do with many products on our blog. You can also browse the video content on our Youtube page. You can reach us from our live support line, customer service or social media accounts regarding any issues that come to your mind. You can order your products with fast shipping option and secure payment method. Cash on delivery option is also available.

    2 mm combable thread is known as cotton macrame thread, it is used as a thick knitting thread thanks to its soft texture. There are many works you can do with 2 MM single twisted combable thread, some of which are suitable for making macrame key chains, macrame pacifier clips, macrame bags, crocheted knitting bags. It is possible to produce various macrame models and macrame bag models with 2 mm. It is also very easy to make tassels with these threads, and it is possible to prepare many decorative products with affordable price options and wide color options. It is the ideal type of yarn with affordable quality.

    3 mm, on the other hand, exhibits an elegant stance in many works such as macrame model and bag model, which are both easy to knit and made thanks to its cotton content and soft texture. Today, 3 mm combed cotton macrame thread, which is preferred in many macrame model works, is preferred. Its medium thickness makes it widely used in macrame wall decorations and macrame accessory work. What can be done with 3 mm cotton thread? The short answer to the question is, macrame wall decors, wall ornaments, woven throw pillows, woven rugs, mats, macrame keychains, macrame rainbows, macrame shelves, macrame teether models, macrame mirror models prepared with macrame, macrame door ornaments models, macrame door ornaments models prepared with macrame technique. Among the accessories, the main ones are belts, phone cases, and it can be used in crochet models with thick wool crochet hooks.

    Macrame thread With its 5 mm option, the single auger group is a combable cotton macrame thread, it is suitable for combing and is suitable for use in many macrame models. It is known as thick macrame thread and it can be used for making stylish weaving patterns with weaving looms, as well as for works such as macrame wall decorations, macrame swings in general.