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    "Get out!" Hansen unceremoniously gave him a middle finger, and even Qin Lun rolled his eyes. Killer demon has the dignity of killer demon, even if just entered the broken starry sky, without any skills and equipment, Qin Lun three people still regard themselves as the existence of the top of the food chain. They can fail, but they can never fawn on the enemy in adversity. They are killers, not lost dogs. Cassie gave three people a very good treatment, in peacetime, Qin Lun three people even if they do not join, will seriously consider, but now. This solicitation comes at a bad time! Chapter 45 the cards of the three killers. "How do you feel?" Cassie asked, staring at the three men. Qin Lun looked at each other and did not answer, but shook his head in silence. Don't you think about it! Our Nirvana is a top team.. The fire in Randy's eyes jumped. Randy, stop it! Aaron reached out and interrupted his companion's words. There was no more laughter on his face. He looked at the three men in the cage with a flash of admiration in his eyes. "Now I'm sure Cassie's judgment is right, and only that kind of person.." To deserve such pride! It's too late for us to invite. "It's my fault!" Cassie sighed lightly and raised her hand. "It's almost time. Let's go and send them on their way!"! Just be careful, these three guys are so cunning that they may still have a hand! After the three Cassies joined in the attack on the boundary, the whole birdcage boundary began to falter,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, and the light of the boundary on the surface flickered, apparently it would soon disappear. Time is running out. If you have any cards, you'd better take them out now, or you can only take them to the grave! Qin Lun's pupils shrank and he turned his head with a wry smile. Hill hesitated for a moment, then took out his strange cross from his collar, took out a silver scroll from the storage space with his right hand, and showed it to the team channel. My legacy of killing is this cross'Confession ',Parallel Shaft Gearbox, which can increase my spiritual will and mana ceiling, which can store three times my current mana value, and the other dark gold scroll is the ninth order magic of the water system-Water Dragon Wave. The combination of the two can give us a chance to escape after the boundary is broken! Hill said with a faint smile, "It's just that I can't control this high-level water magic with my ability. The direction of the impact of the water dragon wave is completely erratic. Whether I can escape and return directly from the battle depends on luck!" When you return to the broken starry sky this time, you must learn to swim! Qin Lun covered his face and sighed. The last thing I left for myself.. It's no use in this world! Hansen hesitated for a moment and took out something like a cannonball from the storage space with an expressionless face. The shell is palm-sized, and the rear wing is more like a tripod, standing on the ground like a child's rocket toy. However, its body is painted with a small black and yellow logo like a fan. Ahem. You've prepared a miniature nuclear bomb! Hill raised his eyes, shook his fingers at it, and saw Hansen nod in silence. Qin Lun and Hill looked at each other and both gasped. They had always known that Hanson was dangerous, but they did not expect the disciples to be so dangerous. This guy rarely makes a long speech in the team, and sure enough, 24v Dc Motor With Gearbox ,Small Geared Motors, the dog that bites people does not bark. Why are you so afraid? I was going to use it if the regiment failed! Hanson curled his lips and said calmly, "If Satan's disciples die, how can they not be buried with a group of people?"! But I was wrong. The technology of this thing is too advanced. Not to mention the world, even the present Earth Federation may not be able to use it! "Don't make it so funny to destroy the world!"! If this thing explodes, the forest of silence will be destroyed by more than half! Hill shook his head with a wry smile. "You're too dangerous. If you can get away with it this time, I'll think about it again!"! By the way, what is the relic of your killing? Hanson hesitated for a moment, as if reluctant to mention the remains of his killing. However, I saw the other two people staring at him, as if you didn't take it out with you.
    He frowned and took out a small wooden statue in the same shape as the tattoo on his shoulder, the black-winged angel kneeling on one knee to pray. After the wooden statue of the black-winged angel was taken out, there was a flash of black awn on the surface, and the black wings behind it "whooshed" a fan, under the gaze of Qin Lun and Hill, actually came to life. Yah! When the little black-winged angel came to life, he circled around Hanson, sat on his shoulder, pulled the disciple's ear, puffed out his cheeks, and babbled, looking very cute. The big man in military uniform with a cold face is matched with a cute little angel like a cartoon, which makes people inexplicably have a sense of joy. Ha ha ha Hill and Qin Lun could not help smiling, Hill even pretended to wipe a tear, "Oh, Satan's disciples also raised children, it." Is this a relic of killing or a summoning object? Hansen's face twitched, and he knew he would be laughed at by both of them, so he didn't want the Black Wing Angel to come out. The disciple took out a red apple and threw it to the angel on his shoulder. The little thing was overjoyed, holding the apple in both hands and eating it in a big mouth, his eyes narrowed into a crescent moon shape, and his face of happiness immediately provoked Qin Lun and Qin Lun to burst out laughing again. It. It's called'Satan '! ". Hansen sighed and said on the team channel, "Do you remember when you first entered the broken stars?" "You mean." Qin Lun touched his chin thoughtfully. When I reorganize my body in law, I have part of the power of my soul. In other words, faith is integrated into the statue of the black-winged angel, which makes it come to mind! It is neither a relic of killing, nor a summoning object, but an existence similar to the soul. Hansen said lightly, "It will grow with my strength. At present, it can only bring a small increase in physical attributes, and has no other effect!" "You are so lucky!" Hill took an envious look at the little thing,gear reduction motor, which could enhance its physical attributes by percentage, but it was not a common commodity. His "confession" can only raise the upper limit of spirit and mana, which is half a chip worse than Black-winged Angel.