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Xiuzhen: I am a thief.

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    27 de novembro de 2022 23:32:59 ART

    Just at night, the soul-sucking bead urged me to find food for it. Hey, where can I find it? There will be many people who have just died to let it eat. Do I have to kill people to let him eat? Thinking of killing people reminds me of the local dogs in Japan. Hey, let them become delicious food in the belly of the soul-sucking bead tonight. God quickly went out to search for Washington. While searching for the local dogs, I was also looking for the real purpose of my coming here, the space-time machine. The local dogs were soon found by me in a hotel. There were two other places that caught my attention. One was in the laboratory of a group of madman scientists. There, I found what I was looking for-the space-time machine. They have worked it out. In their experiment, the machine has successfully returned to the past, but also used the robot to successfully take a lot of pictures back, but they still have several problems to solve, one is that every time the experiment has to store a lot of energy to run the experiment, it is very difficult to run, this is not difficult for me. Because before I came here, didn't I get the gold generator from Zhang? Just install it inside to solve the energy problem. The other is that when they put living animals in the space-time machine to make them go back to the past, when those animals came back, they found that these animals were dead. After studying these corpses, they found that when the space-time machine was running, there would be ten thousand pounds of pressure inside. No living thing in it could survive under such pressure. I can only let some robots do some things inside. For this, with my current cultivation, I can still survive under this pressure. This is just cheap for me. Hey, that's it. I'm going to decide. I disappeared in a flash, and the next moment I appeared in this laboratory. Before the people inside did not respond, I let them meet the Duke of Zhou and come to this huge spherical space-time machine with a diameter of six meters. The soul-sucking bead looked at these people who had fallen to the ground and said happily, "Master, are these people for me to eat?" "No." "No?" "Why did the master bring me here?" Asked the soul-sucking bead doubtfully. I said, "Do you see this machine in front of me? It's what we're going to go back to. I'm here for it. Do you understand?" "Well, can we go back now?" "No, this is just one of the conditions for us to go back. We want to go back, and I want to improve my cultivation a little more. So we have to practice well, and I believe we can go back soon." In fact, I am too naive to think that I can go back in this way, but I haven't thought that even with these conditions, I still can't go back to my hometown, because I don't know how to go home. Hearing what I said, information kiosk price , the soul-sucking bead shouted, "Master, take it quickly." Such a big machine is very difficult for ordinary people to carry it away, but for me, it is a trivial matter. Whether in the realm of cultivation or in the realm of immortals, there is a great method of shrinking objects, which can shrink a large object. The higher the skill, the greater the proportion of shrinking. Use the method of shrinking objects to shrink this time and space machine and put it into my storage space, and then make a copy of the information in the lab that is in charge of this time and space machine, and leave their manuscripts to them. As a person, don't be too extreme. You have to leave something for people.
    After everything was over here, my next target was a huge vault. When I first found it, I was shocked. The vault was really big. The gold in it was piled up like a mountain, at least five times as much as my gold. I didn't want to do it, but it was too much to see. I couldn't help itching, and which gold generator would there be in the future? I have a lot of gold, but it will run out one day, so.. When I put all the gold into my storage space, leaving only the next round of gold, the soul-sucking bead asked, "Master, why don't you take this gold too?" I said with a smile, "What do you know? This is called leaving room for others. Do you understand? We can't take away all other people's things. In this way, I will be embarrassed and leave a piece to comfort their injured hearts. Otherwise, they will vomit blood. So it's not easy for us to be thieves. When we take other people's things, we have to think of others everywhere. Oh, it's hard to do anything now." "Oh, the master is wise, then you should go to find food for me, or I will go to find it myself." "What's the hurry? We're going." The next moment, I appeared in the hotel where the local dogs were staying. More than ten of them were soon sucked out of their souls by the soul-sucking beads and died in silence. Back to the hotel, because I found what I was looking for, the whole person became relaxed, and finally got rid of a worry. In the future, as long as they were made, they could go home when they could be transferred between stars. So I decided to play here for a few days and then go back. It's time to go back to Shanghai to have a look. Yu Ya probably missed me very much. I haven't seen them for a long time. As for what happened last night, the news reported that there were two major thefts here last night. One was the theft of the national treasury. It was suspected that it was a major operation planned by terrorists for a long time. Now the National Security Agency is stepping up its investigation. It is believed that the case will be solved soon. But did not say how much gold was stolen, it is estimated that these people are busy now. Another theft was the mysterious theft of a new research result of several scientists. Fortunately, their data was kept very secret, so it was not destroyed by the thief. Because the object was very large, it was difficult to take it out of the city.