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The ancestor of all demons

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    8 de novembro de 2022 22:13:03 ART

    All the blue dragon warriors quickly stood in a good position according to the battle array, and in a twinkling of an eye, they condensed thousands of feet in size, emitting a kind of strong dragon power belonging to the ancient demon, and raised their heads to the sky to make a loud sound of dragon singing. Without hesitation, he rushed out of the gate of heaven and hit the roaring devils with red eyes. White Tiger Corps.. .” "Xuanwu Legion." ..” "Rosefinch Legion." ..” On the spot, the other legions did not hesitate, followed by a roar, one after another is also a group of ten, condensed out of the God beast body, toward the four sides of the Tianmo is attacking the Tianmo crazy rush to kill the past, burst out a strong fighting force of the peak of the ancient Tianmo, rushed to the front of a Tianmo, on the spot, Tianmo was torn to pieces by Qinglong. There were also rosefinches that were beaten to pieces, and the soldiers who condensed into rosefinches turned to ashes on the spot. Green blood, in an instant, dyed the whole blue sky red. Kill! Kill! Kill these demon clan, the demon clan in ancient times dare to block our footsteps, should have exterminated the clan long ago, kill, our demon God is the most noble and powerful race in the chaotic world. Kill these demons. Countless demons in the crazy roar, a God thunder on the body,Inflatable meltdown, the flesh and blood of the demon body flying, still can not stop their killing. Kill! Kill! Kill! We are the demon clan, our martyrs can fight to the death with the demon God, we are the younger generation, absolutely can not lose the face of the demon clan martyrs, can not lose the face of your majesty. Our demon clan has never been afraid of the Demon God. Kill, slaughter these demons and make meat buns to eat. I haven't tasted the blood of the demon God yet. The group of demons sent out a roar that was no less than that of the demon God. The demon clan has never been a coward. The blood of the demon clan has always been hot. The demon God, what about the demon God? It is you who slaughter the demon God. Even if you die, you will die on the way to kill the demon God. My demon clan has always been fearless. Even if he dies,Inflatable indoor park, he will gnaw off a piece of the flesh of the demon God. Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill the Nine Heavens! Boom! All kinds of combat skills in the crazy collision, countless magic magic, magic weapon, magic weapon, violent collision, a killing sound, flesh and blood with rain in all directions constantly sprinkled, countless blood, dyed the sky red. In a flash, the whole battlefield became extremely tragic. Incomparably bloody. Terrible killing gas, straight to the sky. Every moment, a large number of demons and demons have fallen, and the void in the battlefield has been constantly distorted and broken. Kirin legion in the middle, there is a threat, they will appear immediately. In a flash, the war entered a white-hot situation. All the demon clan, inflatable water slide ,inflatable castle with slide, almost no one in the battlefield back, forward, forward, constantly forward, kill! Kill! Keep killing! "We don't do it?"? This Lingxiao Demon Court is the supreme artifact. These four Tianmen should be the real Sifang Tianmen. Each of them has the rank of the top innate Lingbao. The four in one can already match the innate treasure. The whole Lingxiao Demon Court is made like an iron bucket. You can't break through the demon court by relying on these devils alone. Devouring Demon Emperor looked at the fierce fighting outside Lingxiao Demon Court. He was not surprised by this kind of fighting scene. The Demon Clan was a group of hard bones. It was in ancient times, and it is still now. Yes, to break the demon court, we still need a few hands. Otherwise, if there is a change, it will be a disaster. The dragon emperor's eyes sparkled with fierce light, emitting obscene magic light, falling on the dawn and so on. The nature of the dragon is licentious, and in the face of such a peerless girl as Chenxi, he has almost no resistance. Full of possessive desire. Hum Today is the time to avenge the bone emperor and the dark emperor. A mere demon clan, also want to resist stubbornly, really do not know whether to live or die, no matter how good the defense, under the powerful attack, are just a group of scum. You Jiutian said in a cold voice. Looking at Lingxiao Demon Court, his eyes were extremely cold. It's time for us to do it. The demon emperor did not come, as long as the slaughter of this demon city, perhaps can make the demon emperor heartache heartache, I want to let him kneel on my toes. The witch of all kinds of desires chuckled with a seductive smile. OK I was just about to see if the square gate of heaven could stop the six of us. Bloody Seal Clothes smiled evilly. Spit out a word on the spot. At the same time, in the town of Demon Valley, several of the world's great powers have followed the remnants of the breath to track back, but one by one hidden in the void. They did not appear immediately, but gathered under a strange blue umbrella, which had a mysterious power to hide all the breath. It was not perceived by any demon God. Followed, a total of five great power, the other want to come, but because of the traces of the erasure, and ultimately can not be tracked. Just the five of them. Respectively, one of the great powers of the Star Clan, the Star Dingtian, is known as the Star King of Dingtian. A body of fighting power has the strength of the later period of the world. Then there is a great power of the Shura clan-Shura Sad, known as the Sad Dao Jun, a body of fighting power, extremely terrible, with the peak of the world's fighting power. The rest, are the skeleton clan in the strong, respectively is the bone without life, bone without double, bone without soul. It's three brothers and sisters. Their whole bodies were shrouded in black robes, and their faces could not be seen. At the moment, the five great powers are looking at the scene of fierce fighting outside the Lingxiao Demon Court with some horror. Looking at the demon clan that desperate, one by one bloody fight, do not retreat the figure, the kind of tragic war, the kind of war soul, that is full of bloody killing sound, even these of them can feel the blood in their bodies seems to be constantly boiling. Roll. Feel the indelible soul of war in the demon clan. Unexpectedly,Inflatable indoor park, the demon clan has been declining since ancient times, and has not received any care from our ethnic groups. Not to mention the tenacious survival, the blood in the body has never been extinguished since ancient times. The demon clan is still the demon clan. The blood in their bodies has not been eroded over time. Shura looked sadly at the tragic battlefield and said with a sigh.