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Fugue _ Xu Gongzi Shengzhi _ txt Novel Paradise

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    Xuanhua Jushi had a loud voice and a good eyesight. He told the truth when he opened his mouth-I broke the wall on purpose. Then Mr. Zhang asked me, "Ishino, please explain why you deliberately crashed into the wall of Qiyun Temple. All the people present were senior people. You don't have to lie. Everyone knows that it wasn't Ze Ren." Mr. Zhang is clearly reminding me to tell the truth where I should. I thought about it and answered, "I am angry. If you come to the door and want to exchange things with instruments, you will not change them. Why do you frame me as a thief for no reason?"? Qi Yunguan did things like this. If it were you, Mr. Zhang, would you be angry? If you are angry, will you express it? Mr. Zhang shook his head and smiled but did not answer. The old Living Buddha said, "I asked the young disciple Shang Yunfei, and he personally confirmed to me that the ancient mirror was indeed the thing of this little Shi Zhenren.". And Xi, how do you explain that? And Xi Zhenren's expression is a little embarrassed: "This-it is indeed Qi Yunguan's mistake first, Ze Zhong has returned to the mountain to be punished, about the collapse of the wall to destroy the painting, today is no longer a door to pursue.". With so many colleagues present today, I just want to ask a question, who is the master who broke the Demon Array and stole the auspicious beast? Who was the person who set the fire in the chaos? Ishino, you don't know,interactive whiteboard prices, do you? No, no, no, I don't know, it's not me! I don't even know what the Great Demon Array is! When Qiyunguan caught fire, I had already gone out-there were hundreds of people who could testify. Words here a little frozen, if I come to a bite to refuse to admit,touch screen digital signage, and Xi I am afraid there is no way. Then the old Living Buddha opened his mouth and said, "One wants to ask, but the other doesn't know. It's better not to ask.". Ishino, the old monk asked you a question, but you couldn't help answering it in front of so many people today. "Buddha, you can ask whatever you want, and I'll tell you as long as I know." The Living Buddha smiled. "You must know. It's impossible not to know.". If you have such cultivation at such a young age, especially the skill of cultivating yourself, you must be a disciple of a superior. May I ask what school you come from and who you learn from? Shit! This is my biggest headache. I don't know what school I come from, and I can't tell them that I learned Dandao from Feng Junzi, who is three years younger than me. He only picked up the rules of the realm of practice and replied, "Isn't there a rule of'not asking 'in the realm of practice?" At this moment Mr Zhang interrupts: "The rule that does not ask has really, temperature check kiosk ,facial recognization camera, but also cannot ask below any circumstance.". We don't have to ask you where you come from, but you have to tell us how you preach. How did you get to preach the law? I suddenly remembered that Feng Junzi once told me that if someone asked, it would be a good idea to say that I had met a fairy in my dream! Then answer half truthfully: "When I am small, often can see the thing that others cannot see..." "Born with Yin eyes!" Someone in the crowd said. Don't interrupt and listen to what he says. Someone next to him made a sound to stop it. Not only can I see what others can't see, but I can often dream about what will happen in the future. One night, I dreamed of a man who came to teach me how to practice Dan and told me that only in this way could I cure my weakness. I was in very poor health when I was a child, and I almost died of illness several times. Later, he learned Dan Dao from the man in the dream and grew up healthily. The words were half true and half false, and the listeners were silent. It is true that there have been cases of passing on the Dharma and receiving disciples in dreams in the realm of practice. Although it is very rare, people cannot say that it is impossible. Then he and Xi opened their mouths and said, "Ishino, you said that the man has reached the realm of passing on the Dharma. Can you describe what this man looks like?" Describe the appearance of this person? Of course, you can't talk about the appearance of a gentleman in the wind. Let's talk nonsense: "He's an old Taoist priest. He walks like a fairy!"! He was wearing a blue sermon robe and holding a whisk in his hand, which was golden. It was an incredible surprise for me to find that the faces of Hexi and Mr. Zhang sitting on both sides had changed.
    Mr. Zhang suddenly opened his mouth and asked, "Is there a big white patch in the middle of the old immortal's Taoist robe?" Mr. Zhang, what does this mean? Since he said so, I followed him and said, "Yes, there is a big white patch on the front of the Taoist robe. I don't know why." "Does the hairpin on the old fairy's head look like a sword?" He Xi Zhenren also asked. The more I listened, the more strange I became. I simply said, "Yes, the hairpin on his head is four inches long, and it looks like a small sword.." Senior, do you know him, too? At this point, suddenly a bit of chaos around, everyone began to whisper, I faintly heard someone saying: "How can it be Shouzheng Zhenren?" "How could the head of Zhengyimen go to Qiyunguan to make trouble?" "It is unfathomable for a superior person to act!" Listen, listen, I understand a little, originally I just loose talk, actually said is the head of a door to guard the appearance of a real person! As God is my witness, it's not what I said, it's what they asked! (Txt Fiction Paradise Online Library; Chapter 52 From the grand way of the ancients, don't be called a God in the world T-xt-small-say-God. The hall saw and Xi Zhenren's face was very strange. It seems that something is really hard to decide. (Txt Novels Paradise Online Library; Everyone did not speak loudly, but pointed their eyes at Hexi. He Xi hesitated a little and said, "Shi, Younger Martial Brother Shi, I can't decide the situation you said without authorization. I have to go back to the mountain and tell Master Ming to deal with it." If what you say is true,interactive kiosk price, then I have offended today. If you are talking nonsense, then I will not stop easily! Mr Zhang also asks: "Shi Ye, is what you say true?" 。