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Crazy swordsman Nangong Eagle

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    Not to be forced, Fang Junyu scolded coldly, "Don't forget that the owner of the Eighteen Villages in Tongcheng gave his daughter a dowry.". If necessary, the Eagle Castle can still be recovered! Zhu Tongcheng blushed angrily. "Bring it on if you dare. I'll see how you search it." Put it on the table. Fang Junyu didn't know if he should order a mountain search. If so, it would surely lead to killing. If he could rescue the Lord of Shaobao, it would be worth it. If he couldn't, wouldn't the loss outweigh the gain? While hesitating, Qingyun BMW hissed lightly and ran to the foot of the left hill. Left Mowgli, but different, immediately catch up. Suddenly, he saw a BMW chasing a mountain mouse fiercely. He was sharp-eyed and found that the mouse had been shaved on its back. It seemed that there was a word on it. In a flash of thought, he reached out his hand and sucked the mouse into his hand. Not only did he find the word "prisoner", but he also found a cloth tied to his leg. Although it was muddy and black, he was still eager to open it. When he saw the handwriting, his face changed greatly: "I'm in charge of the manager, the owner of Shaobao Without waiting for the command, with a wave of his hand, the falcons swarmed up the mountain. Although the hillside was steep, they still rushed and swept past. The Savior's eagerness was evident. Fang Junyu was even more excited: "What a good Zhu Tongcheng! Even his own family dare to frame him!"! Come on, anyone who dares to resist will be subdued! With a fierce wave of his hand, all the Eagle brothers attacked bravely. That domineering, straight if the continuation of the attack three tiger city, let the copper city fighters fierce, at this time also feel pressure, not to mention the opponent nearly doubled, almost difficult to resist. Zhu Tongcheng knows the strength, the Eagle Castle is much stronger, for today's plan is to catch the thief and catch the king,347 stainless steel, first control Fang Junyu and others. Want to drink at the moment, red sun sword unsheathed, a red flash, let a person dizzy, Fang Junyu is not easy to see each other's figure, can only be easy to attack for defense. However, the red sun sword is fierce, a wave of sword light, fiercely cut the sword in Fang Junyu's hand into two parts, startled in the heart,316l stainless steel pipe, Fang Junyu ordered the army to squeeze into the right cave. He didn't dare to fight hard, so he threw out the handle of the broken sword and blocked the red bronze city. He stretched out his hand and pulled the big iron bar that the saddle had long been prepared to use to deal with the Red Sun Sword. He swept up obliquely, abandoned his horse and swept into the mountains and forests, chasing the mine. Zhu Tongcheng is not willing to let people walk away, hurriedly chase the past. His martial arts are from the Huashan Sect. Although it is not the true biography, it has eight points of heat. Between the rush, unexpectedly no worse than Fang Junyu, after staring at the fierce kill in the past. Although left Mowgli led the army ran to the fourth hole, but he had never been here, even made a mistake, right to left, to attack the deep mine, but no one was seen, knowing that there was fraud. Fang Junyu had already come and pointed out the hole where the copper was smelted. He quickly turned around. Fortunately, each of the fifty falcon knights had excellent riding skills and good martial arts. When he turned his target, he still got into the cave before the enemy. Zhu Tongcheng, however, relying on his sword, fought all the way into the inner cave and intercepted Zuo Mowgli and Fang Junyu in the air. He is wicked sneer at: "Heaven has a way you do not go, x70 line pipe ,uns s31803 sheet, hell does not have a door to break in, anyone also does not want to walk out of this hole half a step!" Red sun sword slashes wantonly, chase two people in a hurry. Fang Junyu had to wave a stick to block it. Fortunately, the root was thick and heavy enough. If the sword wanted to cut it off, it had to be cut in the same position by two swords. For a time, Zhu Tongcheng's offensive was stopped. He is urgent drink: "Search quickly, cry aloud!" Brother Eagle immediately rushed to the secret cave and kept shouting. Nanguan Ying and Fan Tong, who were imprisoned in the depths, were overjoyed when they heard the loud shouts. As expected, reinforcements arrived. The two men hurried back and went back to the iron gate. They kept dragging and trying to make a gap to get away. Disciples of the Flying Eagle outside suddenly heard the cry of the Lord of Shaobao. They felt excited and tried their best to squeeze into the secret hole so that they could rescue people. Zhu Tongcheng can not help but secretly hate, in order to show that his iron gate is extremely hard and forget to build a stone gate to block the sound, so under the series, what secret can not be kept. The moment is very angry, Chiyang sword fiercely cut again, suddenly cut the iron bar in Fang Junyu's hand into two sections. Fang Junyu was stupefied. He didn't expect that the thick iron bar could not hold a few swords. Just when he was stupefied, the Chiyang Sword was cut very quickly. Zuo Mowgli suddenly saw him in danger and quickly beat him back with his palm. The Red Sun Sword flashed past and opened a three-inch long wound on his left shoulder. The pain made him grind his teeth. Stone knife, stone wood, both around, with four enemy one, want to trap Zhu Tongcheng. As a result, no matter how powerful Zhu Tongcheng's sword was, he was slapped by Nangong Eagle half a month ago, and the injury was not fully recovered. At this time desperately, still can not bear four people joint offensive, especially the other side constantly volley palm, hit him angry and angry, had to call the iron tiger out to help. The iron tiger had been hiding in the dark. He wanted to wait for an opportunity to move, or turn the rudder according to the wind, and then decide whether to show up against the enemy. However, Zhu Tongcheng had called him out. If he didn't show up again, he would probably make a stronger enemy in the future. Fortunately, he had assessed the situation. As long as he was in the war, it was not easy for the other side to win. At that moment, he drank fiercely, dropped the tiger's palm and split it out. The two brothers, Shi Dao and Shi Mu, were bombarded on their backs. Shi Dao and Shi Mu brothers felt cold behind their backs and knew that the strength of their palms had arrived. However, under the attack from both sides, the situation was not very optimistic. Two people suddenly fell to the ground and rolled, one left and one right flashed, and then back to back, the stone knife turned hard to meet the iron tiger a palm, the stone wood fiercely waved the iron bar to hit Zhu Tongcheng, counterattack the enemy to protect themselves. But see the iron tiger palm potential blast, although he is injured in the body, but can be the leader of a gang, skill is not bad, a palm hit, forced the stone knife stuffy vomit blood, rushed to the stone wood, fortunately the stone wood to resist, he began to avoid falling to the ground. Zhu Tongcheng took the opportunity to cut with three swords. He broke the iron bar in Shi Shui's hand and was about to cut off his hands. Zuo Mowgli was arrogant again. The iron bar was blocked and forced to intercept the sword. Shi Mu was able to pull back his hand. As soon as Zhu Gangcheng failed, all his anger fell on Zuo Mowgli. He shouted coldly, "I'll cut off your head on your neck first!" The Red Sun Sword slashes fiercely, straight as the rolling sun, and the red light is strong. Zuo Mowgli didn't want to fight, so he ordered his men to serve him with darts and stones. At that time, hidden weapons were flying all over the sky, which made Zhu Tongcheng shout loudly, but he had to return his sword to save himself. Zuo Mowgli saw a better way and hurriedly occupied the fire pile and poured spoonfuls of the red copper slurry on Zhu Tongcheng,x60 line pipe, forcing him to be even more embarrassed. As soon as he shot out his sword, that hot steel slurry spread out in all direction. It was like a raindrop that made him cry out in pain. The splashing of his clothe was a small matter. If he turned into a twisted face, it would not be worth it.

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