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Tianyi nobles by endless how many

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    Hundred blades nodded, let Qi Xiao give him a change of bedclothes, Qi Xiao where is what gentleman, change clothes empty, will hundred blades all over the body to see all over, poor hundred blades in the dream of ignorance, honest at the mercy of Qi Xiao, let raise your hand to raise your hand, let turn over to turn over, Qi Xiao afraid of playing with fire, with him intimate for a while. Afraid of worrying about his hangover tomorrow, Qi Xiao gave him some sobering soup mouth to mouth, Qi Xiao bowed his head and kissed himself on the warm lips of the hundred blades with a self-deprecating smile: "I let you go of such an opportunity.." How can you thank me tomorrow, eh? Hundred blades in a daze also do not know to hear or did not hear, Wen Yan unexpectedly Wang Qixiao arms shrank, closed his eyes and fell asleep in the past. Chapter 30 The next day, in the Fenghua Palace, the second grade of Feng Fu ordered Fang Shi to enter the palace early in the morning and give Empress Feng an encashment. Empress Feng's confidant looked carefully at her face and whispered, "Does the empress want to see her?" The confidant female official still remembered that the last time after Fang Shi left, Empress Feng lost her temper in the bedroom alone. She didn't wait on her that day. I don't know if Fang Shi's words accidentally collided with Empress Feng, so she asked like this. Empress Feng gave a wry smile. Where did Fang Shi have the courage? In fact,water bottling line, she was just a messenger. Old Master Feng and Feng Guozhong's words, Queen Feng still had to listen. Empress Feng nodded wearily: "Xuan." Although Fang Shi was the sister-in-law of Empress Feng, she was five years younger than Empress Feng. She looked only thirty years old because she had no worries about food and clothing and had taken good care of herself these years. Empress Feng looked at Fang Shi's delicate and decent makeup with both relief and jealousy. She nodded and said with a smile, "Sister-in-law looks very good." "Thanks to the Empress's blessing." Fang Shi obediently saluted Empress Feng, gave her a seat and tea, and then sat down and said with concern, "I wonder if the second prince is still in the palace of the mother?"? My concubine found a kind of ointment from her mother's home, which is the best way to cure stick wounds. Empress Feng smiled and said,PET bottle Mold, "It's hard for you to think about it. It's a pity that he's not here today and his wound is not healed. He's not allowed to move around much in the palace at ordinary times. He's still in the Zhaoyang Palace." Fang Shi nodded, and as usual, Empress Feng asked how the family was and so on. Finally, she took a sip of tea and said, "This time.." Is there anything to say to your father and brother? Fang Shi looked at all the people in the hall. Empress Feng waved her hand to let all the palace people go down. Then Fang Shi took her time and said, "Empress, sir, let me ask the Empress. I heard that from that day on.." The emperor never came to Niangniang Palace again, is the emperor busy with government affairs, can not attend to the harem, or. "Don't be annoyed, empress. The emperor has gone somewhere else, but he hasn't come to the palace of empress." After a pause, Empress Feng slowly put down the teacup and said with a sarcastic smile, "I've been to Xue Guifei's palace once, PET blowing machine ,liquid bottle filling machine, and I've been to Jiang Guiren's palace once." Fang Shi nodded, silently counted the days and whispered, "Empress.." The emperor has been in love with the empress for many years. It's rare that he doesn't come to the empress's palace for such a long time. "It's just that the emperor is still annoyed with the palace because of what happened last time." The queen wiped a trace of unwillingness in her eyes, "that's all, but the emperor always gave Xue Guifei a face these days, he clearly knew that the palace looked down on that bitch.." "Be careful what you say, Empress.." Fang complained. Concubine Xue, the mother of Qi Qi, the third son of the emperor, was also very powerful in the court, and she was young and had been favored all these years. Fang's heart secretly sighed, in fact, she knew all this, so her father was anxious, everyone could see that the emperor had the meaning of cultivating other princes, at this time Xue Guifei suddenly so face. The people of Feng Fu can't sit still. Fang had found out Empress Feng's temper over the years. She tried her best to persuade her softly, "The Empress calmed down. No matter how hard it was for Concubine Xue, she couldn't get past you. Does the Empress still remember?"? The year before last, the emperor threw Concubine Xue in her bedroom in the middle of the night and braved the cold wind to see the empress. The emperor and the empress had been in love for many years. The empress was used to it, and she didn't feel anything, but she didn't know how many ladies admired it when it spread outside the palace.
    ” Sure enough, when Empress Feng heard this, she looked much better. Fang continued with a smile, "I only dare to say this to the empress. No matter how high the position of Concubine Xue is, she is just a concubine. She can't go beyond the empress. If she is favored by chance, the empress doesn't have to take it to heart. Concubines.." I don't know when someone suddenly gets favor, and I don't know when he suddenly loses favor. You are the only one who can really be in love with the emperor. Empress Feng felt much better. Looking at Fang's gentle eyes, she said with a smile, "Fortunately, there is always a sister-in-law to explain a few words to this palace.." "It's good that the empress can figure it out, but now the emperor and the empress are like this." Fang Shi paused and said with a wry smile, "Not to mention us, even if others look at it, they don't feel good. Now the emperor hasn't come to Niangniang's palace for a few days. It's all right to say that if it's still like this for a while, the imperial clan will come to persuade him. Niangniang, don't wait until that time. When the time comes, the discussion will be a little thing between the emperor and the couple." But let those people who have a heart when what big things to talk about, small things have become big things, originally a smile can be forgotten, to the end may have become a knot in your heart with the emperor, why bother? There was a flash of anger in Empress Feng's eyes. "It's not the palace's fault.." she said in a hard voice. With a deep sigh in her heart, Mrs. Feng left early, and her sisters all envied her for not having to serve her mother-in-law, but who could know her suffering? She would rather have three layers of parents-in-law to serve above, at least the matter of persuading people would not fall on her head. The emperor made it clear that he wanted to teach the queen a lesson, but his sister-in-law refused to bow her head. His father-in-law and husband were sweating anxiously, but they still felt that they were right. Fang Shi paused and said with a soft smile, "Of course it's not the fault of the empress. Last time I told her what the master had said. Everything happened so coincidentally that it couldn't be helped. The empress can't say it's the emperor's fault,Vegetable oil filling machine, can she?"? My concubine also knew that the empress was wronged this time, but if she didn't bow her head now, it would be even worse if she really made a big fuss. 。