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Rebirth Encounters Hidden Rules

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    28 de novembro de 2022 01:43:04 ART

    Li Zi smiled and looked at the wine in the cup: "Maotai Liquor is Maotai-flavor Daqu Liquor, which has a special flavor of Maotai-flavor, mellow and sweet flavor and kiln bottom flavor.". Maotai liquor is mostly 53 to 55 degrees. But in recent years, Maotai distillery has produced 38 and 43 degrees of Maotai liquor. It is also deeply loved by the public. But I think it's still 53 degrees to 55 degrees. Although the alcohol content of Maotai Liquor is 53 to 55 degrees, the liquor is crystal clear and transparent, the taste is mellow and soft, there is no strong stimulation, the entrance is rich in Maotai-flavor, the aftertaste is long, and the aftertaste is continuous, which is the type of Maotai-flavor liquor. As a result, Maotai liquor is unique in the world and has a unique style. Li Yulin clapped his hands excitedly: "Oh, Li Zi, I didn't expect you to have such a deep understanding of wine.". I didn't expect to meet a bosom friend in wine when I was old. Wait a minute and I'll bring you a bottle of good wine to taste. With that, he went into the restaurant. Nancy seemed to see such Wei Luo for the first time, staring at her eyes, looking, thinking, and wondering. Then he smiled and said, "My uncle looks gentle on the surface, but in fact he is arrogant. I didn't expect you to be his bosom friend. It's really awesome." Li Zi is stupefied, immediately relieved: "Judge a person by appearance, lose the son feather.". After a while,inflatable water slide, Li Yulin came over happily, holding a small jar in his hand. He gently put it down, carefully removed the mud from the jar, and poured a cup for Li Zi, Nancy and himself. Smiling, he said to Nancy, "Today you are in the position of Li Zi, or you won't be able to drink." Nancy smiled and winked at Li Zi. "Then I'll thank Li Zi," she said in a loud voice. "Otherwise,Inflatable 5k obstacle, Uncle Li won't give it to me." As soon as Li Yulin saw his appearance, he laughed and scolded, "Good boy, you don't suffer at all.". Li Zi, don't listen to him. This boy drank the wine I hid when he was ten years old. Once he was drunk and slept on the ground, and I put him on the bed. Li Zi stared at Nancy with shining eyes, giggled and said in a loud voice, "I didn't expect Nancy to have such an unknown side." Nancy could not help but grimace and shrug her shoulders helplessly. Li Yulin is a little excited to say to Li Zi: "You taste this wine, can you taste it?" Li Zi picked up the cup, took a sip and savored it carefully: "Sweet and refreshing, with sweet, sour, bitter, pungent, fresh and astringent six flavors in one, the entrance is smooth.". It smells fragrant and amber. Ah! I know it's Shaoxing Daughter Red. Li Yulin smiled and stared at Li Zi and said, large inflatable water slide ,inflatable air dancer, "Yes, yes, it's really my daughter's red." Then Nancy curled her lips and smiled eerily. "You have to say, of course, my daughter is red.". If you have the ability, you can tell the year of its hoarding. Finish saying, still proud to Li Zi looked one eye. Li Yulin glared at Nancy and asked in reply, "You boy, you still have the nerve to talk about others. I remember the first time I drank my daughter's red wine. Who said this wine tastes terrible?". Can you compare with Li Zi? It's not a shame. Nancy was dumbfounded and said in a low voice without confidence, "I, I drank it for the first time." Li Zi smiled and said, "This wine is very refreshing. It is a treasure in wine.". I estimate a minimum of forty years of hoarding. Nancy was dumbfounded. Li Yulin also narrowed his eyes and stared at Li Zi with bright eyes: "No more, no less. It's exactly forty years." Li Zi listens also greatly surprised, smiling: "I did not expect to guess so accurately.". Li Yulin stared at Li Zi with burning eyes and said to Li Zi gently, "Li Zi, how about you being my adopted daughter?"? Didn't you take Nancy as your adopted brother? Why don't you take me as your godfather and let us be closer? Li Zi is stupefied, immediately surprised and happy, come forward to Li Yulin to see the ceremony. Li Yulin was also too happy to speak. With tears in his eyes, he said with a smile, "I, Li Yulin, have a lovely daughter today. You recognize me as your godfather.". A godfather can't live without a gift. Wait a minute. I'll be right back. Li Zi said no, but Li Yulin firmly refused.
    Five minutes later, Li Yulin came over with a sandalwood box. He opened the box and took out an emerald bracelet for Li Zi. He said, "Li Zi, this bracelet was left by my father. It was originally a pair. Nancy's father had one, and I had one.". I'll give it to you as a gift today. Li Zi looked at the jade bracelet on her wrist and shook her head: "Godfather, I can't take it.". It's too valuable. This jade bracelet is emerald and there is no variegation, delicate germplasm, crystal and oily, although Li Zi does not understand jade, but also can see that this bracelet is very precious. Li Yulin frowned: "Li Zi, I had no children before, only Nancy this nephew.". And Nancy is a man, and he doesn't need this bracelet, so this bracelet has been at the bottom of my box. Now that I have your daughter, who will I give you if I don't give you? Do you think it is not good-looking? Or don't you treat me as a godfather? Nancy looked at Li Zi and said softly, "Li Zi, just take it with you!"! This is also my Uncle Li's intention. If you don't want him, you will be angry. Li Zi had to wear it on his hand, Li Yulin saw Li Zi accept, his face showed a happy expression. The dinner was very pleasant, and the three of them talked and laughed at the banquet. Li Zi felt the warmth of her family. Li Yulin was very happy today. He drank a little more wine. His face was flushed and he looked in high spirits. At nine o'clock in the evening, Li Zi left Nancy's home, but Li Yulin insisted that Nancy send her home. Li Zi had no choice but to agree. Nancy drove the car to send Li Zi on the way home, Li Zi found that Nancy was very sad, eyes are moist. "Nancy, what's wrong with you?" Li asked strangely. Nancy suddenly stopped the car and sighed, adding a bit of sadness to her voice. "Do you know why my Uncle Li has no children?" Li Zi raised her head, a pair of eyes like gems, staring at Nancy tightly, thin lips slightly open,Inflatable mechanical bull, slowly tunnel: "Why?" With tears in her eyes, Nancy said hoarsely, "I also killed Uncle Li's daughter." 。