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    OK, I don't think you have a big problem. But please don't leave in a hurry. Other doctors will come to see you. We have to make sure you're really okay. Dr. Meier smiled and said, "I'm going to take care of other patients.". You can have Gris page me in any case, and I'll come as soon as I can. Constable Jeff waited for the doctor to leave before he opened the curtain and came in. "Is she all right?" He asked carefully. She's no big deal. Jeff, can I trouble you for a moment? If Mr. Holt's operation is finished, please let me know as soon as possible. "Okay, no problem." They have to wait until Nicholas comes out of surgery. If Nicholas dies, the accident will be classified as manslaughter. Thank you, Jeff. Dominica Ryan stay outside and don't let anyone in to take pictures. She's not so popular that everyone knows her, but it's better to be careful. He has been very careful to protect her public image. He thought about it for a while, but decided to inform her agent, Kerry. Kerry Gibson immediately dropped all his work and came running. When he arrived at the emergency center, Dr. Thompson had already arrived. She examined Michael and spoke to Dr. Parison. Some of our tests will be sent to the lab here, and I know some doctors here. She took the initiative to explain to the Dominica, "Public hospitals are short of resources, conditions are not good, too noisy, not suitable for her rest.". I'll take Miss Mee home first. I will wait for him. If he really dies,inflatable floating water park, I will see him for the last time. What she said was very sad. It won't. Don't be too pessimistic. Dominica simply can not stand: such a fragile woman, is he really that all-conquering, always courageous and strong kungfu girl sister? But she is really too unfortunate! She just lost her child, and now she may lose the father of her child, her lover. Nothing in the world can be more miserable than this. As a young man, he also felt gloomy. His life is not golden, but it must be sunny,large inflatable water slide, and he has never had any worries-except for the restless period of adolescence, when he felt that his mother did not love him enough. Besides, he did not know what other things or people in the world could make him painful, uneasy and distressed. The half-way sister filled his golden and brilliant life in a very wide range. She was delicate and beautiful enough to be compared with his relatives with absolute blood relationship. Psychologically, he regarded her as an idol, a beautiful and noble idol. In many ways, the sister and brother, who have not lived together since childhood, have many similarities. He regards her as a braver and better self, and sometimes worships her. Her intelligence, her beauty, her confidence. He knew that he was a little narcissistic, and now he mapped part of his narcissistic mentality on Michael. Smart people always think too much. At 6 P. m., Inflatable 5k obstacle ,inflatable amusement park, Nicholas came out of the operating room. The emergency doctor first gave him simple first aid, dealing with his fractures and lung problems, and then took him upstairs to the surgical operating room. Surgeons repaired his left lung, attached ribs, stitched up the wound and put on a cast. The doctor is optimistic about his condition. Nicholas is young and healthy, has a good physique, and should have a strong ability to recover. He has a 24-hour observation period, and if there is no major deterioration during the observation period, it means that the operation is successful. The nurse got Michael a wheelchair and wheeled her Dominica to see Nicholas. He was lying in a hospital bed, his upper body and chest were wrapped in layers of gauze, his face was pale, his lips were blue, and he looked really scary. Poor She shook his hand. "What a fool." She cried, "You said you would accompany me for many years.". You mustn't leave me. In the evening, Dr. Thompson insisted on taking her back to the medical center. She won't. Dominica frowned. "Don't be capricious, go back obediently.". I'll keep an eye on him here, and I'll let you know if anything happens. I promise I will not delay, and I will inform you at the first time. You know I wouldn't lie to you. Ryan, you take them to the center, and then you can get off work. Ryan said yes. His contract is a 16-hour working day, and the salary is high enough to make up for the long working hours. The medical center has its own security guards, so safety should not be a problem. When Michael was in Los Angeles, two bodyguards usually took turns to work. If she wanted to go out, she would work together. She didn't care how they arranged their shifts. In the first half of the month, she went out almost every night to socialize and participate in activities, and Willie and Ryan followed her out every day. Willie also came to the emergency center to see her in the afternoon. He has a wide range of people. After Ryan informed him of the accident, he went to the scene to see it. Nicholas was driving a car in the name of Michael in Los Angeles, and the car that caused the accident has been towed away by the police department. Willie checked the scene and went to the Los Angeles Police Department to inquire, but not surprisingly, the police department did not take it seriously. But because the crashed car was in Michael's name, they paid more attention and assigned a detective to take charge of the traffic accident. Willie turned around and then went to the emergency center to report what he had heard to Michael and the Dominica. At least for now, it is an ordinary traffic accident, the driver may be a small hoodlum, stole a car to seize the road, the result hit someone else. Nicholas was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and it was his misfortune to be in a car accident. His blood alcohol level was over the limit, so although the car hit him, he was probably half responsible. Before Nicholas even came out of the operating room, Constable Jeff told them about it. The Dominica called Michael's lawyer, who came with another young lawyer who dealt with related legal matters and took a look at the situation, copying the blood test report and the police report. The author has something to say: Medical treatment is pure nonsense,inflatable amusement park, and I don't understand it. Nicholas was drunk driving. Chapter 120 the constitution of the puzzle. During the night, Nicholas woke up once. He was not very conscious and asked the Dominica in a daze, "Where is Michael?" But he didn't seem to recognize the Dominica.