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    Ge Banli, the other one, is also regarded as a living Guanyin in Jianghu and a living Bodhisattva in Wulin. It is regarded as the reborn Hua Tuo among the people. "Resurrection of the dead" Lu Fengzi. Lv Fengzi's debut was decades earlier than Lai Yao'er and Zhuge Banli, because her medical skills were really brilliant and she had arrived So people gave her a lot of nicknames, just now Li Buyi and Lai Yao'er said at the same time, "the road to the afterlife." Lu Fengzi was given nicknames by the people, such as the collapse of the bridge, the breaking of the bridge, and the passing of gold medals in front of the Ten Emperors' Palace. But Lu Fengzi was twenty-two years ago. It suddenly disappeared. No one saw her again. At that time, Lai Yao'er and Zhuge Banli had just gained a reputation in medicine. Lai Yao'er is getting more and more positive, while Zhuge Banli But more and more evil. No one would have thought that Zhuge Banli and Lu Fengzi, who was famous in the medical world in those years, had a mother-child relationship! Lai Yao'er was stunned for a moment and said, "I didn't expect.." In medicine, I especially detoxify, steam, wash, iron, burn and even push. Take, check, promote the circulation of qi, eliminate water, induce salivation, and eliminate phlegm. They are all influenced by the elder Lv. She is still alive today, really. Yeah, that's great. Li Buyi also said, "Elder Lu is also studying Yi Li. I'm looking at Qi and making divination.". He is also the author of Shu Ling Yi by Elder Lu. I was inspired by the case, but I didn't expect.. The ghost doctor said with a wry smile, "I didn't expect Zhuge, who has done a lot of evil and has no medical ethics, to be the successor of Doctor Lu Xian." But Li Buyi said, "I don't understand this.". With a look of grief and indignation, the ghost doctor said in a resentful voice, "Do you know why my mother is so ill?". Twenty-two years of lingering illness "?" He said in a harsh voice, "That's because of her benevolence. She is willing to take the risk and save thirty people who shouldn't have been saved. These three so-called swordsmen Righteous men, pillars of the country,water filling machine, one slapped her, one hurt her with a poison dart, one forced her to take poison, any of these three. Same. More poisonous than the three glasses of wine combined. His eyes were full of indignant resentment: "You say, to be a chivalrous and benevolent doctor, the end is like this, can I be convinced?" Gas? Is she willing or unwilling? Although Fu Wanfei was young and did not know Lu Fengzi's name, he was filled with indignation at the moment and asked angrily, "Three ingrates!" Who are the righteous workers? The ghost doctor laughed and said, "Three people we can't afford to mess with.". Fu Wanfei straightened his voice and said angrily, "What can you afford to provoke? What can't you afford to provoke?"! Whoever has done an evil deed can teach others to taste the reward. Should! The ghost doctor's eyes narrowed. Staring at him, he said, "One of the three is your master Shen Xingnan. What can you do?" What kind? Fu Wanfei's head seemed to give a person a hard kick, and he shouted: "I.." I don't believe it! I don't believe it! The ghost doctor said angrily, "Believe it or not, it has nothing to do with me!"! But after my mother had been ill for twenty-two years, her mind was declining and she was getting better and better. What's more, in recent years, water filling machine ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, the oil lamp has almost dried up. I have tried all the methods and collected all the famous medicines, but I am still at a loss what to do. It's a pity that my mother has cured people all her life. A serious injury cannot heal itself. Twenty-two years in bed, like a basket case. In recent days, his condition has deteriorated and he is dying. Causing her to be so Yes, there is a palm behind the back of the old man Shen Xingnan. "Since your mother is critically ill," said Lai Yao'er, "let's stop talking about this. Take us to have a look and then discuss it in detail." The ghost doctor was overjoyed and hurriedly said, "With my medical skill, the medicine stone still doesn't work. I'll be with the miraculous doctor today.". Knowing that medical skills are far above me, yes. If you do it, my mother will recover. Lai Yao'er said disapprovingly, "I'm not so optimistic." "If I'm not mistaken," said the ghost doctor suddenly, "Brother Lai has a white head before he gets old. How dare he suffer from a congenital disease of premature senility?" Lai Yao'er's expression changed slightly, and he immediately recovered. "Brother Zhuge's eyes are like a God," he said. "It's just a minor illness. It's not enough." Teeth! "But I know Brother Lai has been looking for some extremely rare medicines all these years," said the ghost doctor. If brother Lai is willing to be My mother looked down for treatment, and my younger brother had a gift of magic medicine. Lai Yao-erjie said, "I've been treating your mother because I've always been a good friend to Elder Lu, so that I can do my best to learn later. If I'm greedy." Picture medicine, that Zhuge brother is wrong to see in the next.
    But the ghost doctor said, "Brother Lai has gone out of Tianxiang seven times. He has traveled all over the fourteen provinces of Kyushu and returned to the border.". It took nine years to collect seven species. Medicinal materials, now has collected four kinds of it, the other three, one is'Longjing Adenophora ', but I have one, has been treasured for a long time. Willing to give brother Lai, in order to repay the kindness of brother Lai, and the feeling of not abandoning, no other intention, please don't misunderstand brother Lai. When the ghost doctor said "Longjing Shashen", not only Lai Yaoer was moved by it, but even Tang Guo could not help saying: "So you have Longjing Shashen!"! The feeling of joy is overflowing. People do not know what "Longjing Shashen" is, presumably it is a very rare medicinal material. www.xiaOShuOtxT.Com Part 2 Premature Senility Chapter 2 Seven Hatreds Txt novel paradise Who would have thought that although Lai Yao'er's face was moving, he still said firmly, "I'm a doctor who doesn't want to be rewarded. Brother Zhuge doesn't have to force his younger brother to accept it." A generous gift! "Dad," said Tang Guo hurriedly, "you don't have to accept anything else. This is called no place to find a broken iron shoe, and it takes no effort to get it. How could you.. No? Lai Yao'er said to the ghost doctor in a deep voice, "How do you know I'm going to collect those seven medicines?"? "During the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, there was a famous doctor named Bian Que," said the ghost doctor. "His medical skill was brilliant. It was said that he could cure the dead. Live, exclude the sorcery God, heal the wounded and rescue the dying, once diagnosed, still seems to be able to see through the five internal organs, Handan, Xianyang living people do not count, the author of "difficult" Sutra. Creating the diagnostic methods of hope, auscultation and olfaction, inquiry and palpation is regarded as the "king of medicine" among the people. Lai Yao'er said, "Compared with the medicine king, our medical skills are just like a drop in the ocean.". It's a shame. "Later," said the ghost doctor, "when Bian Que went to the State of Qin, he was hated by Li Sulfur, the imperial physician at that time. He sent an expert to assassinate Bian Que. The disciple also took away a prescription that Bian Que had just completed. Later, in order to fight for this prescription,juice filling machine, which was said to be able to'bring the dead back to life ', no. I know how many people died. But it took hundreds of years for this prescription to be made public, and it turned out that it used the seven natures that are hard to find in the world.

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