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    27 de novembro de 2022 23:31:29 ART

    As if to tear the night heavy with dark clouds, circling up, circling.. But in the highest place, he suddenly turned around again and changed into a charming voice without beginning or end. Everyone frowned. But fortunately, this charming voice is also very attractive, and gradually people forget the strange. This is like a whisper between lovers, soft and tough, warm and long, some complaints, some coquettish anger, but more affectionate, as if looking at where to look leisurely. Yu Ji Ballad "One of them cried out." Then he added, "No.." …… yuan Shaojun temporary defection once again stood beside Xu Rong sheep has been covered in blood, two people within ten feet of the side, corpses everywhere, are moved by the broadsword to start, in Xu Rong's power, surrounded by a circle of soldiers are afraid to move forward.. It happened that the two men were so close that they would hurt their own people if they shot arrows. So for a while, the army was surrounded but not attacked. Only the sheep knew that Xu Rong was already a spent force, he had some regrets in his heart, more calm, thinking that it was good to die here. However,interactive whiteboard for schools, at the moment when the sound sounded, the dust-laden memory came to his eyes. He suddenly breathed rapidly and shouted to Xu Rong, who seemed to have lost his strength behind him: "General, wake up, General, listen, girl.." The girl is not dead. The girl is talking to you. Chapter 246 Yu Xi Yu Xi Nai how? In a trance, the woods were still silent,digital interactive whiteboard, and there was only one person left in the world. The tiny fallen leaves are trampled underfoot. Tree to tree, no end. The moon follows the moon, curved and round, closer to the day of death. He was afraid to see the sun go down, and when he saw the sun go down, he was afraid to see the sun rise. Because the empty belly reminds him of what will happen if he can't find his way again. General In the blood everywhere, the sheep heard Xu Rong calling softly behind him, not knowing who he was calling. Not knowing how much consciousness he still had, Yang Yi's voice was so hoarse that he almost burst his throat. "General, listen." "Listen to it." "Don't fall asleep." "The girl has something to say to you. Listen." …… A knife in the shoulder, a knife wound to the bone. One shot through the right lower abdomen, numbing the wound. The legs were swept by the Euphorbia, and the blood was still flowing in the crook of the legs. Every moment that passes, a minute of blood flows, a minute of consciousness is taken away. Even the cry of a sheep close at hand can not be heard clearly. Feeling in a trance, interactive panels for education ,smart interactive whiteboard, as if separated by several doors, he frowned and wanted to ask. As soon as he opened his mouth, the fishy sweetness in the back suddenly poured out. In an instant, the eyes were white, as if they were illuminated by a strong white light, and then went black. Then the faces of countless people flashed by. There was a lot of noise in my ears, and countless voices made my mind buzzing. Someone handed him a sword, a primitive sword with cold light and a sharp blade like cold water. White light comes into view.. "You are brave enough to kill the enemy. I will give you a sword to carry with you, and you will follow me in the future." Again, the man was in tears. I have served my country all my life, and I did not expect to die at the hands of Dijon, but at the hands of my own people. Solitary deep, committed a military taboo, the commander in chief refused to help. Trapped in Gushan for thirty-three days. In fact, I hold the handle of the marshal collaboration, he just want to borrow the hand of Qiang di except me. He said But he doesn't know. I'm early.. I have long.. Destroyed the handle.. Just because.. Just because.. The marshal is my best friend. "I knew it was a trap before I sent in." "I'm still here." "You can't betray your best friend, you can't betray your country.." What else can I do but die? Looking up, a glass of wine burned the man's tears. There was a mutiny in the camp, and the general who took him to the battlefield died in the mutiny. Wen Liang. A real man is established in the world, with loyalty and righteousness at the head. Loyalty.. When an arrow pierced his chest. He clasped his hand in his backhand, and all the strength of the dying was concentrated in this grip. Does the general have unfinished business? Is loyalty a dilemma, or is loyalty a poison to the bone. Rotten the hero's bones. Carrying his body on his back, he lost his way in the vast and dense forest, which lasted for thirty-three days.
    Listening to a wisp of sound, I stumbled to find my way and climbed out of the woods. And then, go to the battlefield and fight. Dong Zhuo is dead. Lyu3 bu4 rebelled. The world has changed.. And then. She.. The one he loves. White clothes, can play. Quiet and pure, like the fairy who showed him the way that night. Incorrect Not quite right.. It's beautiful to play, but it's not often in white. It's also beautiful to close her in red like fire in the tiger prison. Originally saw her scheming, will plan, will raise an arrow to kill, in a twinkling of an eye into a and those Han thieves the same appearance, is to kill her. But I can't do it. Hate and hate not long, kill also can not kill. …… I can only throw caution to the wind to love. Later, the most feared thing happened, and the person he loved finally came to the step of calculating the court he was loyal to. He tried to remedy it behind his back. The more you make up, the more mistakes you make. The more wrong, the more biased.. He even lost his own flesh and blood. The eyes slowly darkened. The last scene that flashed was the corpse of a ghost in white on the flagpole. The voice in my ear is like a poisonous snake spitting a letter, winding up my back coldly. When Cao Cao came on horseback and brushed past him, he whispered to him that the corpse of the emperor was lonely in Xiao Ruo, who wanted to harm yuan Shao and kill the emperor. If you don't believe it, you can see the secret letter in the lonely sleeve. Your wife has rebelled against Han. Can you help me? Kill the emperor Xiao Ruo. In a flash, the sky collapsed. Then the rubble rolled down and the deep opened. The flagpole fell into the ground, the corpse fell into the abyss, and even his subconscious hand. At the last moment, he didn't want to lift the mask to see who it was. If the person on the flagpole is Xiao Ruo, all thoughts are extinguished, and there is no joy in life. If it's Emperor Xian.. Family and country can not be betrayed,smartboards in classrooms, love can not be betrayed, in addition to death, what else can we do? …… I thought I had walked out of the woods long ago.