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The male God has ignited

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    Really do not know how to express their feelings, only silence. Ye Wenxiao stood up directly. Sharp line of sight straight through the void, fell on the first Zheng body. [110,000] Ye Wenxiao continued to increase the price. [One hundred fifty thousand.] Night Wen Xiao: "..." The first Zheng felt that the line of sight cast by the night Wen Xiao could shoot her into a sieve. But Chu Zheng looked back without fear. Xiao Chu, you are not allowed to look at others. Qin Luo complained softly beside him: "You just look at me." Chu Zheng withdrew his line of sight: "What I see." "That's clearly a man." "You treat him like a thing." Qin Luo's expression was obviously stupefied, and for a while, he blinked his eyes and whispered'oh '. [160,000] Night Wen Xiao also did not know whether it was for the endless flowers, or because of the first Zheng, want to fight for breath, do not want to lower the first Zheng. So he has to increase the price. [200,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock,000] - The server in Dongfeng was auctioned at a high price of 200,000 yuan. It's not over yet. The news spread like wildfire in the forum in an instant. Many people drove the trumpet to the Dongfeng server. You can't get into the auction, but you can go to the world and watch the live broadcast. The main reason why the price has been raised to such a high level in a short time is that the local tyrant player has lost a billion yuan in one step. Others increase the price by one hundred or two hundred yuan. This one.. Add tens of thousands. Can the price not be high? Ye Wenxiao used to be a local tyrant player, but you don't know that Ye Wenxiao can be like this. The Mid-Autumn Festival confession, now the auction. [World] Rich Enemies Alliance: Spend a lot of money to win a smile. [World] Midsummer: There is a little girl here. Who dropped it? Can you come to the gold owner to pick it up? [World] Boss Cui: Why can't I meet such a silly son of a landlord? [World] Face-Punching Professional: You don't know that a billion-dollar man has brought a gigolo,water bottle packaging machine, which is very beautiful. You people have no chance. [World] Xilou:?? Who wants my job?! [World] Bold and obstinate people: I have seen it. That boy is really good-looking and very good. [World] Peach Blossom Still: Want to raise. [World] Bold and obstinate people: Don't think about peach blossoms. You can't afford them. [World] Peach Blossom Still:.. [World] Learn I love you: Two hundred and eighty thousand!! My God! [World] Midsummer:.. [World] Face-Punching Specialist:.. The players in the world are ready to jump off a building to calm down. This is not a game. This stepping horse is playing with heartbeat. Fairy fight is too exciting to step on the horse! - At this time, in the auction hall, the price on the big screen stayed at two hundred and eighty thousand. This is the price given by Chu Zheng, but Ye Wenxiao hasn't bid yet. Now the remaining bidding time is less than 30 seconds. Everyone was afraid to make a sound and waited with bated breath. Time is jumping second by second. People have never felt that time is so slow. Ten seconds later, Ye Wenxiao didn't make a bid. Five seconds later, Ye Wenxiao still didn't bid. Three seconds.. One second.. [Deal] The two words appeared on the big screen and fireworks were set off to celebrate. Chu Zheng got the'bronze sparrow '. Chu Zheng looked at the opposite side and left with a gloomy face at night. Little sister, look, isn't it cool to be rich? "Don't you think it's better to beat him up?" 【……】 The King definitely doesn't haggle with the little sister. As long as the task is completed. You can't force so much. After all, juice filling machine ,bottle blowing machine, the little sister is not easy, even if not as gentle and generous as the little sister next door, but also to be more considerate of her. This is the quality of a qualified prodigal system. Chapter 1378 Koi Player (32). The seller who sold 280,000'bronze sparrows', Yimeng Huangliang, was said to have been sent to the hospital for emergency treatment on the same day because he was too excited. As a result, he was diagnosed with the disease on the same day, and it cost more than 200,000 yuan to cure the disease. Players: "… …" All the ill-gotten gains have to be spent. However, some people think that this is a blessing accumulated in their previous life. Had it not been for the excitement of fainting and being sent to the hospital, it was uncertain when it would be checked out, and whether it could be saved at that time was a problem. There is no need to worry about medical expenses now. [Congratulations on getting a thank you card.] [Congratulations on getting a thank you card.] Congratulations on getting a thank you card.
    】 Chu Zheng received three thank-you cards in succession. She lay in bed and thought indifferently about what she had done recently. In the end, I really couldn't remember what I had done. You can't thank me for bullying Fang Zhouan, can you? Finally, the King could not bear to look at it, so he told her the origin of the three thank-you cards. Chu Zheng: ".." I didn't think that much. Why is she doing good? No. Does she not look like a good person? Just as Chu Zheng was thinking, Aunt Deng knocked at the door and said, "Miss, Master Fang is outside." Chu Zheng: "Who?" "Master Fang, Fang Zhouan." "You.." said Aunt Deng. Do you want to meet? "At night." In the dark! When Chu Zheng got out of bed, Qin Luo controlled the robot next to her to keep up with her. Where are the people? Aunt Deng: "I didn't dare to let him in. He was still outside." Chu Zheng went downstairs, and the robot followed her step by step. Aunt Deng looked at the robot and wondered why the robot always liked to follow the young lady recently? Downstairs is the stairs, the robot can not go down, the first Zheng turned to pick it up, downstairs before putting it down. Aunt Deng looked even more confused in the back. - Fang Zhouan stood outside the carved iron gate, his body smelled of alcohol, his expression was gloomy,CSD filling line, and he looked like he had drunk too much. Chu Zheng walked slowly to the gate and looked at him through the iron gate. "Master Fang, do you want to die so late?" "What did you say?" Fang Zhouan really drank too much, and there was something wrong with his voice. What's the matter with you? Don't say good things twice. Open the door Fang Zhouan grabbed the iron gate and shook it roughly: "I have something to ask you." Chu Zheng is very generous: "Ask." I'll give you a chance.