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Martial Uncle, you can easily lose me like this.

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    27 de novembro de 2022 23:19:18 ART

    In Shang Huai's exclamation, dozens of door locks fell to the ground, the door was pushed open from the inside, and the young man dressed in white snow walked out from behind a shattered door. Shang Huai immediately handed over his hand. "Disciple congratulates Martial Uncle on entering another floor.." Yang Ching asked him, "is Mochizuki going to sign up for a new disciple of Cloud Gate?" Shang Huai nodded and looked at Martial Uncle Yang with a palpitation in his snow-white face. Yang Qing was in a daze for a while and said, "I'll go down the mountain." "This, this." Shang Huai pointed to the door that had fallen behind him and asked awkwardly, "This way?" Yang Qing was in a daze for a while and said slowly, "It's all right.". I've probably made a big mistake. When the headmaster asked about it, he said that I probably thought too much about it and would explain it to him when I came back. Shang Huai, you help me take care of this side first, I have to go down the mountain to see first. Shang Huai saw that his face was quiet, his eyelashes drooped, and he did not know what he was thinking. His heart moved and he said in a low voice, "We all have a record of Miss Yang's address.". Martial Uncle, you can ask Elder Chen for it then. He will take you to find someone. I don't know what Yang Qing is thinking. Shang Huai looked at his side face quietly, his clothes were blown by the wind, reflecting the thin and weak figure. I heard that Martial Uncle Yang has been in Bigu. I haven't seen him for a few days, and he has lost a lot of weight. Uncle Yang seemed to be in a daze again. Shang Huai talked for a long time and stopped for a while before he heard Yang Qing carelessly. "Well," said. Yang Qing patted Shang Huai on the shoulder and left. When they left, they met the gatekeeper disciples who rushed back. Several disciples saw Martial Uncle Yang walking out of the door in a big way. They were in a panic and didn't know what to do. They saw Martial Uncle as if they hadn't seen them, so they walked over. Fortunately, Shang Huai by the door waved to them,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, and they went over with a question, "What's wrong with Uncle Yang?"? You look like you're in a trance? How not to trance it. Shang Huai thought, maybe Uncle Yang and Miss Yang had a quarrel. I don't know the details. Yang Qing is really hard to say clearly how she felt at that time. When Shang Huai told him what Mochizuki had done, he was stunned and his brain was empty. Then, out of control, he went to the door. He can get out with his own martial arts, but as he said, he won't do that. However,ultrasonic handheld welder, when Yang Qing himself recovered a little bit of reason, he found himself on the way down the mountain. The sun is shining, the heart is cold. He didn't know what to do and how to face the full moon. Hate and anger. He has been in the valley for five days and has been locked up for five days. He expected that Master Shibo would not have the heart to come and talk to him again. This time his attitude is a little lower, a little easier to talk to, anyway, Mochizuki is not a demon at present, not to the point of life-and-death with Cloud Gate, the reaction of the master Shibo, will not be so resolute. He knows Master Feng, and he knows every Shibo and every Elder Martial Brother. Knowing their weakness, we can guess their attitude towards this matter. One by one, he will soon be able to marry Mochizuki. She always didn't believe him. She thought he was slow. She thought he wouldn't marry her so soon. He didn't think he would. But the two of them have, have.. At this point, of course, Yang Qing will be responsible. He is already twenty-five years old, and his brothers and sisters of the same age have already had children. He has been a loner, Ultrasonic emulsifier machines ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, and has been delayed by Mochizuki for so many years. He just hasn't met the person he particularly wants to marry. It's not that he doesn't want to get married. He also wants to have a wife and children. However, he thought that his wife and children might not really want them, so he was not so attentive. Indeed, according to Yang Qing's own slow and unhurried character, if he really wants to grind with a person, he will really be like what Mochizuki thought. Let's get to know each other first for five or six years. Five or six years later, the problem is not big, and then talk about marriage. However, nothing is absolute. Mochizuki himself was so impatient that he forced Yang Qing to hurry up. He had to hurry to catch up with her deliberately slow pace. But that's it, something went wrong. Yang Qingmo thought, "As I expected, I am too different from Mochizuki.". Even this kind of thing is said to be delayed, and it can be delayed. What went wrong between them? Why is the misunderstanding so big? Did he do it wrong again? He met Elder Chen in Shang Huai's mouth at the foot of the mountain. Elder Chen also knows Yang Qing, after all, there are few elders of this generation who are so young.
    Hearing that he was looking for a little girl named Yang Wangyue, Elder Chen immediately took him to find someone in person. Still Yang Qing regained some reason, thinking that at noon, he should not let an old man run with him, so he just asked Elder Chen for two younger disciples. After reason gradually gained the upper hand, Yang Qing calmed down and went to the backyard to change his clothes. He took off the logo of Cloud Gate and put on a white summer shirt. After all, this is Cloud Gate's territory, unlike when you're away from home and need to rely on clothes to identify people, when you're in your own territory, dealing with some private affairs, and don't want people to think of Cloud Gate, Yang Ching avoids even white clothes. When he came out, the childe was gentle and elegant, dressed in blue, which was pleasing to the eye and made people unable to move their eyes. At this time, Mochizuki was wandering in the street. Feng Headmaster gave her a lot of silver tickets. She is really a rich man now. She can buy whatever she wants. Rich and powerful, see like, want to buy several copies, want to leave a copy for the original Yingxing, leave a copy for Yang Qing, the other oneself change the day to play. When she was picking up pieces of porcelain at a stall, she was followed by a male voice, which was forced to calm down, but trembled with excitement, "Saint, Saint.." Miss Yang. …… That's the name! Before Mochizuki looked back, she put on a smile on her face and made a surprise. "Mingyang?" After answering, she stood up and looked back, and sure enough, there was a tall young man behind her. Seeing her quick reaction, Mingyang turned up his lips, unable to hide his joy, and said respectfully, "It's great to see you." “…… You really chased me here. "Mochizuki is good at using his hands as dazzling sunshine. Seeing this, Mingyang stood in front of her. His tall figure covered the sunshine for her, so that Mochizuki could have a pleasant conversation after a pause." Listening to the sound,ultrasonic spray nozzle, not with you? " Mingyang thought to himself, "With you here, who cares where that woman has gone?"? He said honestly. "Do you need her to show up?" 。