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    8 de novembro de 2022 22:10:39 ART

    "If he wants me to go back to live before we get married, I don't care. The first thing is that he doesn't interfere with my life. As for now, he is my father, and I'm right to recognize him. If he asks, I can go back to live for a few days a year, but I will never live in his house." Dad now has his own family, although there is no enmity between her and Bai Xiaoyu, but looking at that woman, it is always uncomfortable, even after knowing the truth of that year, it is still uncomfortable, and now she is married, there is no reason to live in her mother's home, she does not want people to gossip, more importantly, living together is embarrassing, it would be better to leave far away. It's great to make a phone call to say hello to the festival or something. I have no feelings for him. Jian Zhengyang patted the rabbit on the head. "So, I have the same choice as you. If he has to recognize his ancestors, he must recognize you first. And I don't allow anyone to interfere with my life and my marriage." "Zhengyang, I've been thinking about it every day recently. Is it very annoying?" The little rabbit knew that he shouldn't think about it, but he couldn't help it. "I don't know why, I'm always worried in my heart, as if I'll lose you at any time." Chien Cheng-yang smiled. "Don't think about it. I'm under your nose twenty-four hours a day. I won't have a chance to do anything wrong to you. Even if I have a chance, I won't do it." "You said it." "Yes." "Well, if you dare to do something wrong to me,Artificial Marble Slabs, I'll beat your son." The little rabbit made a childish gesture to hit himself in the stomach, and was so frightened that Jane Zhengyang hurriedly took his hand to block it. "Baby, don't mess around." "Poof.." The little rabbit smiled. "As long as you don't do anything wrong to me, I won't abuse your son." Pregnant woman is the biggest, Jian Zhengyang nods humbly, "there will never be such a day." "Humph." When the rabbit and Chien Zhengyang flirt, Willie and others who were invited to the police station did not look so good, especially Willie, who really realized that a tiger fell into Pingyang and was bullied by dogs. Although wanted to cool him, but considering the international relations,Agate Stone Price, the police are still very agile, and soon found Willie's private plane, there is really a procedure to come, although they came first, after the procedure to reissue, but people can reissue, is the ability ah. When they went to check the source of the private plane, they naturally had to talk about some secrets. They didn't say much, but they called the director of the police station in person. So the director answered the call from above and met Willie in person. After going through the relevant procedures, he politely invited him out. Although it was only two hours before and after, it still made Willie quite angry. Uncle Willie, this is China. Although we have revealed our identity now, these policemen are polite to us, but after all, it is not our territory. And if you want the young master to go back to China with you, I'm afraid you have to get his consent. I think we'd better talk calmly is the way to solve the problem, don't you think? Although Al is young, Calacatta Nano Glass ,Pietra Gray Marble, he is quite smooth in dealing with things. Willie's face was not good. "Is that all?" Al smiled. "People say that father and son have no overnight enmity. Children are not sensible. You can forgive him a lot." Al said this very level, a top hat to Willie down, from the father's point of view to Willie angry to be angry, but there is a blood relationship, there is not much evil enemies, angry even if, do not and the younger generation of general knowledge, first, virtually remind Willie to maintain his elder demeanor, and second, not because Willie angry to make excessive behavior, but also because of his Make things more complicated. But the fact proves that Al's words are very effective, after listening to his words, Willie's anger suddenly disappeared more than half, he really can not pull down his face after Al said so to find Jane Zhengyang's trouble. In fact, he is also reasonable, the other side how to say is his own son, if the enemy, he would have been ruthless. What we need to do now is how to get Jane Zhengyang's things and let him make a DNA with himself. As long as the report from Al's hand is shown to Grandpa, when the time comes, Jane Zhengyang will not go back, believing that his position is very different. And this means that he has to see Jian Zhengyang again. To be honest, despite all the interests, he still hopes to have a son. After all, this son has grown up without worrying about himself, and he looks like him. This is really a very special feeling. But this guy's temper makes him dislike it. If possible, he really wants to have a family law to wait on him. Disobedient son, although Al let Willie give up the idea of revenge, but as Jane Qing said, so many years have passed, people will always change, especially in a big family, now Willie, not only snobbish, but also become stingy, for Jane Zhengyang, is not so expected at the beginning. It happened that at this time I received a phone call from my grandfather in the United States, asking him if he had set off to bring his great-grandson back to him. The last time Tang Mei's two brothers and sisters returned to the family in Tangshan, Grandpa didn't care so much. Even if he let them come back, he just treated them as strangers. He just had two more pairs of chopsticks when he ate. So Tangshan Tangmei brother and sister will be in the family's position is quite awkward, because of their return, let the eldest brother's face is not very good, sister-in-law on the surface is nothing, but behind how to blame the eldest brother, even Johnny and his father were born out of estrangement, and this time, Jane Zhengyang has not gone back, grandpa has taken the initiative to call to ask, this shows that Jane Zhengyang and Tangshan brother and sister, The status is different. As long as Grandpa looked at him differently, no one in the family dared to do anything to him, and as a father himself, was it not a glory? It is said that there are only eternal interests in the world, no eternal enemies or friends. Thinking of the word "interests", Willie forgot everything that Jian Zhengyang had done. Now he wants to be a qualified father. Looking back at the people around him, he smiled,Agate Slabs Countertops, "Let's go back to the hotel and wash away the bad luck first. I'll go there again later. You all rest in the hotel. Don't wait for me." "Yes, Uncle Willie." "Yes, sir." 。