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I am a legend: Di Nu (Nu Zun)

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    Looking at the one lying quietly on the operating table, the world seems to have collapsed. Chapter 169: The Mystery of the Jade Tablet 1. The sky has fallen, the spiritual pillar has fallen, nothing has been lost, nothing has been lost, what is the meaning of the whole world for them! Seven people surrounded him, except for the cry of Rong's son buried in his body, the other six stood there as silly as a lost soul, staring at him as if he had fallen asleep. Yiyi, will you wake up and stop playing with us? Manet reached out his hand and gently stroked Hanyi's cold face, with the tenderness of dripping water in his red eyes. I'll kill you! Suddenly, with a roar, he, who seldom lost his temper, waved like crazy toward Ruxu, who was standing next to him. Ruxu did not hide. He took the punch abruptly and staggered back a few steps. If it wasn't for you, how could one become like this? You compensate me for one. Whoo.. Huang still wants to fight, was pulled away by the saint, hit also hit, Han Yi still can not wake up, silver hair blocked the handsome face, the tears that dropped the line along the hair dripping to the ground. Impossible! Impossible! As soon as you get up,water filling machine, you have sold yourself to me. Everything you have is mine. How can you die if I didn't ask you to die? Boya's angry voice mixed with trembling, pulled down Rong, who was lying on Han Yi's body, grabbed Han Yi's shoulder with two hands and shook it back and forth. He didn't believe that the woman who had massaged him for an afternoon the moment before was lying on the cold operating table and left him like this. You calm down, one by one just fell asleep, you let her rest. He pushed Boya away, hugged her, and buried his head deep in her arms. All of a sudden,CSD filling line, the whole operating room was shrouded in a great sense of desolation, which made people breathless. Huang stood up slowly from the ground and came to his side. His blue eyes could not be melted. "Yiyi, you must be very lonely. Wait for me. I'll come right away!" Before everyone could react, a cold ice sword appeared in Huang's hand. The sharp edge of the sword was awe-inspiring. The sword was raised and pierced into the abdomen. The blood was ticking rhythmically, but Huang could not feel any pain. He looked down and saw a hand full of blood on the sword. Why Huang looked at Boya, and both of them were confused. Will you be happy if you leave? Boya said lightly, took away the hand on the sword, and did not wipe it, and the blood dripped drop by drop on Han Yi's own blood-stained clothes. As the crowd exclaimed, a group of golden light shot out from the pocket of the windbreaker, holding the release of a clear see that it is the light of the jade card, golden with pale. The jade card broke away from the shackles of the pocket and flew to the head of the one, circling constantly, the golden light became brighter and brighter, and the people around the one were under pressure and had to be forced to a corner. Ruxu closed the door of the operating room. The light of the jade card enveloped the whole one, plastic bottle making machine ,water filling machine, light and shadow diffraction out, people seem to be surrounded by fog, nothing can be seen clearly, the only thing to see is surrounded by gold. Chapter 170: The Mystery of the Jade Tablet 2. As the light slowly floated into the air, the clothes on the body were torn to pieces with a hissing sound, the light on the injured part of the chest was more shining, a full moon symbol attached to the heart, with the heart as the center, light and shadow quickly swam to every part of the body. Under the influence of the light, the long black hair started from the root of the hair, and the cold white spread quickly to the end of the hair. There was no wind in the operating room, but her hair seemed to be blown away by the wind, and it was cold and proud with a beautiful arc. An identical full moon light array appeared above and below her, and she stood up slowly as she lay flat, surrounded by golden light like soft gauze, and her white hair flew fast. This action continued, floating on the top of Han's head, the jade tablet shattered with a bang, a translucent white figure flew out of it, the light groups of different colors representing different memories moved to the beautiful men, and the saint quickly accepted the light groups into his mind, the hair of the original blue wig grew longer in an instant, and a dark blue light group surrounded him. That is the power of the dark charm. As for the other side, it was not so smooth, because of the exclusion of Xu, the light group could not move into his mind, only in the scene of Han Yi blocking his life in front of him, the light group barely entered his mind, although his appearance looked no change, but with such a deep memory before, remorse and self-reproach came to him. Heavy he can only touch the chest half kneel on the ground, he now understand why one has been feeling indebted to him, she is so silly, so silly! The translucent figure slowly became clear, and a dust-free woman stood in front of the crowd with her eyes closed, with two lines of tears on her face. Jade Dust.. Manet knew this woman, who was the Jade Dust Lord of the Daughter Kingdom. How interesting There are people who know Gu, and Gu has almost forgotten the name. Jade dust opened the eyes, the eyes are golden, with a sense of majesty in the dust. I don't care who you are, can she be saved? It can be said that in so many people, Boya has no memory of past lives, impulse such as him, at the moment the whole person rushed to the front of the jade dust, holding her hand roared. Go up north.. Jade dust murmured, the tears that had been air-dried had flowed out, and Ben's calm eyes had been covered with deep affection. You answer me? It was not the first time he had seen such a look in a woman's eyes, and the feeling of numbness only beat with Han Yi. She'll be all right. Yu Chen gave a wry smile and looked at Yu Yi,liquid bottle filling machine, who was still surrounded by the golden light. "How are you?" "Woman, I'm not what you said. Please don't look at me with that disgusting look." As soon as Boya heard that Han Yi was all right, he let go of the woman in white and let one side step back.