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Build a harmonious Song Dynasty

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    27 de novembro de 2022 23:33:39 ART

    Zhao Gou is very astute to seize the key word "Cai Jing", since now the relationship with the Cai family is different from the past, so let them show mercy, leave a martial arts Taifu for themselves, it should not be a big problem. If he is as talented as you say, he must not be buried. Cai Taishi there can let Cai to say, father there should not be a big problem, he has always let the ministers make decisions. Qin Zhen was very happy that Zhao Gou could go with him, and slightly explained the details, then went with him to find Zhao Huan. Zhao Huan, as the crown prince, had to deal with some simple state affairs. This day he was reading some memorials and wanted to discuss with Qin Hui, but he found that Qin Hui was uncharacteristically very uneasy. He didn't even hear Zhao Huan ask him. Qin Qing. Qin Qing! Qin Hui was startled by the high tone of the prince's voice. He hurriedly pleaded guilty and said, "The prince atoned for his sins. I was distracted for a moment." Zhao Huan looked at Qin Hui curiously, put down the memorial in his hand and asked, "What is it that makes you so worried?" Qin Hui's face showed an unspeakable look, as if he wanted to say but could not. Zhao Huan thought about it for a while and then asked, "Today, my father was invited to the top three in the imperial examination, but what did he say that made you embarrassed?" "Your Royal Highness," replied Qin Hui,12v High Torque Motor, "the emperor told me that he would soon issue an edict to Sanjia to marry him and let us get ready." Zhao Huan surprised, he had never heard Huizong talk about this matter, why would suddenly think of marriage? When Qin Hui saw that Zhao Huan was silent, he hurriedly said, "Please ask the prince to make decisions for me. I already have a wife, and they have a deep affection for each other. How can I do such an ungrateful thing?" Zhao Huan asked calmly, "Don't panic. The imperial edict of my father hasn't been issued yet. It's not imminent yet. I just think it's strange. Which daughter is my father going to marry you?" "The granddaughter of the former Taizai Wang Gui." …… The new nobles of the imperial examination were the new darlings of the imperial court. Many famous families,24v Gear Motor, who were gradually declining but still had a foundation, saw that their children could not continue, so they had plans to recruit a son-in-law under the list in order to maintain their family reputation and consolidate their power. Qin Hui had recently been quite intimate with the crown prince, and his future was promising. Naturally, he was noticed by the public, and the royal family in Bianjing even made up their minds to recruit him as a son-in-law. The Wang family was once famous in Bianjing, and its former head was Wang Gui, an important official of the three Dynasties, who was the prime minister of the former Dynasty and was granted the title of "Duke of Qi" by the late emperor. Wang Gui has five sons, but unfortunately they are not very capable. Since the death of Wang Gui, the Wang family began to go downhill. Wang Gui's second son, Wang Zhongshan, was greedy for the powerful. He had no ability to be a high official, but he was not willing to go on like this. Wang Zhongshan had a young daughter who had already reached the age of Chen (Note 1), but because of her bad reputation, brushless gear motor ,small geared motors, she had not been married for a long time. This time, he took a fancy to the opportunity that Qin Hui might bring him. —— Note 1: (J & # 237; J jī) In ancient times, when a woman reached the age of 15, she tied her hair with a knot, so it was said that a woman reached the age of 15 was called a knot. It also refers to having reached the age of marriage, such as "old age". Hairpin: a hairpin used to tie hair. In ancient times, a woman who was betrothed at the age of 15 would tie her hair and wear a hairpin at the same time; a woman who was not betrothed would tie her hair and wear a hairpin at the age of 20. …… Ling.. Jia.. Cards.. Points.. Separated by.. Line. After reading the Three Kingdoms, the tiger went to catch a wild boar. Seeing that there was no pig in the pigsty, he touched his beard and said, Empty City! Turn around and see a dead pig on the trap. Frightened: a bitter trick! Suddenly I saw you again. Exultation: Yo-ho, and a honey trap?! Volume I: Fate Determines the Universe 023 Wang Jiabang's Son-in-law Wang Chung-shan knew that it would be very difficult to seize this opportunity. Not to mention that Qin Hui already had a wife and daughter, and that the husband and wife loved each other. Now that he had a bright future, how could he take his daughter for the sake of this little foundation of the Wang family? After thinking about it, Wang Zhongshan finally came up with a feasible way to ask the emperor for marriage.
    He was nameless and had no favor, and his words naturally had no effect in front of Emperor Huizong, but Wang Zhongshan thought of a person who could cling to him and convince Emperor Huizong. That person was the "backbone" minister of the King's Party, Yushi Zhongcheng, Wang Jian! Wang Jian and Wang Zhongshan have the same surname "Wang", but they have no kinship, but Wang Zhongshan's clever words make Wang Jian recognize his nephew who is decades older than him with a smile. After Wang Zhongshan told Wang Jian that he wanted to recruit Qin Hui as his son-in-law with a worried face, Wang Jian became interested in this matter, and then found his "father" Liang Shicheng in a hurry. Liang Shicheng is a eunuch, naturally will not have the son of Wang Jian, but the so-called "collusion", for their own power and wealth, just as Wang Zhongshan is willing to call Wang Jian "uncle" younger than himself, how can Wang Jian mind recognizing a eunuch as his father? After Wang Jian told Liang Shicheng about Wang Zhongshan's idea, seeing that Liang Shicheng had not spoken, he added, "Father, I think this idea is feasible.". Qin Hui was the main helper of the crown prince, and since he went to serve the crown prince, the situation of the crown prince has greatly improved. If we use this marriage to bring Qin Hui to the side of King Yun, it will not only weaken the power of the princelings, but also help us! There was no expression on Liang Shicheng's white face. Wang Jian kept guessing what he thought. According to his original idea, Liang Shicheng should be very happy after listening to this plan and praised his wisdom. Jiang Ming (Wang Jian's word), this matter should be discussed in the long run. Liang Shicheng said this lightly, which made Wang Jian very puzzled. Wang Jian asks: "The son does not understand, ask father to give directions." "According to what you said, Qin Hui single-handedly reversed the decline of the prince, so this man's resourcefulness is naturally unusual. If you use such a method to win him over, aren't you afraid of'losing your wife and losing your army '?"? Besides, if you break up their husband and wife, aren't you afraid that he will hold a grudge and retaliate against us? When Wang Jian thought about it, he felt that what Liang Shicheng had said was reasonable, so he admitted his mistake: "It's my son who is impetuous and impatient. Fortunately,Vending Machine Motor, my father is thoughtful." After sending away Wang Jian, Liang Shicheng sat in the big chair in his house and thought for a long time. This matter involved Qin Zhen's family affairs, which was really difficult to deal with.