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The ghost marriage curse

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    8 de novembro de 2022 22:03:39 ART

    A Qi shook his head and said, "It's no use. There are no dead people in the village. In addition, the place is too remote. The police can't find any useful clues when they come here once. Moreover, the mountain road is difficult to walk. So after a long time, no one will take care of it.". Later, we also suspected that this woman might be bewitching, perhaps the whole village was bewitched by her, so the whole village asked me to go outside as a representative to invite many geomancers to see, but the geomancers who were invited refused to come as soon as they heard that the place was remote, even if they were willing to come, they were all incompetent cheaters. "Later, after inquiring, I learned from an old man about the existence of the geomancer association, so I tried my best to contact Mr. Gao and asked him to help our village get rid of the woman's evil.". Mr. Gao agreed, saying that he would send a geomancer these two days, so I didn't dare to go back to the village. I looked forward to you in Lijiang every day, and finally I looked forward to you. A Qi's tone showed excitement, obviously expecting me for a long time. But I am very speechless, this high wealth completely gave me a pit, since it is a competition,interactive whiteboard prices, you should tell this group of villagers clearly ah? What if I fail? I really want to tell Ah Qi not to expect my performance so much, because I really don't have much confidence in this kind of thing, but in a twinkling of an eye, he looked at me with the expression of looking at the Savior, but he couldn't say it. I asked him again, how much did their village pay for this solution? A Qi said with a wry smile that he had spent a total of eighty thousand yuan, which was collected by the whole village. Chapter 87 strange villages. When I heard Ah Qi say that he had spent eighty thousand yuan to ask a geomancer to help them solve the evil, I immediately became upset. Eighty thousand! If my master Lin Ling knew about this,information kiosk price, he would have to argue with the guy named Gao. It was obviously a competition between Feng Shui masters, but their association of Feng Shui masters was good, and they directly took this opportunity to earn extra money, even if they gave us a little. Seeing that my face had changed, Ah Qi thought that I thought they had given me too little money, so he said hurriedly, "Mr. Wang, eighty thousand yuan is already the limit that our village can take out. If you think it's too little, then we can send you some local products to take away. Do you think it's all right?" I was a little ashamed. Listening to Ah Qi's words, it seemed that I had become Zhou Pipi. I had no choice but to explain to him: "I didn't mean that. It's just that the magic is strong and weak. I can't guarantee that I can help you." A Qi breathed a sigh of relief and said, "It doesn't matter. You were recommended by the Feng Shui Association. I naturally believe you have this ability." Well, after talking for a long time, this guy trusted me blindly. Although he was a little proud, he was also a little uneasy. I thought, thermal imaging camera ,face recognition identification kiosk, if I didn't get rid of this magic in the end, would I be hung up and beaten by the whole village when I left? When I came here together, my previous pride was gone. I only felt that the road ahead was dark. I had to say in my heart that I hoped my brother could help me when the time came. After learning about the situation, I followed Ah Qi to their village. First we took the bus, and then we changed the means of transportation on the way. Of course, this means of transportation made me feel very fresh, because it was a horse, to be exact, a pony. It never occurred to me that a horse could be so short, about the size of a donkey. When I was curious about its appearance, Ah Qi explained to me that this kind of horse is the exclusive horse breed in Yunnan, not as tall as the northern horse. Although Yunnan horses are petite, they are more suitable for traveling on mountain roads, and their endurance is better than that of the northern horse. This is a kind of horse that many people who come to Yunnan for tourism must ride. "Can Mr. Wang ride a horse?" Asked Ah Qi. I shook my head. "No." "It doesn't matter," said Ah Qi with a smile. "This horse is short and gentle. Just pull its reins carefully. It's very simple." I nodded and rode on horseback according to his appearance, and found that it was really easy. In fact, if I changed to the tall horse in the north, I would not dare to ride, but this kind of Yunnan horse had no safety concerns at all. A Qi led the way. In this way, the two of us rode for almost four hours on the mountain road. To be honest, the mountains here are connected one by one. I don't know how many mountains we have crossed and how many woods we have crossed. Finally, we saw someone in a mountain depression. If I'm not wrong, this is the place for the competition. To my surprise, at the entrance of the village, there was a building similar to a sentry tower made of bamboo, and the sentry tower was connected to a wooden door, as if the village was like a closed mountain village. When the two of us arrived at the entrance of the village, Ah Qi looked up at the tower and shouted for them to open the wooden door. Only then did I see a man sitting on the tower. The man heard the shouting, poked his head out, answered, and slowly opened the wooden door. Qi waved to me and rode in on a pony. After entering the village, the scene inside made me look askance. First, the wooden houses, some of which had collapsed by half, still had people who dared to live in them. I really admired the courage of these people. Then I often see boys and girls in shabby clothes licking their dirty fingers and staring at me on the roadside. This kind of scene can no longer be described as poor. It is like a refugee who has fled from a disaster. But in retrospect, they are no different from refugees, after all, they have been bewitched, so it is not too much to call them'refugees'. After walking for a while, I suddenly found many people carrying barrels with carrying poles to the mouth of the well. A Qi said: "There were two wells in the village, but one of them was not enough and dried up. Now we can only eat the water left in this well. But there are many people in the village, so many people will go to carry water in advance. Otherwise, queuing is a waste of time." I casually said, "If you don't want to queue up to carry water, you can fill it up at night." But Ah Qi's face changed and he said,Interactive digital signage, "Shh, Mr. Wang, keep your voice down." "What's the matter?" I asked. No one is allowed to go out after seven o'clock in the evening in our village. A Qi said mysteriously.