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God of a thousand faces version of the bad guy 3

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    8 de novembro de 2022 21:57:18 ART

    Coincidentally, Sun, the boss of the advertising company, was sitting next to Wu Tian. He pinched his chin and asked, "What do you think of this woman?" His little brother shook his head and said, "I haven't seen a virgin for a long time." Especially when it's so beautiful.. Where the *** were you looking? **** Boss Sun cursed and thought, "I have been advertising for many years.". Why don't you try to make some films.. This woman has the potential to be that kind of star. She should be dug up! Not a sound could be heard in the spacious western restaurant, and several black-clad waiters began to light the prepared candles from both sides. 999 candles turned the dark dining room red, and there was a long table full of sumptuous dinner surrounded by candles. Miss Enchantress, please. The epicenter, still wearing the suit, greeted Li Yuemei politely. Wait for two people to sit down, Li Yuemei sends out light laugh: "Boss, you are too polite.". I'm just an ordinary dancer. "No, don't call me boss. Please call me by my first name. It sounds friendly." The epicenter waved gently, and the waiters retired knowingly, leaving only the two of them in the field. Epicenter said: "Please allow me to introduce myself again. My surname is Wang, and my name is Epicenter. I belong to the eldest brother of the Sanzui Gang, which is now the largest gang here. To tell you the truth, the predecessor of this group is the world-famous Triad Group, and I am a half-black and half-white person." Li Yuemei frowned. "Why are you telling me this?" The epicenter laughed: "I have a habit that when I identify a person and want to make friends with her,water bottle packaging machine, I will never hide anything.". It's a prerequisite for making friends, isn't it? "Aren't you afraid of scaring me?" Asked Li Yuemei in surprise. "How could it be?"? Miss Enchantress may not quite understand the rules of the road, who oppress the good people, rape women, is to be punished by everyone, said to be the underworld, in fact, just a group of poor people on the tip of a knife to make a living. When Li Yuemei heard this,water bottling line, she laughed and said, "The poor man can pack the whole western restaurant to invite people to dinner."? The poor man can make the indoor atmosphere so romantic in half an hour? If that's the case, I want to be a poor man, too. Ha ha ha! Miss Enchantress, please. The epicenter cut the beef skillfully and then put it into his mouth. At the same time, out of the corner of his eye, he kept staring at Li Yuemei. In just one afternoon, this woman has brought him too much incredible. Her proficiency in cutlery and public decency would never have been so adept if she had not been in and out of the upper class. But she's only in her early twenties. Li Yuemei naturally did not know what the epicenter was thinking. She raised her head and asked with a smile, "Brother Epicenter, can I call you that?" "Yes, yes." "I've just come here. Can you tell me about this place in your mouth and what you said about Sanzui Gang?" The epicenter put down the tableware, nodded earnestly and said, "Miss Enchantress is interested in this, of course!"! I was born here until I was thirty-five years old. "It used to be the battlefield of many small gangs, PET bottle Mold ,Vegetable oil filling machine, until three years ago, a student named Wu Tian appeared, nicknamed Kuanglong, established the Dragon Gang to unify here, and then went to Zhangshi to develop.". After he left, Guo Xiaotian, the vice leader of the Dragon Gang, nicknamed Qinglong, took over the management of the place. Its enterprises are all around the big cities, is an out-and-out underworld figure, in addition to him, there are several big brothers, each can be good at fighting. "After that, the group of three took a fancy to the high sky and far away from the emperor, so they stepped in.". The Trio is a world-famous gang. It broke up the Dragon Gang and established the subordinate gang of the Trio. Our boss is Duojiro. We not only do the business on the underworld, but also the business on the white road is basically monopolized by him. I watch a small bar with an annual salary of five million yuan. You can imagine how big the business of the Trio is. Speaking of this, there was a trace of pride on the face of the epicenter. Yes, he does have the ability to be proud. Li Yuemei said with a smile, "Brother Epicenter, don't all the gangsters on TV use knives to cut people?"? Why are you a gangster, but you don't fit in with them? What's more, you can speak many languages. The epicenter took a sip of red wine and grinned, "Times are different. Twenty years ago, people broke out of the world with courage. This is a fact. But today's world is no longer a gang of people who go out to cut people down. Money is the most important thing.". Of course, I may be one-sided in saying this, and when it's time to use force, we still have to move. With a few dry laughs, the epicenter continued: "When I first came out, I knew that the chance of gaining status by force was very slim, so I resolutely chose to go to school.". After finishing high school and college, I traveled around the world, learned many languages, and broadened my horizons. Maybe it was fate. After I washed my hands, I just came back from studying abroad and was found by Duojiro. So Duojiro asked me to manage the bar. It's a pity that Duojilang is a man who advocates martial arts and despises literature. Several of his eldest brothers are military commanders. It's the peak for a civil official like me to get to where he is today. It's really impossible to climb up any more. "However, I have made contributions to the Three Mouth Gang, and even many times I have been full of praise. What makes me most proud is that those warriors who usually use one to ten will bow and scrape and call me'Brother Zhen 'when they see me." Li Yuemei giggled, "You don't seem to like people who can fight." "If you ask me, what I appreciate most is the Dragon Gang. Their boss, Wu Tian, is the most intelligent person. The rest of them are foolhardy, lamentable, lamentable!" Li Yuemei is indissoluble ground: "What can be lamented?" "It's a pity that I wasn't born in troubled times. Even if I don't have the talent of Kongming, Gongjin and filial piety, I won't just be a bar manager!" There was a strong sense of ridicule in the words. Li Yuemei smiled gracefully. It didn't matter. The epicenter felt warm in her heart. She said with a straight face, "Miss Enchantress, do I have the honor to ask you to dance?" "Yes." Li Yuemei stretched out her hand. Lyrical music sounded at the right time, the epicenter was immersed in the ocean of happiness,juice filling machine, but did not notice the change in Li Yuemei's eyes, she was thinking of another person at this moment, that person.