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Why need light blue and light red by the king of water

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    28 de novembro de 2022 01:38:51 ART

    Chen Mo wanted to tear the money into two halves and throw it into his arrogant face, but such a bright and lovely bill was shaking in front of her eyes. She could not help but reach out to take the money and nodded eagerly. There was a sound of breathing outside the door. When Chen Mo heard the sound, a girl as pure as a drop of water outside the door was staring at Chen Mo and the bill. When she looked at Chen Mo, she was so angry. When she turned to look at Liu Pengcheng, she was so pitiful. It seemed that Chen Mo was a vampire. Chen Mo wondered in her heart, "This sister, I can't even say no to his parents with Liu Pengcheng's money." Isn't it a little puzzling that you come here like a mourner? Chapter 8 As soon as Chen Mo put the money into his bosom, he was eager to open his mouth to point out the principles of the female classmate's behavior. Liu Pengcheng's warning eyes swept over her and kindly opened his mouth to the female classmate, "Feng Jiayan, what's the matter with coming so early?" The girl immediately met the sweet dew like a dying seedling. She won the first prize in the cold window for ten years. Her smile suddenly blossomed like a flower. She spoke gently, "Several girls in our class have taken basketball as an elective course, but after practicing for a long time, their level is still not good. Now we have occupied a position in the basketball court. Everyone wants me to ask you to give me some advice." Chen Mo stuck out his tongue and exclaimed, "What kind of spirit is it to take basketball as an elective course, knowing that you can't play, and use credits as chips to bet on a boy's attention?"? It is clearly the foolish old man of self-sacrifice in the new era. Liu Pengcheng smiled and said, "not today.". Will you go to find Qi Hongzhi? Otherwise,White Marble Slabs, next time in PE class, I'll talk to Mr. Huang and organize you girls to practice basketball more. He turned his head and asked Chen Mo, "What did you take in sports?" It's not good to get rid of it like this, is it? Chen Mo raised an eyebrow to ask, Liu Pengcheng back with a calm and innocent expression, you think there is something lively to see,grey marble slab, right? Chen Mo curled his lips to show his boredom and answered honestly, "Table tennis is the safest way to play table tennis." Eyebrows come and go, quietly outside the door, the little beauty has come and gone like the wind, I do not know where to come and where to end. Smiling, Chen Mo grabbed Liu Pengcheng's hand and shook it twice. "Good boy, you really don't value sex over friends." Liu Pengcheng seemed to have no intention of asking, "Who is the color and who is the friend?" Chen Mo first suspected that he had not heard clearly, and when the reaction came over that he had been adjusted by this guy, Liu Pengcheng had knocked on Chen Mo's head as if nothing had happened, "What are your eyes slipping?"? Boys' dormitory, do not look at indecent assault. Have breakfast with me! The result was that the enemy road was narrow. When the two of them went to eat what was said to be the most delicious noodles in the school, white marble slabs ,Marble Projects, there was a sea of people. In the canteen where only the heads of black crows could be seen, Liu Pengcheng lined up inside. Chen Mo managed to find an empty table. As soon as he sat down, a crow fell. This group of crows are fat and thin, each with its own characteristics, including the one we just saw and some familiar ones. If Chen Mo didn't understand, he would be a pig. Soon he heard someone asking, "Hey, which university are you from?" Compared with the group in Liu Pengcheng's dormitory, the quality of boys and girls in this school is too different. Chen Mo has never seen such a righteous busybody. She does not intend to indulge other people's bad habits, so she lowers her head and takes out a napkin from her bag to wipe her chopsticks. Double reed, double reed, no one interface will inevitably be silent. Around the girl's face has shown the meaning of resentment, some people still want to open their mouths, distant to see Liu Pengcheng come out, busy shut up like a lady. And Liu Pengcheng took the powder out and put down the bowl in front of Chen Mo. His eyes passed over the group of passers-by like dragonflies skimming the surface of the water. Without raising his head, he went in and took his own bowl of powder. Looking at the changing process of these girls with pink, green and black faces, Chen Mo was so happy that he laughed several times, which was called nothing in the world, worrying about nothing, which was called refreshing in his heart. Liu Pengcheng took the powder and sat down beside her, saying, "Why don't you eat it?"? The fried flour is not delicious.
    "Then he saw several neighbors at the same big table and nodded to say hello.". The neighbors, however, did not intend to let him go and smiled ambiguously, "girlfriend?" Liu Pengcheng did not intend to admit or deny, buried his head to start, and girls fight hard, winning or losing is often in this sentence. Chen Mo took the opportunity to move his seat and quickly pinched his thigh. Liu Pengcheng looked up in pain and found a circle of eyes eagerly waiting for him to deny this. Success or failure in one fell swoop, Chen Mo's head buried in the powder bowl, but his ears stood high like radar to receive any signal on the scene. Liu Pengcheng then smiled, a very happy smile. With a mouthful of powder in his mouth, he nodded vaguely and said, "Uh-huh." Passers-by a, B, C, D and Hua Rong were once again desolate and exited one after another. Chen Mo watched Liu Pengcheng eat with joy, watching Liu Pengcheng's hair stand on end, feeling that he was a delicious dish that was about to be served on Chen Mo's table,Carrara Marble Slab, and that he dared not eat any more delicious powder. He hurriedly put down his chopsticks and held out his hand in front of Chen Mo's eyes. "Are you stupid?" Chen Mo straightened his face, but his eyes still bent into two curved moons. "What did you say just now?" Liu Pengcheng made a ha-ha, "where did I say anything?" Chen Mo smiled and drooled. "I've heard it all. It's too late for you to change your words." Liu Pengcheng bent his index finger and gave her a hard knock on the head. "Does she look like a girl?"? Don't you blush to say such a thing? There was a suspicious color on his face.