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Huadu Surprise Soldier (Zhu Zhu)

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    8 de novembro de 2022 21:56:19 ART

    "This is Yang, deputy director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau. He saw the relevant reports, so he was sent over. Secretary Li, some things always have to be dealt with. Before I came here, I already knew that it was not easy for you to deal with things in Dongchuan County. So I took time to find the Municipal Party Committee. I have nothing to do with it." But don't forget that my grandfather has a lot of old subordinates. . Secretary Li I just want to remind you that if you want to play tricks, you are not qualified. If you let me not catch the handle, who let you like to give me a chance. Deputy Director Yang, this is for you, these people are suspected of murdering Li Zhenzhen, Li Zhenzhen is still in the hospital, everything will come to light. .!” Chen Xiao clapped his hands, "I'm sure I can't eat here. Reporters, this news is enough for you to report. I hope you don't worry and fear. You can report whatever you have. Of course, if you want me to review the manuscript, I don't mind. In short, I'll give you a chance to report freely!" It's over.. It's over.. .! Li Hou suddenly collapsed on the chair, he did not expect things to become like this, he has seen what is coming! ……………………………… Chen Xiao and Li Wenwen were walking on the streets of Dongchuan. Li Wenwen took Chen Xiao's arm and said, "Is your cousin all right?" "If you get into trouble,ultrasonic spray nozzle, you have to suffer a little. Otherwise, it won't end well!" "So it's all in your plan!" Li Wenwen said. When I knew that the girl who was hit by a car was Li Zhenzhen, who framed my cousin, I had already thought that this would happen at night. Of course, if I had done these things, I would not have killed them all like this. A girl should not be a victim of politics in any case! Li Wenwen stopped, her eyes looking at Chen Xiao! "What's the matter?"? Did I say something wrong? Chen Xiao asked. No, I really think,ultrasonic handheld welder, how smart is your brain to let you just see that girl will think of so many things … Why didn't I think of that? "That's because you're not sharp enough. If you stare at it all day, you'll guess it. It's actually very easy to guess!" Chen Xiao smiled. "Are you hungry? Let's go to eat street snacks!" "If you don't eat in the hotel, if you go out to eat, if you let people know, you will scold us for being sick!" "Don't you think the food there is terrible? I don't like to eat those things, or there is no burden to eat outside." Come on, there is a roadside stall in front of me. I think it's a good place! Chen Xiao's hand pulled Li Wenwen's hand, Li Wenwen shook her head slightly, put on a look of no way, followed behind Chen Xiao! Boss, give me thirty strings, and then this, and two bottles of beer. .!” Chen Xiao pulled a small stool and let Li Wenwen sit down. He went to the barbecue stand and said with a smile. "Okay, ultrasonic metal welding ,ultrasonic cutting machine, no problem!" The boss was more than forty years old, and he promised very readily! Soon 30 strings of mutton kebabs were roasted. Chen Xiao took them over and put them in front of Li Wenwen. He didn't eat them yet. He drooled. "This is a good thing, Wenwen. My favorite thing is to eat mutton kebabs. When I was training in the field, I often played game to barbecue. At that time, although I didn't add all kinds of seasonings, it tasted very delicious.." .!” "Why do you feel like you haven't eaten anything good? I'm worried about what you used to eat. Is mutton kebab also called something good?" "This is very delicious, eating mutton kebabs and drinking beer, I'm afraid there is no better place than this." .!” Chen Xiao said again, "Women, taste is always hanging like this!" "No, I'm just curious!" Li Wenwen said, "I'm curious about your past. I want to know your past and know more about you!" "It doesn't matter, I'll tell you slowly in the evening!" Chen Xiao poured the beer, drank it, wiped his lips, and said, "I have a lot of stories, enough for you to write a book!" Really? I want to hear it. .!” "Let's start when I was eight years old." .!” Chapter 421 spoony heart. Chen Xiao and Li Wenwen drank eight bottles of beer until midnight! Chen Xiao's phone rang, Chen Xiao took out his cell phone and saw that the phone was called by Feng Kun! "What's the matter, old man?" Chen Xiao asked with a smile, holding the phone in his hand. What else do you ask me? Tell me, did you already know about it? "What is it?" "Don't pretend with me, you already know, you are deliberately let me see this thing angry, right?" Chen Xiao laughed, "the old man, not all right, I did not have such an idea, I just want you to help me check the files of those people, this is how many years, my heart is thinking how to build a memorial hall, there should be the names of these old Red Army." . I just found you. As for the rest, I have no such idea! "I don't know what you're thinking. You're not asking me to help you this time. But I'm willing to help you. Tell me what you want me to do as an old man!" "I knew I couldn't hide it from you, old man!" Chen Xiao laughed, "in fact, there is nothing to do, is to hope that the old man you through the military region to investigate the identity of those people, and then set up a memorial hall, this is enough!" "Is it really enough?" In fact, I wanted to use the old Red Army. . I'm ashamed to think about it now. So, I changed my mind, let them live quietly, it is better not to involve them in the government's affairs, if let the local do this thing,ultrasonic spray nozzle, the local will certainly have a lot of reasons. . I don't know how long it will last. ! I know it has nothing to do with you, but I think if you do it yourself, it will be done very quickly! 。