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Spoil you for a lifetime?!

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    27 de novembro de 2022 23:32:42 ART

    Even now, he is very attractive. After all, he grew up in the military camp. Compared with Zhao Xier, who is only 20 years old, he is more handsome, heroic and atmospheric. I have graduated this year, and I have a master's degree. He is very proud of his son who is better than the blue. 3ad7c2ebb96fcb copyright protected! Respect the author! Oppose piracy! @ Copyright of Jinjiang Original Network @ His eyebrows and eyes were curved, full of praise and pride. After that, are you going to let him go into politics, join the army, or work under you? For this big grandson, the old man also likes him very much. Not only because he is his grandson, but also because his little son is the most clingy brother. They also have the best feelings. He really loves, spoils and protects the girl. In the future, the girl mostly depends on his big cousin. So in his grandson's life, he pays the most attention and attention to this grandson. I want him to go to the National Defense University for a period of time, and then go to the grass-roots level for a few years to see his own wishes! Zhao Jizhen climbed to today's position step by step with his own efforts, so he knows the importance of grass-roots training. Just like painting, if you want to draw a successful work, the basic skills should be solid. Just like building, if you want to build a building of good quality, the foundation must be stable. After Ye Baicheng asked a circle, his face showed a faint smile of satisfaction. The children are excellent, not only in their work, but also in their life. He is very happy that as a parent, he is proud of his children. He looked up at the antique clock on the wall and asked his eldest son,digital signage screen, who was sitting next to him, "The eldest brother, Xiao Qi, said he would come back today!" "Yes, Dad arrived at the airport at half past one, and I told Ningning that he would pick him up!" Ye Xiucheng sat upright, knees together, waist straight, voice loud, very military temperament. In front of the children,smart whiteboard price, he is a stern elder; in front of the outsiders, he is a respected leader; in front of his father, he is an absolute filial son. At half past one, "I was stunned and looked out of the gate subconsciously. I was moved, a little sad, a little excited, and a little restless." The lunch will be postponed. When he comes back to eat together, I will tell the guests that there are enough snacks and tea. Don't neglect the guests. "I took back my eyes and ordered the old housekeeper who came to help him pour water. "Lao Yang, Xiao Qi likes to eat sauce elbow, Tiandang Osmunda fish shreds, Lily chicken shreds, intestines noodles." At this moment, he is no longer the feared chief, father and grandfather. It was an old father looking forward to his son's return home, and his bright eyes were covered with a layer of mist. Chief, the kitchen has been ordered to do it! Old Yang was ordered by the old man to be his own orderly in his early years. Later, when the old man retired, he simply stayed in the Ye family and became a housekeeper. After 40 years of companionship, digital signage kiosk ,facial recognition thermometer, he had already thoroughly understood Ye Baicheng's character, habits, hobbies, and thoughts. The old man has many children and grandchildren, but his favorite is the youngest son, Ye Xiujin. Ye Xiujin's mother, Xiao Chen, is the child and only child of Ye Baicheng's old comrade-in-arms Xiao Liang. Xiao Liang and Ye Baicheng were brothers of life and death. During the 25,000-li Long March, they picked up a piece of bark, gnawed a belt, trampled on a piece of grass, and ate a corner of a snowy mountain. During the War of Resistance Against Japan, Xiao Liang even saved Ye Baicheng's life. The feelings of the two brothers were even more magnetic and iron than their own brothers. Later, Ye Baicheng came to Beijing to serve, while Xiao Liang went to the Chengdu Military Region. In 1966, the "Cultural Revolution" broke out, which lasted for ten years and caused serious disasters to the Party and the people. Leading cadres at all levels of the Party were generally criticized, and Xiao Liang and Ye Baicheng were not spared. Xiao Liang suffered a relapse in the struggle and died at the scene of the struggle. Her wife died for love because of her grief. After the Cultural Revolution, Ye Baicheng found Xiao Chen and took her with him as his own daughter. But Xiao Chen said to him on his 18th birthday: Ye Baicheng, I love you. Xiao Chen was nearly thirty years younger than him, and he naturally did not take the girl's words seriously, just as the little girl's temporary sense of worship. Later, good men are afraid of pestering women! They broke the line of defense after all.
    When Xiao Chen and Ye Baicheng were at the peak of his career, although Ye Baicheng's original wife had already passed away at that time, Ye Baicheng still could not straighten her up. From a daughter to a woman, this is something that can not be tolerated and reviled in ordinary families, let alone in such a family? So Xiao Chen is doomed to be Ye Baicheng's underground woman. Fortunately, Xiao Chen does not value reputation, and Ye Baicheng is really good to her. When Xiao Chen gave birth to Ye Xiujin, Ye Baicheng was taking part in actual combat exercises in the army, and when he came back, Xiao Chen had been cremated. Cause of death-dystocia! When Ye Baicheng came back, he locked himself in his room for two days and two nights, holding her ashes in his arms, holding a photo of his old comrade-in-arms Xiao Liang in his hand, and wailing for a long time. OK! Don't forget to tell the kitchen to cook more, these dishes are also Xiao Mo's favorite! Still have fleshy bone, also do some, small end loves to gnaw! Ye Baicheng nodded with a happy expression and stroked the beard under his lips. At this time Zhao Xiwen just came in to look for his father something, the old man waved to him to change the past, asked, "Xiwen ah Xiaomo soon after school!" Besides Ye Xiujin, who does the old man love most? Everyone who knows him well knows that the daughter that Ye Xiujin adopted when he was 24 years old is also the youngest granddaughter of Ye Baicheng. The old man was a soldier, and his family education was very strict. He always treated other children with an unsmiling and cold face. If he made a mistake, he would be scolded and punished, or even beaten with a stick. Even Yeh Hsiu-cheng, who is over 60 years old, was no exception. She loved her little granddaughter so much that she called her darling and baby all day long, and her kind and warm smile would only be revealed when the girl was present. As a result, the Ye family and others, no matter who committed the crime, all held Ye Mo out to save the scene. So, this leaf is not only the heart of the old man, but also the treasure of the uncle and brothers, all of them are loving, protecting and cherishing? Said to be adopted daughter, adopted grandson,temperature screening kiosk, but who believes? Yes, Princess Huanzhu or Qianlong's adopted daughter? Therefore, the word "adopted daughter" is equivalent to an illegitimate daughter in a rich and powerful family.