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Han Yuzhi, I am working hard.

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    28 de novembro de 2022 01:41:41 ART

    Li Zhixian, who just walked out of the bedroom, handed Jiang Wuyou his mobile phone, which was still singing, while teasing, "Do you really like this song of MC Dream so much?"? It seems that you have never changed this ring tone. "Ah, oh." Jiang Wuyou didn't say anything, stammered a few times and then looked at the caller ID. Huh? Brother Enhe? Jiang Wuyou answered the phone strangely. "What's the matter?" Seeing Jiang Wuyou answering the phone, Li Zhixian nodded and left the bedroom lightly. After a while, even the two puppies who were still barking did not know what had happened and were no longer so loud. Go-woo, where are you? Jiang Wuyou went to the window. The morning sun shone on his eyes, giving him a momentary sense of trance. And listening to what came from the phone, Kwon Eun-hyuk was anxious and seemed to have some angry voices, which made Jiang Wuyou even more strange. What's going on? Brother Enhe? Did something happen? Tell me first, where are you? I'm at your door. Where are you? The company is not here. Where have you been? Kwon Eun-hyuk's voice seemed to be full of urgency, and there was even a hint of anger. And Jiang Wuyou was really frightened by Kwon Eun-hyuk's words. But it was not because of the tone of the other side, but because he knew that Kwon Eun-hyuk was standing opposite the door now. Uh, brother Enhe, I'm outside now. Jiang Wuyou crept to the living room and pressed the visual instrument hanging on the wall. Sure enough, the visual instrument showed that the figure was anxiously walking around, not Kwon Eun-hyuk,uns s32750 sheet, who else could it be. However, because Jiang Wuyou's house was opposite, Kwon Eun-hyuk did not notice that the green signal light was shining on the door he was facing. Li Zhixian, who was making breakfast in the kitchen, looked at Jiang Wuyou, who was barefoot in the bedroom, with a pair of trousers and two wrong buttons on his shirt, and laughed without making a sound. When she saw the familiar figure on the visual instrument,316ti stainless steel, her face suddenly turned pale. Looking at Jiang Wuyou hesitating to talk on the phone, and the figure of Kwon Eun-hyuk walking anxiously in the visual instrument, Li Zhixian nibbled his lip, thought for a moment, and suddenly took out a piece of white paper and wrote something on it. Just when Jiang Wuyou still didn't know how to get rid of Kwon Eun-hyuk and had been racking his brains to think about how to lie, he was suddenly stuffed with a piece of white paper by Lee Ji-hyun. It said in pretty letters, "Let him in, and then you go." Jiang Wuyou was stunned and looked up at Li Zhixian. Only to see Lee Ji-hyun blink, nod and point to the visual instrument, as if to persuade him to do so quickly. Jiang Wuyou thought for a long time, but it seemed that there was no other way, so he had to do it first. So, brother Enhe, you go inside first. I'll be right back. How about we talk about it then? 'All Right. Wu You, listen to me. Don't go back to the company right away. Go home as soon as possible. This is very urgent. Do you hear me. Even if you have something to do, uns s31803 sheet ,uns c70600, don't do it. Come back right away. Jiang Wuyou'en ', just want to hang up the phone, heard Quan Enhe'ah', seems to be very urgent. What's going on? Brother Enhe? What happened Jiang Wuyou looked at the visual instrument and did not seem to see what had happened to the other side. So, Go-woo, what's your password? Kwon Eun-hyuk in the visual instrument scratched his head, as if he could do nothing about the password lock of the gate. That. The password is 900615. I'll be right back. You go in first. Watching Kwon Eun-hyuk open the door in the visual instrument, after going in, Jiang Wuyou hung up the phone and finally breathed a sigh of relief. Turning his head, he saw a smiling Lee Ji-hyun standing in front of him. 900615, what does this code mean? Although Li Zhixian is only a smiling expression, but Jiang Wuyou just hesitated to speak left and right, he did not answer. On the pretext of going back to see what had happened, he hurried to leave. However, Li Zhixian's words, let Jiang Wuyou anxious mood, was immediately pressed down. I thought you said it was far away.
    Even if you take a taxi back immediately, you can't just hang up the phone and get home. Forget it. You don't have to worry until you finish your breakfast. Even Jiang Wuyou, who had never seen Kwon Eun-hyuk so anxious, had to listen to Lee Ji-hyun at the moment. After all, as she said, she had just said that she was outside, and now she had just hung up the phone for less than a minute and rushed into the house. To do so, even a three-year-old child can see that what Jiang Wuyou said on the phone just now is obviously a lie. However, even if he listened to Li Zhixian's words, Jiang Wuyou, who was sitting at the table eating breakfast, was like chewing wax. After wolfing down breakfast, looking at the watch for about 10 minutes, when Kwon Eun-hyuk's urging phone rang for the third time, Jiang Wuyou finally couldn't help standing up. After tidying up the bowls and chopsticks, Li Zhixian came over and helped Jiang Wuyou tidy up his wrinkled collar like a wife, saying as if he had no intention. If your agent asks about me, you can just say that you are just a friend. "What do you mean?" Hearing Li Zhixian's words, Jiang Wuyou, who had an anxious face, suddenly froze there. Jiang Wuyou's brain did not seem to react, but only gawked at Li Zhixian. However, without waiting for Jiang Wuyou to say "why", Li Zhixian pushed Jiang Wuyou out of the door. Body back against the door, looking at the two white puppies who are familiar with the environment, Li Zhixian bent down, gently hugged up, mouth murmured, "Kim Hyun-kyung.." His face could not tell whether he was faking it or Jiang Wuyou, who was already very anxious, hurriedly opened the door and rushed into the room. Seeing Kwon Eun-hyuk sitting in the living room with the same anxious face,x60 line pipe, before he could express his doubts, Kwon Eun-hyuk's question made Jiang Wuyou's question stillborn. Wu You, is the one you accompanied yesterday your girlfriend? 。