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    The first temple master was even simpler, with a khaki artifact shield spinning around him at a high speed, and completely protecting himself from the light chain, but both of them had frightened expressions on their faces, and it was obvious that they had not thought that it was not the bloody knife, but the more powerful artifact, which belonged to the treasure of the God cultivator, who was the God cultivator, which was naturally seen in their eyes. It contains the energy, divine power and rich, even if the castellan is not so big, such a treasure, part of the energy is enough to seal the God, after sealing the God does not die, they simply do not understand why this is not sealing the God, in the past they did not look down on the demigod, but how can the capable demigod not seal the God? Without the ability to seal the God is naturally not strong. Baby is a good thing, but also to be able to get ah, at this time they know the strength of the opponent, the face of great pain. Several other strength is higher, also more clever temple Lord can not be so relaxed, although the magic constantly, full defense, but also appears to be very embarrassed, the light chain is like a snake waiting for an opportunity to move, itself with the power of thunder and lightning, let them as long as they are waiting to be electrified into mummies, but this snake is an artifact, their magic can only swing it reluctantly. It's just a short time to protect yourself, and there's no chance to do anything else. Not far from the stalemate of the two sides were dumbfounded, but in the end are living tens of thousands of years of guys,4k smart board, instantly ran to the distance, black knife, after all, is a demigod strength, there are several God servant level of the strong together, or can break through the field to escape. But the black knife just smiled, several pale blue light chains shot rapidly into the distance, and soon there was a scream. This time, the black knife assigned two to each of them. Even if they had been prepared, they were all locked up by the light chains, and only one breath was left. Seeing this,smart board touch screen, the first and second temple masters had joined together, their faces were pale and they rushed out. The shield of the artifact was flying to protect the two men. The two temple masters were also on guard while retreating carefully with their swords. They finally saw the opponent's artifact, only one is a good artifact, much stronger than what they have, not to mention so many, the top of hundreds of artifacts, if a few more to attack them, they can not have the confidence to resist. The divine consciousness perceived their retreat, and the strong servants who could barely resist them panicked. All of a sudden, three of them screamed and fell to the ground, becoming coke. The last two no longer dared to have the slightest distraction. They tried their best to defend themselves, and also used the divine art to cover their bodies with earthy armor. After tidying up those who wanted to escape, the black knife had already looked to this side, and saw that the first and second temple masters were also going to slip away, but the two could only barely protect themselves in situ, smiling slightly, ignoring the two guys who had escaped, without four or five blue light chains shooting out rapidly. A light chain has let them barely resist, more than these four or five light chains, even under the full defense, but also quickly entangled by the light chain, quickly tied up. This magic is good, interactive whiteboards in the classroom ,interactive boards for classrooms, these two are only hair explosion, the whole body was electric trembling, unexpectedly did not become coke, it seems that the protective armor of the magic is still useful. Directly put them into the storage ring, the black knife looked into the distance with a sneer. Escape, can you escape? The black knife's eyes looked out of the realm, the floating continent, which was much smaller than the one he had seen in the fairy world. At that time, his ice and fire turned the whole continent and the creatures on it into nothingness. Today they dare to ambush me, when I am easy to bully? Thinking of this, the black knife had a small gourd in his hand, but his mind instantly emerged the friend of the wind, and he grinned and put the gourd away. The whole continent virtually escaped a killing and robbery, but did not know that the castellan outside the realm had a feeling after his own temple was thrown to death inside. At this time, he only knew that there were two most powerful, the first and second temple lords with artifacts were still alive. He was not only not angry, but also showed a greedy smile.
    Castellan level divinity spread, in the range of other strong people are in full view, but are some temple demigod and mercenary, the strongest is only the level of God servant, the number is not much, there is absolutely no true God to pay attention to here, the most powerful should be to get wind of other city temple Lord and so on, I believe that the castellan level will not pay attention to these gossip, If we do not pay attention to it, even if these temple masters die, they will not be found in a short time. There was a cold smile at the corners of the castellan's mouth, which could make the demigod destroy the God servant circle. Up to now, only two powerful temple masters with artifacts are still alive, so the treasure must be very great. The magic weapon of the true cultivator is really enviable. As the Lord of the city, in the eyes of those temple masters, is a high existence, but in the eyes of the family, only the lowest level of gods, true God level below, even if there is a God servant of godhood, will not become the existence of the family, as an insider, only to become a true God, belongs to the family Protoss members, so he knows far beyond which temple masters. The pursuit of the future, as well as their own definition is much clearer, so he needs this treasure more urgently, if there is no accident, he will need at least a hundred thousand years of effort in the position of the Lord of the city to change, and only possible, but now, the opportunity has come. Taking a deep breath, the castellan's figure disappeared, and when he appeared, he was already behind a man. Mobile phone novel network anytime, anywhere to enjoy the fun of reading! Chapter 722 True God. That helplessly did not move, but behind him has broken a small hole, godhood has been taken out, the castellan's body disappeared in an instant, appeared behind another person, even if it is a strong servant level, also can not escape the teleportation plus a sneak attack, but the castellan in the sneak attack on the strong servant level, with a trace of yellow light in his hand. In a short period of time, all the strong people around him were slaughtered clean, this is the strength of the true God, no wonder even if the black knife power, killed a lot of temple Lord, but in his eyes in addition to the treasure of greed, do not mind the force of the black knife. The castellan held a large number of godhood in his hands, rippling all over his body,smart board for conference room, light, but quickly enveloped the surroundings completely, including the black realm.