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Runaway hero

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    8 de novembro de 2022 22:02:47 ART

    The "little bell" was directing the carrying of supplies from the giant ship, and when he heard the summons, he flew over. "Where is my secret of blowing the moon?" Asked Pei Yu? The Marquis wants to see! "The Secret of Blowing the Moon," said the little bell? At Miss Shui Tianji's place? "Go and look for Miss Shui, quickly," said the third general. "She went into the forest again with the four girls," said one of the girl warriors. "Little Bell," he shouted, "Send more people to the woods to look for them." Immediately there was a signal, "Little Bell" ran into the forest, the girl warrior also followed, said: "They must have gone to the waterfall!" "What waterfall?" Asked the little bell. "Come with me," said the girl. Ten Zhang waterfall rumbled down, and Shui Tianji came back here with her fourth sister. "What's the matter?" Asked Fourth Sister? You want to go down and take a shower, too? Shui Tianji said, "I really want to go down to wash, but I can't do it now. I have more important things to do now." "What's so mysterious about it?" Asked Huei-fang. "Look carefully," said Shui Tianji. "What is this?" Some of the weeds had fallen forward, and some of them had broken off in a hurry. Fourth Sister frowned and said, "They're just weeds." Suddenly she made a surprising discovery and exclaimed,smart interactive whiteboard, "Wait, there are footprints here!" It turned out that a barefoot footprint was occasionally left between the weeds! "But these footprints seem to belong to children," said Huei-xiong in alarm. "How could there be children on this desert island?" "It's not a child," said Shui Tianji. "It's a dwarf. He's only about three feet tall." "How do you know?" Exclaimed Huei-mei. Shui Tianji told her what had just happened and said, "We're going to settle down on this desert island now. We should find out about these people and see if they pose a threat to us." "Yes," said Huei-fang. "Let's see if we can help you." Together, they followed the trail of grass to find it again, but they bypassed the deep pool and reached the cliff where the waterfall ran down. The vegetation here is getting thinner and thinner,smart board whiteboard, and gradually there are only convex rocks, which are soaked by splashing drops of water, covered with moss and so on. These rocks seem to have rolled down from the mountains due to crustal movements in ancient times, overlapping in a mess, resulting in many large and small stone crevices. Is it possible for these gnomes to hide in these stone crevices? And how to find it? "Look, Miss Shui," said Fourth Sister. Shui Tianji followed her finger, only to see the roar of a flying dragon. Behind the ten-foot waterfall hanging upside down, there seemed to be a huge and deep black hole? Shui Tianji said excitedly, "Come on, let's go there and check it out." Two people are carefully climbing up, suddenly heard a whistle from the distance, four younger sister way: "It's the little bell." She stopped, too, interactive panel board ,smart board interactive whiteboard, and whistled that high-pitched, high-pitched whistle; and soon the little bells and the maidens appeared from the forest. "Miss Shui," said the little bell, "the Marquis has summoned me to ask you to take the'Secret Book of Blowing the Moon 'with you." "Shui Tianji made a face at Fourth Sister and said," It looks like we'll have to explore again next time. "She returned and galloped away." Little Bell, "the fourth younger sister, and all the young girls shook their heads and smiled bitterly, marveling at her supreme lightness." "Little Bell" way: "More than light body time? If there's a fight, I'm afraid we're no match for her together! Shui Tianji could not hear their praise. She had hurried through the forest to the seaside and met the three generals. She took out the secret book of blowing the moon, which was hidden in her bosom, and handed it to her. "Take it," she said. "You're welcome," said the third general. "Let's go in together." These huge stones on the seashore formed a simple barrier. "Ziyi Hou" and Pei Yu were just behind the huge stones. The little princess also stayed outside and came in together. When Shui Tianji presented the secret to the "Purple Marquis", she found that Pei Yu was much weaker, and she could not help feeling a pain in her heart. "Pei Yu is here with me," said Ziyi Hou. "You all go out." "Yes," said the third general. After they all retreated, the "Purple Marquis" looked through the book. His hands and feet trembled and he said, "So the legendary Holy Palace is true? It turns out that the original copy of the Secret Book of Blowing the Moon has been stolen? Pei Yu exclaimed, "You say this is the original. Is there a copy?" "It's not a copy," said Ziyi Hou. "It's a sequel. It's in my study." Pei Yu was also very excited. He always had a good memory because he read books to understand the truth. This book, "The Secret Book of Blowing the Moon", had been deeply imprinted in his mind. He had been unable to integrate it. He always felt that every article in it was reasonable, but it was always incomplete and vague, which made people unable to help guessing. But he hadn't practiced martial arts at all, and there was no way to guess. Now that he heard that there was a sequel, he couldn't help but be overjoyed. "Show me," he said. "I want to see it too!" "Ziyi Hou" sighed: "Yes, you should go and see.." "Take me to the ship," he ordered, "and we will go to the study." "Yes," said the three generals respectfully. "Small bell" and others also came back from the forest, they work together to get a bigger, more comfortable raft, together will "purple Hou" and Pei Yu through the sea, re-boarding the ship again. This ship stranded askew, damaged "purple clothes Hou" can not help but a sigh, three general comfort way: "The Marquis can rest assured that as long as we work together, sooner or later we will build a bigger and stronger giant ship and swim proudly on the sea again!" "Purple Hou" of course know that those are only the last words, at present he needs the courage to survive, need the way to survive, he believes that this "blowing the moon secret book" inside, must be the way he is looking for! The three generals, together with the young girls, carefully carried the "purple Marquis" into the bottom cabin and passed through the passage that was almost impossible to stand on, worrying about how the Marquis could pass through the broken place that had held down Pearl and Hu Ping! But when Pearl hurried in,smartboards for business, she was surprised. "How could the Marquis come in person?" She asked. "Is there any damage to the study?" Asked the third general. "It's all right," said Pearl, "I've just tidied up a little." "How dare you go into the study to tidy up?" The third general snapped. 。